How Adeola Went From 6 Figures In Debt To Millionaire Status

Adeola Omole

Meet Adeola Omole, a podcast listener in Canada. She is a lawyer and wealth coach who has made it her life’s mission to help educate women about personal finance matters related to money management, investing strategies and debt management options.

Adeola and her husband paid off $390,000 in debt including student loans, car loans, a line of credit, credit cards and their mortgage and now, they have 7 figures in assets now.

She decided she had enough of living on the edge of financial ruin and made a plan to pay off her debt. Unfortunately, she had just lost her job and was unemployed for 18 months and her husband’s income was only $30,000 at the time but despite this challenge, they got aggressive with their debt pay off by selling things they didn’t need, and finding ways to increasing their income.

They eventually pay off their debt including their mortgage while only earning $70,000 in total together. They then transitioned everything they learned into building a million dollar empire.

What we discussed on this episode:

In this episode Adeola shares what it was like going through the motions paying off her consumer debt in 3 years and her mortgage over 12 years. She also talks about what she and her husband did to build their million dollar empire and the advice she would give her younger self.

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You can keep with Adeola on her website at, on Instagram at @adeolaomoleb, on Twitter @AdeolaOmoleB and on Facebook at adeolaomolefan.

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