Epic Mom Hacks To Save Time, Money, And Your Sanity!

Mom hacks

Sometimes you need all the mom hacks you can get, so we rounded up the most epic ones we could find. Because as much as motherhood is heartwarming and rewarding, it’s also hard sometimes.

You have schedules to manage and meals plus snacks and lunches to prepare, in addition to the other things you do each day. Whether you work in or out of the house, life hacks for moms help make hectic parts of your day a little bit easier.

Why do you need mom hacks?

The expression, “it takes a village to raise a child” is very true. But the village looks very different from what our moms and grandmas had.

Still, we do what we can and build communities like this one here at Clever Girl Finance! A trick or a word of encouragement passed from one mom to another can make a huge difference.

In addition, many life hacks for moms are genius ideas that help you get organized. There are also tips and guidance to help you save money and time.

Being more productive through these hacks isn’t a bad outcome either. Lastly, mom hacks are lifesavers, they’re necessary for your mental well-being. So, let’s get to it!

Mom hacks to save time

I wish I had some sort of magic wand to give you more time when you’re running late or make time go faster when the hours are just dragging.

Alas! I don’t have that power, so here are some great mom life hacks to help you save time instead.

Try some make-ahead breakfasts

For those early morning drop-offs, try making breakfast the night before. You can make homemade granola bars or overnight oats.

You can also put together frozen packs for smoothies. Throw in bananas, berries, spinach, and other fruits and veggies that can be easily blended in the morning for an on-the-go breakfast.

Double the recipe when you cook your favorite meals

Double the number of servings you make when you cook your favorite meals. This way you’ll have leftovers for lunches or freeze the rest for another day.

I usually do this when I make lasagna and pasta sauces. The same goes for cookie dough, you can double the recipe and store half for later use.

Make a task schedule for yourself

Create a schedule with chores, personal appointments, and family activities for yourself to contend with the chaos. This is one of the very best life hacks that help make your days less overwhelming.

For example, on your task schedule, you may put regular laundry on weekends while Mondays are for changing sheets. Then, cleaning the bathrooms is set for Thursdays, and meal prep is on Sunday afternoons.

Utilize the store pickup option

When you have kids, there’s no such thing as a quick stop at any type of store. Many retailers are offering store pickup options so take advantage!

Simply order your groceries and other purchases in the store app and schedule a pickup time. Then, you can pick up your order without the struggle of wrangling the kids.

Invest in kitchen gadgets to cut down on meal prep time

Whether you’re looking to cut down on meal prep time or cooking time, having the right tools can help you save time and energy in the kitchen.

Check out what an Instant Pot, an air fryer, a multi-use vegetable tool, a defrosting tray, and a salad spinner can do for you!

Mom hacks and useful kitchen gadgets that help you make healthy meals go together!

Toss your kid’s toys in the washing machine for easy cleaning

Your washing machine is not just for laundry and sheets. Your kid’s toys can go in there, too! Toss the toys in a mesh laundry bag and let the washing machine do its magic.

This is one of the most helpful hacks to do, especially after you’ve had people over. It’s best to clean your kid’s toys that other kids might have chewed or sneezed on.

Dry laundry quicker

Laundry is currently the bane of my existence. So much laundry! If you’re like me, you’d want to try this mom hack as well.

Add a fluffy dry towel with every load of laundry in the dryer to absorb moisture. Leave the towel in for at least 10 minutes to help the load dry more quickly.

Life hacks for moms to save money

Just like time, money is something we wish to have more of. So, here are a few hacks to have in your repertoire that’ll hopefully save you some money.

Make your own cleaning products

Many household items like baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent are great for cleaning. Why buy special cleaning products when you can make your own?

For example, do you know you can clean marble with dishwashing liquid and warm water? Shaving cream is also handy for removing hard water stains on chrome bathroom fixtures.

Just remember to read product labels first before mixing. Make sure to label bottles of DIY cleaners you mix, as well, so you know what’s in them.

Rubberband mom life hacks

Rubber bands come with your grocery store produce, or you can get them for cheap at a dollar store. And they have so many uses.

You can use them to baby-proof your cabinets, simply wrap them around the handles a few times. It works just as well as the fancy and expensive stuff.

It’s also an excellent way to portion control soap for your littles who like to use too much. Tie the rubber band to the neck of the soap bottle to reduce the amount of soap that comes out.

Lastly, a rubber band can help with those hard-to-open jars. Wrap it around the lid for more grip so the lid is easier to twist.

How to remove pen marks on cabinets

We just moved into our new place a few months ago. The first time my kid got ahold of a pen, guess what he did? Yup, he wrote all over the pristine, white kitchen cabinets.

Of course, I turned to the internet for the best hacks for removing pen marks on cabinets.

All that's needed is a little bit of warm water, a good amount of baking soda, and a lot of elbow grease. You have to leave the paste-like mixture for a few minutes as well. Then, wipe it off the cabinets with a damp cloth.

