A Honest Conversation About The Journey To A Successful Business With Adrienne Garland

Adrienne Garland

Meet Adrienne Garland. Adrienne is the CEO and Founder of She Leads Media, a media and marketing consultancy dedicated to enhancing the visibility and influence of women entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. The mission of She Leads Media is to inspire, educate and showcase women as the leaders we are through in-person conferences, events and an online community.

What we discussed in this episode:

On this episode, Adrienne and I have a very honest conversation about our experiences in our past careers and our journeys so far in business. We talked about:

  • How corporate America is organized from a very male perspective, for instance, having maternity leave isn’t enough to make a company a good place to work.
  • Why women should be thinking of other women as they build and scale their businesses.
  • Her journey in business including starting out with no idea how to start a business.
  • Going through the motions of building a successful business from not yet earning what she’d like to mental blocks & mindset shifts to charging what she’s worth.
  • In addition, Adrienne coaches us on how to execute the perfect pitch!

How to keep up with Adrienne:

You can learn more about Adrienne and her upcoming conferences on her website at sheleadsmedia.com. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook @Sheleadmedia. On Twitter @Sheleadsit and on LinkedIn by searching Adrienne Garland.

Enjoy listening!