New Week New Goals: Ideas To Make Each Week Amazing!

New week new goals

Setting goals can help you make progress in the direction of your dreams. What if you could harness the momentum of goal setting with a "new week new goals" strategy?

The possibilities of creating goals that propel you forward each week are endless. With the right implementation, this strategy could transform your progress towards long-term goals.

So, let’s explore how you can tackle each new week with new goals. Plus, I’ll share some helpful weekly goal ideas to kickstart your journey.

New week, new goals: How to set goals for the week ahead

Goal setting has been studied to show proven benefits. In fact, individuals that set goals, and follow through, are more likely to be high performers. Personally, I love the feeling that comes along with setting goals. When done correctly, the process of goal setting illuminates a path to follow towards your dreams.

Are you excited about the prospect of setting new goals each week? Here’s how to implement a new week new goals strategy in your life.

Set aside a time to set goals each week

First things first, you’ll need to set aside time each week to set goals. Without a dedicated time period marked off, it’s easy to let the week pass by without making progress towards your long-term goals.

In my life, I like to set aside time at the beginning of each week. It provides me the chance to set up the week with my short-term goals in mind. However, the exact time of the week doesn’t matter.

You might decide to set weekly goals at the end of the week for the following week. Pick a time that makes sense for you and your schedule.

Look back on your last week

Once you have the time set aside, look back on the previous week. Consider what went well. And don’t forget to point out what didn’t go as well. It is critical, to be honest in your assessment of the previous week.

If you set goals for the previous week, determine whether or not you achieved those objectives. If not, try to pinpoint why you weren’t able to accomplish last week's goals. 

You might find it challenging to remember everything that happened in the past week. I know I do! That’s why I rely on the notes I took throughout the week to see exactly how my time was spent.

However you assess your previous week, be honest with yourself. An honest look will help you to set realistic goals for the upcoming week.

Look at your long-term goals

After taking a look at last week, take a minute to look forward to your long-term goals. Consider what you can do this week to help you move the needle towards those big goals.

As you look at your long-term goals, don’t try to accomplish the entire goal in a single week. Instead, try to pull out a small but meaningful step that you can tackle this week.

Create a SMART goal

A SMART goal can help you keep the goal realistic for the week. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

In this case, your SMART goal will be time-bound to a single week. Each of the components of a SMART goal will help you keep the objective manageable for a single week.

Remember, you aren’t trying to accomplish a goal that should take you a year. Instead, you want to accomplish a weekly goal that will help you move the needle towards a bigger goal.

Set up a schedule for your "new week new goals" method

When you set a weekly goal, it is important to consider your existing commitments. It can be a challenge to accomplish goals without setting aside the appropriate amount of time.

If you already have major drains in your time, factor that in as you create your weekly goals. For example, if you have a full-time job and want to work on a weekly side hustle goal, don’t overcommit yourself to a weekly side hustle goal that is unrealistic.

A realistic goal should consider your existing time commitments. But don’t be afraid to rearrange your schedule to reflect your new commitment to a weekly goal.

If possible, set up a schedule for the upcoming week that allows you to prioritize your weekly goals without shirking your other responsibilities.

Reward yourself each week

The best advice I’ve ever received is to celebrate every victory - no matter how small! As you implement a new week new goals strategy, it is critical that you reward yourself along the way. That’s right! You absolutely need to reward yourself for accomplishing your weekly goals.

You might even decide to set up your weekly goals with rewards in mind for accomplishing a particular goal. For example, let’s say you have a weekly goal of putting in 5 hours on your side hustle dream. If you accomplish the goal, you might decide to celebrate with a night off.

With enticing rewards, you might be able to find more motivation to accomplish your weekly goals.

Weekly goal ideas

So, are you ready to dive into a "new week new goals" system? Here are some weekly goal ideas to get you started.

Financial weekly goals

When it comes to personal finance, it can be difficult to stick to habits that will set you up for a bright financial future. But with new weekly financial goals, it might get easier.

A few good weekly goal ideas include:

You might have long-term financial goals of building an emergency fund, buying a home, or retiring. But each will require small steps each week to make progress over time. So remember to take those big goals and break them down so they are easier to achieve!

Personal development weekly goals

Personal development can come in all shapes and sizes. But making time for personal development on a regular basis can be challenging. That’s when setting a smaller goal can help.

For example, let’s say you want to develop a habit of reading. Consider setting the goal of reading one chapter of a book each week.  If you want to build a new skill to start a side hustle, then consider setting aside an hour every day to practice.

As you look at your big personal development goals, smaller weekly goals should jump out at you.

Fitness weekly goals

Want to improve an aspect of your fitness? You’ll need to make a consistent each week. Let’s say that you want to run a half marathon. You could start by setting the weekly goal of walking an entire mile without stopping.

Once you achieve that objective, you can continue to build on your progress. For example, the next goal could be to run an entire mile. Be conscious of your physical limits when setting weekly fitness goals. But push yourself a little bit more every week to improve.

Health weekly goals

Taking care of our health is a critical piece of our life that can be easy to overlook. With that, weekly health goals can be a perfect way to ensure your body is staying on the right track.

A few examples of weekly health goals include eating a serving of vegetables every day, making time to research your vitamin needs, or prioritizing downtime to leave space for mental health. The good news is you can live a healthy lifestyle even on a budget!

Start a "new week new goals" method to smash your weekly goals!

Weekly goals can be the tip of the iceberg on your path to achieving a big long-term goal. As you move forward with the strategy, seek out manageable weekly objectives that can help you move closer to your end goal. Once you master setting weekly goals tie them into your monthly goals!

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