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Natural Fertility Treatments That Won’t Break the Bank

Natural fertility treatments

Are you experiencing problems with getting pregnant? Perhaps you are trying to find natural fertility treatments that can help? You're certainly not alone. Millions of couples face trouble when it comes to having a baby. In fact, 10- 15% of couples are unable to achieve their dreams of starting a family.

The experience of infertility is hard emotionally and mentally. Plus fertility treatments can also put pressure on your wallet. Some treatments can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, natural fertility treatments may increase your chances of starting a family in a cost-efficient way.

Before we get into how to increase ovulation naturally, let's dive into what can cause infertility first. Keep in mind, this is not medical advice and it's best to seek the professional guidance of a doctor.

What can impact your fertility?

Couples can face fertility issues for many reasons. Sometimes there are issues with one or both partners. There are many syndromes and health conditions that can affect both men's and women's fertility. The good news is natural fertility treatments may help.

Causes of fertility issues in women

Here are some of the most common issues women face:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS)

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. PCOS causes an increase in male hormones in women, which in turn reduces the frequency and regularity of ovulation. This condition gets its name from the cysts that form on the ovaries and is a disease that runs in families.


Endometriosis occurs as a result of uterine tissue growth outside the uterus. This causes blockages within the female reproductive system and makes it hard for fertilized eggs to get to the uterus. Since tissue outside a woman’s uterus doesn’t shed like the tissue within the uterus, it can cause scarring, blockages, and painful adhesions.

Premature Menopause (POI)

Also known as premature menopause, POI can cause the ovaries to stop producing eggs and the necessary hormones to release and fertilize eggs. POI may cause infertility since it can cause menopause much earlier than age 40. If your period stops, your body doesn’t go through the necessary cycles to release eggs for fertilization.

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus that can prevent the uterus from holding onto an embryo. These fibroids can be small enough that you can’t see them with the naked eye or they can be large and obtrusive. There are typically no symptoms, but they can make it harder to get pregnant.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is an infection that occurs in female reproductive organs. It’s often caused by bacteria from an STD that spreads from the vagina to other reproductive organs. Many women aren’t aware they have PID until they try to get pregnant.

Causes of fertility issues in men

Men are not spared either when it comes to issues with fertility. In fact, 9% of men of reproductive age in the United States experience problems with fertility. Here are the top complications men face:

Sperm health and production

Sperm health and production is the number one cause of male infertility. For pregnancy to occur, the sperm must be healthy, have the correct speed, and even shape. If the sperm isn’t in optimal shape or in optimal quantities, it can be harder to get a female pregnant, especially if the woman has any reproductive issues too.

Hormone levels

Male hormone levels are just as important as women’s hormone levels for pregnancy to occur. Too much or too little testosterone can interrupt the process. Men need a perfect balance of hormones from the pituitary gland for there to be an adequate amount and good quality of sperm.


Varicocele causes the testicular veins to swell, and decreases the amount of healthy sperm that leaves the body. Varicoceles are like varicose veins in the leg. They can cause decreased sperm count or poor quality sperm.

Ejaculatory problems

Premature, delayed, or no ejaculation makes it difficult for a man to impregnate a woman. It can cause anxiety with sex or a decreased sex drive. It can also cause stress and depression, which are leading causes of male infertility.

Drug and alcohol abuse

A man's body needs proper nutrients to produce the adequate quality and amount of sperm. Drug or alcohol abuse can decrease the amount and quality of sperm produced as well as impact hormone levels.


Depression affects the body in many ways. For men, this includes ejaculatory problems, low libido, or hormone fluctuations. All of this can disrupt a sperm’s quality. It can also cause a person not to eat right or to eat too much.

Without the right nutrients and the body’s optimal performance, infertility can occur. On a positive note, natural fertility treatments such as diet, exercise, and supplements can help when it comes to depression.


Stress, like depression, can have ill effects on the body. It can decrease sperm count, disrupt hormone production, or lower a man’s libido. Stress can also cause the body to act in weird ways. For instance, it can inhibit its ability to have adequate vitamin and nutrient levels. This in turn can lead to lower quality sperm.


Obesity can lower testosterone levels and decrease sperm quality, which makes it difficult to get pregnant. The higher a man’s body mass index is, the lower the quality of sperm he will produce. Poor quality sperm can make getting pregnant difficult. Also, if a woman does get pregnant, it may result in a miscarriage.

Autoimmune diseases

Certain chronic or life-threatening autoimmune conditions can also cause infertility. If one part of the body isn’t functioning correctly, it can affect other systems, including the reproductive system. These issues can affect both men and women.

Why natural fertility treatments can help

If you noticed any commonalities above, it’s that hormones get unbalanced, which can cause infertility. That said, natural fertility treatments may help. While they can’t solve every issue, they increase your chances of pregnancy.

If nothing else, you’ll get your body in optimal shape to get pregnant. This will definitely help if you need medical intervention. The better shape your body is in, the higher your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Any couple can try natural fertility treatments before they spend a ton of money on doctor’s visits and invasive options. Don’t forget that you will need quite a bit of money once you have your baby!

How to increase ovulation naturally: 6 Natural fertility treatments you can try

The good news is there are some natural fertility treatments you can try to increase ovulation naturally. Here are 6 healthy ways to get started:

1. Eat right (One of the best natural fertility treatments)

Eating right is essential to increase ovulation naturally. It improves your health and may increase fertility for men and women. Here are the top dietary habits you can include in your daily routine:

Enjoy a healthy big breakfast

Eating a big breakfast mainly helps women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Since PCOS affects your insulin levels, getting most of your calories in the morning can help lower insulin and testosterone levels, both of which are necessary for healthy ovulation.

