30 Best Non-Toy Gifts For Kids Everyone Will Love!

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Non toy gifts for kids

Are you trying to find the perfect gift that isn’t a toy? Perhaps a birthday or Christmas gift? Whether you are buying something for your little one or your favorite niece or nephew, there are many excellent non-toy gifts for kids to choose from.

In fact, some of the best gifts for kids aren’t toys, and getting a useful gift can be much better than a toy!

For instance, some of these gifts can teach kids about saving money, scheduling, and being on time!  Others can help them start healthy hobbies such as sports and journaling their feelings. So, instead of getting another toy that may get tossed aside, consider these entertaining non toy kid gifts!

30 Top non-toy gifts for kids

The struggle is real when it comes to gift-giving. So, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for kids that aren’t toys!

1. A real camera

A real camera specifically for kids is one of the best non toy kid gifts you can give because they will have their very own camera for family outings and vacations. It would also be great to teach them photography as a hobby. Who knows, maybe it could lead to a high-paying career one day!  

2. A cool alarm clock

Gone are the days of boring alarm clocks. These days you can pick up a super cool alarm clock that comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some even have projectors that display shapes of stars on the wall! This is one of the best gifts for kids that aren’t toys because it’s fun and teaches them the importance of being on time.

3. Art supplies (Great non-toy gifts for kids to foster their creativity)

Is your little one an aspiring artist? Then art supplies for kids are a fabulous gift idea! You can pick up paint, coloring pencils, sketching pencils, and an easel to supply them with all the basic needs to start expressing their creativity. You could also take a painting class together to make it even better!

4. Dress-up clothing

Remember how much fun it was to dress up as a kid? There are tons of fun dress-up clothing you can get to encourage your little ones to express their imagination further.

So, grab some costumes or preowned dresses for dress-up clothes ideas. You could also upcycle some of your old clothing for them and save money too!

5. Snowboard or skateboard

A snowboard or kids skateboard are some of the most fun gifts for kids that aren't toys! Not only will they have a blast for much longer than a toy would last, but they will get exercise too. There are many different styles and designs, so you can get them something personalized to make it extra special.

6. Paddleboard

I’ll be honest; the kids might be having to fight their parents off this gift because paddleboarding is so much fun! It's great exercise and is perfect for getting out and enjoying nature too.

You can find inflatable stand-up paddleboards on Amazon that are durable and easy to use. A paddleboard is one of the most adventurous non-toy gifts for kids.

7. Rollerblades

Rollerblades are one of the top non toy kid gifts for those little ones on the go. They have so many different styles, and some even have light-up wheels! Also, don't forget to grab protective gear because it can protect them from injuries.

8. Trampoline

Who wouldn’t want their very own trampoline? These also come in various sizes and price ranges so you can pick which is best for your little one. They also have miniature “climb n’ slide trampolines, which is one of our favorite non gifts for toddlers!

9. Rock painting kit

Rock painting is fun and creative. It sparks the imagination and promotes critical thinking. Plus, once they have the kit, they can find unlimited rocks outside to paint! A super-budget-friendly idea for a gift.

10. Pottery kit

Your child can be sculpting bowls, plates, vases, and more with their very own pottery kit! These kits are equipped with everything they need to create anything they want out of clay. They also include paint so they can further their creativity by painting and designing their completed piece.

11. Toolset for kids

A play toolset is perfect for those little kids who want to be involved with home projects. It's an excellent way to teach your child how to use tools to fix things that are also safe. You can find play workshops with tools that have hammers, drills, screwdrivers, and more.

12. Metal detector

A metal detector is excellent for a child that’s adventurous and enjoys treasure hunting. They can take it out in the yard and see if they find any old items such as coins and jewelry. Who knows, maybe they will find something valuable!

13. Coin collecting kit

There are so many awesome coin collection kits that are great for kids too. For instance, there is a “penny passport book” for souvenir pennies and a “state quarter collection map” so they can collect all of the state quarters.

Coin collecting can be an educational and fun activity which is why it’s one of the best gifts for kids that aren’t toys.

14. Jewelry making kit

With kids jewelry-making kits, the possibilities are endless! They have kits to make rubber band jewelry, charm bracelets, beaded necklaces, and more.

Learning how to make jewelry isn’t just enjoyable; it’s a skill your little one could use to start making money! This is why it's another one of our favorite non-toy gifts for kids.

