Deal With Your Fears And Your Guilt And Become Successful With Your Money

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My guest today is the wonderful Jen Hemphill, the founder of and Jen is a military spouse, an accredited financial counselor, and money confidence coach and she also hosts her own podcast called Her Money Matters.

What we discussed on this episode:

On this episode, Jen and I talked about money fears and guilt, how to get into the space where you are sharing your financial wins no matter how small as well as the lessons you can learn from other people’s success stories and how to build your money confidence.

We talked specifically about the fears and guilt associated to spending money and how to work through those emotions. Jen also shares her upbringing in Columbia and the differences in how she and her husband handled money when she first got married and what they do now to manage their money successfully.

We also talked about mastering your money mindset, in addition to mastering your money skills, because your mindset and your money skills go hand in hand, and Jen shares some key actions you can take to make things much easier when it comes to accomplishing your long-term financial goals while still being able to enjoy your money in the short term plus so much more.

The financial website Jen mentions on this episode:

The website Jen mentioned to help calculate your debt payoff debt based on a variety of scenarios is

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Enjoy listening!