Becoming Deserving Of Your Financial Success

Xenia Virey

When it comes to personal finance the main focus is typically on the outcome - the financial success but it’s also very important to discuss the transitions and emotions that lead you to that financial success and what it feels like to be on that journey including the peaks and valleys.

To have this conversation, I’ve invited an amazing lady and friend of mine Xenia Viray. Xenia is the owner of a women’s clothing boutique in Brooklyn called Myths of Creation (, focused on building community and teaching women how to empower themselves.

What we discussed on this episode:

On this episode, Xenia and I have a very honest conversation about her money story and on money in general. She shares her emotions around money, how she’s gotten to the point where she feels deserving of financial success and financial wellness. She shares the role money played in her upbringing, the lies she was telling herself about money, why she wasn’t putting money on the top of her priority list and her changed thinking around money and her goals for financial success now and in the future.

I also got completely vulnerable with Xenia (she pulls it out of me) in our conversation about my personal challenges around being deserving and proud of my financial success.

The Podcast Episode Xenia mentions:

  • Unmistakeable Creative

Keep in touch with Xenia:

  • Follow her on social media @shopmythsofcreation and on her website at
  • Stop by her store at:
    Myths of Creation
    421 Graham Ave
    Brooklyn NYC

Enjoy listening!