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If your new year's resolution was to lose weight, you weren't the only one. 48% of Americans make this their goal for the new year, and statistically, only 35% of them will follow through. Getting fit doesn't have to be an aspiration tied to a forgotten new year's resolution. You can make it a reality, especially with an online personal trainer even if you are on a budget!

So, let's talk through why you might need an online fitness trainer, the benefits, and the various options!

Do you need an online personal trainer?

It depends on who you ask and what your current fitness goals are. A personal trainer is a good idea for various reasons, and they aren't all equal. Here are some reasons.

Not hitting your goals

If you're burning it up over there but not seeing any results or the results you'd like, a trainer would be an excellent option for you. Our bodies become accustomed to the same movements that we do, day in and day out, and it becomes accustomed to exercise too. An online personal trainer can recommend different moves to get your body out of its routine.

Health issues

Chronic health issues are a great reason to seek professional workout help. I have several autoimmune disorders, and lifting weights would not be a significant first step for me as my back already goes out. Personal trainers receive lots of training and education around this very issue to help you feel your best while still caring for your body.

Training for a specific event

If you're training for more than a 5K or even just that, an online personal trainer would be a great way to get ready for it. Different sporting events require certain muscle groups. A trainer would know what to focus on to help you ensure you finish your race strong.

Not sure where to start

Working out can be very overwhelming, even for seasoned pros. An online personal trainer can help you develop a workout routine you can stick to, advise eating plans, and reroute you as necessary.

What are the benefits of having an online personal trainer?

Next, let's get into some of the benefits of having an online personal trainer.


An online personal trainer can hold you accountable when no one else will. Accountability comes best from those that are neutral in your situation and have nothing to gain or lose depending on your choices.

While a trainer has nothing to lose per se, that's the best because it means they want you to win. They will call you out when no one else will because they know you want to be at your physical best and do what they can to help you get there.

Working out in the comfort of your own home

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very self-conscious when I work out in the gym. I know I don't have to be, but one of the health issues I mentioned above has my posture all out of whack, and I'm paranoid I look weird when doing certain things.

In addition, don't have to worry about people looking at me in the comfort of my own home, and I can focus on my form with my trainer.


We mentioned above that online personal trainers can hold you accountable while working out where you feel comfortable. They can also be more accessible to check in.

When using a traditional trainer, you have access to them during weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and that's it. So many things you'd like to share, such as questions or health issues you've noticed, are forgotten and can stall progress.

Since online is their main platform and not a home commercial gym, you have more access to your trainers than ever before. You can catch them by email, during virtual office hours, or even on IG Live.

What does the average online personal trainer cost?

Online personal trainers vary in cost, and pricing is dependent on a variety of factors. You can search personal trainers in your area who are offering services online and in person, to get an idea of what pricing may be. This price may or may not include access to accountability groups, workouts, eating plans, virtual office hours, or weekly check-ins.

Pricing seems to range around $25 a month for basic low-tier services like an accountability group or app. Direct services seem to be a few hundred dollars a month for weekly sessions where your trainer can watch you in real time and correct your form.

What should you expect from having an online fitness coach?

When working out with a fitness coach, it's vital to have expectations. You should expect but not limited to:

  • Discussion of fitness goals
  • Body/ health assessment
  • Workout plans
  • Nutrition guides
  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins in regard to goals set at the beginning
  • Communication
  • A mentor to help you when the going gets tough

Like you have expectations when working out in person, you should have expectations when working out online. You're hiring a professional to help you hit your goals, so maximize your experience.

Where do you go to find an online fitness trainer?

With all of that being said, let's now go over the best place to find an online fitness trainer.

Personal trainer websites

Some websites are dedicated to finding you a trainer. You enter your personal information, and they match you to a trainer.

These websites are great because they have done background checks so you can feel confident in knowing that you're safe. Do a Google search to find the top-rated ones and validate their services via social media reviews!

Your local gym

Just because you aren't participating in personal training at your local gym doesn't mean they can't have recommendations for you. Many privately owned gyms have a reputable list of trainers they would recommend, both online and in person.

Social media

Many online fitness coaches have started to advertise on social media and build platforms. There are a ton of personal fitness trainers on Instagram and YouTube that are very accessible online. They have a lot of programs you can purchase as well as one on one private coaching.

Word of mouth

Do you have a friend who works out all the time or seems magically buff? Ask them if they know of an online personal trainer they'd recommend.

One of my best friends does roller derby and swears by her online fitness coach. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. It never hurts to ask!

What online personal trainer apps exist?

Suppose you don't feel like you're ready to take the full-on plunge of committing to a specific person quite yet. In that case, online personal trainer apps could be a great option instead. Here are a few to check out!

Nike Training Club

Cost? Free.

Website or App? App.

Nike Training Club is a great workout app that lets you choose your fitness level and workout with celebrity trainers. You can also connect with their online community and get discounts for Nike gear. There's also the Nike Run Club app (also free) if you'd like to mix up your fitness options.

Couch to 5K

Cost? Free.

Website or App? Both.

Josh Clark invented the Couch 2 5K as an easy way for people to get in shape with the idea of running a 5K. You don't need to be in the market to benefit from Josh's program, though. Not only does he have a website, but he also has various podcasts to keep you motivated in addition to your app.


Cost? Free for two weeks, $12.99 a month if you choose to carry on.

Website or App?

Keelo is for those in a regular routine but wants to kick it up a notch. Keelo picks a personalized workout plan for you every day based on your individual needs and allows you to chat in real time with your trainer.

Alo Moves

Cost? $20 a month or $199 for the whole year.

Website or App?

If yoga is more your thing, Alo Moves is an excellent option for more dedicated practice. From basic yoga movements to improving mindfulness and more in-depth skill-building, this is a cheaper way to get to the yoga studio without leaving your living room.


Cost? $29.99 per month, or $119.99 for the whole year.

Website or App?

Already a workout superstar and want the body of Thor? Chris Hemsworth created the Centr app to help you get to his level. With help from his team of all-star professionals, you can access live instructors, and nutrition plans and take classes in mindfulness, among other things. This app is in-depth and has everything you're looking for to get in superhero shape.

Get fit with an online personal trainer that fits your budget!

Whatever you do, there is an online personal trainer for you. It's all about finding the individual or the app that works best for you.

And also find one that you are excited to use often to achieve your goals. We're excited and cheering you on in your fitness journey!

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