Building A Meaningful Life And Business With Monique Melton

Monique Melton

This episode of the podcast is all about the balancing act of building a meaningful life and business and the relationships involved and to have a conversation, my special guest is Monique Melton.

Monique is a business coach, relationship expert, published author of the book EntrepreFriendships, a motivational speaker and diversity advocate. She supports creative business owners in building profitable and purposeful businesses while maintaining healthy relationships. She is naturally a big-bold dreamer, a woman of faith, a proud Navy wife and a loving mother to two little ones.

What we discussed on this episode:

Monique and I have an honest conversation about what it really takes to build a meaningful life and business and managing the relationships that make it happen including valuing your relationships, focusing on your personal development and self care, learning to say no and more.

She shared how she went from being a new mom with two small children who simply wanted to make $1,000 a month to letting go of her money mindset blocks and becoming a business powerhouse. She goes above and beyond for her clients and does more in her community and for her family.

She talked about why she focuses on business and relationships specifically around personal development and how it ties into building a really meaningful business.

She also shares the importance of understanding your capacity around what you can and cannot in order to avoid comparing yourself to others and becoming overwhelmed.

Monique's favorite business book:

Monique's favorite relationship book:


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Enjoy listening!