Dispelling The Most Common Credit Myths with Jenelle Dito of FICO

Jenelle Dito FICO

This episode of the podcast on dispelling credit myths is brought to you by FICO and my guest is Jenelle Dito!

About Jenelle Dito:

Jenelle Dito is a Director for the FICO Scores team and financial services expert for the FICO® Score Open Access program which empowers lenders to share the FICO® Scores they use to manage customers’ accounts directly with those customers, for free.

As part of the Open Access program, she partners with various organizations on consumer credit education as well as lenders on how to create innovative products and manage exceptional client services.

Jenelle works with lenders to help them understand how they can bring FICO Scores and financial health content to their customers and the value of doing so. She also helps provide the tools they need from FICO to build new programs themselves.

For both general FICO Scores and the FICO Open Access program, Jenelle helps facilitate consumer education tools and content so lenders can empower their customers with greater knowledge.

Jenelle also helps manage FICO’s Open Access for credit and financial counselor program working with organizations such as Justine PETERSEN and Operation Hope.

What Jenelle discussed in this episode:

On this episode of the podcast Jenelle shares:

  • Her personal story with money and what she learned in the process of making her own money mistakes
  • How people can empower themselves with the knowledge to improve and maintain their credit
  • And she dispels some of the most common credit misconceptions that are out there including:
    1. What you’ve heard vs. the truth about your credit score: What’s a myth and what’s real?
    2. How you can empower yourself – The top steps you can take on your own to improve your score

Additional information:

Enjoy listening!