Eat antioxidant-rich foods

Folate and zinc are important for men and women. If you’re trying natural fertility treatments, make sure women get enough folate to increase the chance of implantation and men get enough zinc for healthy sperm count and quality.

Avoid trans fats

Trans fats (unhealthy fats) can interrupt the ovulation cycle if overeaten. Instead, incorporate healthy fats into your diet (avocado, olive oil, etc.). One of the easiest ways to include these is to try a Mediterranean-style diet. It's not only healthy but super tasty too!

Watch your carbs

If you have PCOS, watching your carbs is vital to your insulin levels. Try a low-carb diet and focus instead on healthy fruits, vegetables, and a few healthy whole grains. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all low-carb diets are equal. So, it's good to do some research and see what will be best for your body and needs.

Eat high-fat dairy products

We’re all programmed to look for low-fat products, but they often contain chemicals our body doesn’t like. Replace low-fat dairy products with a couple of high-fat dairy products a day to increase your chance of conceiving.

However, some conditions like PCOS may suggest you eat dairy with no added hormones or even cut it out completely.

Switch up your protein sources

Switch up your proteins to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You don’t have to go vegetarian, but a couple of meat-free days replaced with beans, nuts, and seeds can help. Cut out meat. This can also help you save money on food. So, it’s a win-win.

Increase your fiber intake

If you have unbalanced hormones, increase your fiber intake because this can help rid your body of unnecessary hormones. When you Increase your fiber intake, it makes it easier to ovulate and/or produce healthy sperm.

Cut down on caffeine

The opinion on caffeine and fertility is mixed, but putting limits on your caffeine intake to one to 2 cups a day can’t hurt your chances of getting pregnant. So, instead of coffee, consider green tea - it has some caffeine and plenty of antioxidants. Another option that's tasty and caffeine-free is sparkling water or juice.

Avoid alcohol

Another important step if you’re trying to get pregnant is to limit your alcohol intake. It may help increase your chances, and it will allow your overall body to be healthier, increasing your chances of a full-term baby.

2. Exercise

Exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul. Regular exercise, whether moderate cardio, weights, yoga, or walks around the block, can decrease stress levels, increase your mood, help you sleep better, and increase your libido.

You want to be as healthy as possible in both mind and body, and exercise is a great way to help. If you need some help to get motivated, you can also find an online trainer to keep you going on those days when you're not in the mood.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight is the best way to increase your chances of pregnancy. So, if you’re wondering how to increase ovulation naturally or how to produce healthier sperm, it starts with your weight.

If you’re mildly overweight or obese, consider working with a nutritionist or create your own plan to eat healthily. Also plan to exercise, and decrease your body weight to create the optimal environment for a pregnancy.

4. Improve your sleep quality

Quality sleep is essential because your body naturally resets each night while you sleep. If you pull all-nighters, toss and turn all night, or only get a few hours of rest, your body can’t function properly. Also, if it becomes a chronic problem, your hormone levels could get unbalanced, causing difficulties getting pregnant.

Studies showed that women on IVF treatments were 25% more successful in conceiving when they got 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Getting quality sleep is one of the simplest natural fertility treatments you can start.

5. Take vitamins

These days it's tough to get the nutrients we need from food. So, vitamins are key natural fertility treatments to include in your health routine. Here are the best vitamins you can start to help increase fertility:


Multivitamins help your body have all the nutrients necessary for optimal production. This includes creating a welcoming environment for a baby. Take a multivitamin daily to ensure you get adequate nutrients to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Prenatal vitamins contain the necessary levels of folate women need for optimal ovulation. They also include other nutrients to care for the fetus properly. They can be taken before you get pregnant to prepare your body.


If you’re low on folate, consider a supplement. Folate helps increase healthy ovulation and helps prevent birth defects. It may also help increase the chances of implantation (decreased risk of miscarriage).


If you wonder how to increase ovulation naturally, look at your iron levels. If you’re iron deficient, talk to your doctor about iron supplements to help promote healthy ovulation.

Natural fertility supplements

Specific supplements may help create the perfect environment for a pregnancy. There are plenty of options to help increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any natural herbs or supplements

6. Reduce stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and fertility. Prolonged stress causes your body to produce too much cortisol, which can result in fertility issues. But you can reduce stress by including the following activities in your plan:


Yoga may help decrease your stress levels which in turn helps regulate hormone production. It is one of the best natural fertility treatments anyone can do. Try yoga at home or take a class near you to incorporate it into your schedule.


Meditation is another way to decrease stress levels. Center your mind and shut out the outside noise that makes it hard to take care of your own mind, body, and soul. Meditation can also help you improve sleep quality, which will boost mood and improve fertility.


Infertility itself can be stressful and depressing. If you need to, seek counseling to learn how to manage your stress levels. This may naturally help increase your chances of conceiving. Thanks to sites like BetterHelp, you can speak to someone online, which makes it easier for busy people or those who find it difficult to ask for help.


Acupuncture may help both men and women, creating a healthy ovulation cycle and healthy sperm. An acupuncturist can determine what inefficiencies you have in any part of your body. Their assessment goes beyond your reproductive organs and can help to create a healthy environment overall for a baby.

Try these budget-friendly natural fertility treatments

Infertility can be stressful and heartbreaking, and the cost of fertility treatments can send your anxiety levels even higher. Fortunately, you can try these natural fertility treatments before you spend a ton on traditional treatments. Keep a hopeful spirit, and don't give up!

Since you're trying to add to your family, it's important to prepare your finances this would also include life insurance during your pregnancy. You can learn how to create a family budget, invest for your future, and build generational wealth with our completely free courses and worksheets!

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