15. Coloring and activity books (One of the most traditional non-toy gifts for kids)

You can’t go wrong with the classic gift choice of coloring and activity books. These books may be fun for kids, but they are actually very beneficial for teaching too! It helps them improve their motor skills, prepares them for school, and stimulates creativity. This is why it’s one of the top non toy gifts for toddlers too.

16. Journaling set with pens

Journaling is a wonderful tool for self-discovery.  It’s a place where your child can express their thoughts, emotions, and dreams without judgment. You can find journaling sets for kids with different designs, characters, and colors that match their personality and taste to make it a special gift just for them.

17. Musical instrument (One of the most beneficial non-toy gifts for kids)

A musical instrument is one of the most epic non toy kid gifts you can give. Learning an instrument will teach them patience, enhance coordination, and boost their confidence. The good news is there are many different instruments available in smaller sizes for kids. 

For example, they have junior size guitars, wind instruments, and keyboards. This also makes them a bit more affordable too, which is good for the wallet.

18. Old school CD Player, iPod, or iPad

Just because everything is digital doesn’t mean your child wouldn’t enjoy a retro-style cd player. They have adorable portable boomboxes that include a cd player and a radio.

Of course, an iPod or iPad are other options if you’re searching for something more up-to-date. One perk of the iPod and iPad is that they can also watch videos and play games on them.

19. Piggy Bank (One of the best non-toy gifts to teach kids about money)

So this is one of our favorite non-toy gifts for kids! Teaching your child to save money can instill good money habits they will use throughout their life. You can either stick to the cute and traditional piggy bank or get an electronic bank safe that is equipped with a cash entrance and password pad!

20. Wallet or purse

A purse or wallet is another fantastic gift that can also teach your child about money. This will help them become responsible for their own money by having a dedicated place for it. It will also teach them about the importance of keeping up with their wallets.

21. A savings account with money

The ultimate non-toy kids gift is a savings account with money in it. This is a gift that keeps giving. Like a piggy bank, it will teach your child the importance of saving money, but it will also give them experience with maintaining a bank account and tracking their savings.

22. A new bike

Is it time to upgrade your kid’s bike? Surprise them with a set of new wheels or take them and let them pick out which one they like best. There is nothing better than cruising the neighborhood in style on your new wheels. Tricycles are great non gift toys for toddlers too!

23. Books they'll love (Great non-toy gifts for kids to develop the habit of reading)

Reading is important for children, whether they can read independently or if you read them their favorite books as toddlers. It helps them develop empathy, improves their concentration, and is great for their imagination.

Books can be some of the best non toy gifts for toddlers and older kids. Money books for kids are also a great idea to teach your kids about money!

24. Bird feeder + seed

Is your little one a bird lover? Then a bird feeder with seed would be a fabulous non toy kids gift. They will be able to enjoy watching their feathered friends snack every day and can even learn what the native birds are to your area.

25. Terrarium kit

Bring the outdoors indoors and teach your kids all about the greenhouse effect with a cool terrarium kit. They will learn how to grow plants and the science behind a fully functional ecosystem!

One of my nephew's favorite gifts was a swing set. It encouraged him to use his imagination while getting outdoors and having fun. An easy-to-set up swingset tops the list of non-toy gifts for kids that can be used for years.

27. A room makeover

As your child grows, their taste in room decor is sure to change. So why not give them a total room makeover as a gift? They can pick out what colors and decor they want to put in their room that expresses their personality. You can also make it a project you do together and teach them how to do it themselves as they get older.

28. Monthly calendar

Pick out a fun-themed monthly calendar to give your child so they can learn about time management and scheduling. You can write down what days they go to soccer practice or when your next vacation is, so they will know how to keep up with their schedules.

29. Digital watch

Another great teaching tool that’s also a fun gift is a digital watch for kids. This will help you teach your child how to tell time and the importance of punctuality. Pick out a cool character or themed watch they will love.

30. Cash

So you can’t decide which gifts for kids that aren’t toys to get? You can always resort to cold-hard cash. Kids get super excited about having their own money. Plus, they get to pick out something they truly want with the money you gave them.

These non-toy gifts for kids are great all year long!

These non-toy gifts for kids are great whether it’s a special occasion or you simply want to reward your child. Not only do they get to express themselves creatively, but they also can learn from them.

Of course, we love the idea of giving gifts that can teach your child about financial literacy because learning about money management at a young age can help them become financially successful!

Get more help teaching your kids about healthy money habits with our completely free course! Be sure to check out our list of experience gifts for kids and Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers too!

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