Bathe your baby in a basket

You can buy those fancy bath seats or save money by bathing your baby in a laundry basket. You can do this genius mom hack when your infant is able to sit up on their own. It helps keep your baby in one place and their bath toys stay close too.

DIY faucet extender

Recycle your shampoo bottles and make them into kid-friendly faucet extenders. It’s one of the easiest life hacks for moms who don’t want to buy a faucet extender for every sink. With this, you don’t need a step stool in every bathroom too.

Your kids will be able to reach the faucet to wash their hands, and you don’t have to hold them up. It helps keep water splashes to a minimum as well.

Powerful stain remover

Every mom needs a powerful stain remover in their arsenal. So here’s one of the best hacks for getting rid of stains. Mix together one part Dawn dish soap and two parts Hydrogen Peroxide.

Spray it on clothes, couches, or carpets to remove stains. But make sure to spot test just in case, especially for colored clothes and upholstery.

Mom hacks for your sanity

Life hacks can mean the difference between chaos and calm. I sincerely hope you can pick up a few tips to help you feel less stressed and more accomplished today.

Always bring an extra change of clothes

This is one of the new hacks that I had to learn the hard way. Always, and I mean always, have a bag with an extra change of clothes.

Put in some wipes and extra diapers too. Add a shirt for you and a towel, and leave the bag in the car. No matter what age your children are, this bag will come in handy.

Carry a small bag of kid activities with you

Kids are notorious for being bored, so it’s best to have a toy or two to keep them occupied. Bring a fidget, maybe a coloring book and some crayons, or whatever toys keep their interest the longest.

Cupcake liner mom hacks

Who knew cupcake liners have so many uses? Moms, that’s who! Stick cupcake liners under popsicles to hold the drips.

You can also use it to keep bugs out of cups when you’re outdoors. It’s useful if you want to separate food items in your kid’s lunch box as well. Lastly, line your vehicle’s cupholders with it for easy cleanup.

Use a lint roller to pick up Lego pieces

So simple, yet so helpful for keeping your home tidy. It’s one of the most fun life hacks I’ve come across, it makes having Legos in my house bearable.

Lint rollers to the rescue. You don’t have to be on your hands and knees picking up teeny, tiny Lego pieces.

Give your kids bubble baths and popsicles

Whenever you need a reset during the day, when the hours before bedtime are dragging, or your kids are fighting bath time, give them a popsicle and put your kids in a bubble bath. Let them have a fun bath and enjoy a little bit of calmness.

Put a shower cap on toddlers and let them play with food

Kids learn through sensory experiences, that’s why they play with their food. Research shows we should let them because it helps them safely explore new tastes and textures.

But if you don’t feel like washing your kid’s hair every time they have a meal, let them wear a shower cap. Hopefully, they’ll let you put it on and leave it on.

Use hot glue to seal the bottom of kid’s bath toys

There’s nothing worse than mold and mildew in your children’s toys. Since bath toys don’t have lots of time to fully dry before getting soaked again, they’re susceptible to mold.

To make sure water doesn’t get inside, seal the bottom of the toys. Then, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Use stickers to help kids put their shoes on

Help your independent kids put their shoes on with this amazing mom life hack. Simply cut a sticker in half and place it inside your child’s shoes. The sticker guides them on how to tell left from right and which shoe goes on which foot.

Let your babies play inside inflatable pools

Babies like to play on the floor which could get them stuck in places where they shouldn’t be. They could pick up small things to put in their mouths as well.

But you can still encourage your little ones to roam and play by letting them play inside inflatable pools. It’s padded and you pick what toys go in with them, so no choking hazards.

Have bins for outgrown clothes

Rather than throwing outgrown clothes back in your child’s closet to be purged later, keep empty bins in their room for this purpose. Diaper boxes work too! Write the clothing size if you’re storing it for your younger ones.

Add 2 layers of sheets to beds

You don’t want a fully awake child whom you’ll need to coax back to sleep in the middle of the night. That’s why you need this trick whenever your kids are sick or if you’re potty training. It’s also one of the most valuable new mom life hacks.

Make their beds with two layers of waterproof sheets and regular sheets. So, when accidents happen, you can just strip the first layer and they can keep sleeping without much fuss.

Rotate your kid’s toys

I know it sounds like extra work, but rotating your kid’s toys is one of the best life hacks. It will reduce your cleanup time when your kids only have a few toys to play with each time.

Just like us, kids get overwhelmed when there are so many choices. That's why it's recommended to go through their toys and switch them out every few weeks to keep their interest.

They also play with their toys longer when there’s less clutter. Consider experiences and non-toy gift ideas as well when buying your kids presents for birthdays and other special occasions.

Mom life hacks can change your life for the better!

Moms are just awesome all around, always ready to help and encourage each other. These are excellent life hacks for moms that any new mom or veteran mom can leverage alike.

Life hacks can really make a difference in how your day and week go!

And while we're on the subject, check out these other great hacks for making money and sticking to a budget, or even house hacking if you really want to save money!

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