Financial Mistakes & Recovery in Business With Elin Barton

Elin Barton

Elin is a purpose-driven business leader, author, entrepreneur and podcast host who believes in the power of story to elevate brands and individuals. She’s the CEO of White Knight Productions a company that produces video content for businesses, she also has her own podcast called “Ready, Set, Grit” - a podcast that inspires people to live their lives on purpose.

In addition, Elin is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others and her vision is to create a virtual ecosystem where entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are supported by a strong community, regardless of geographic location, and where women and girls in particular, can find inspiration and guidance to forge their own unique path and realize their full potential.

On this episode Elin shares:

  • Her personal story and the life changes that led her to starting her own business
  • The major business and financial failure she faced that almost crippled her
  • As well as her top business and financial tips for women in business

Resources Elin mentioned:

Where to find Elin:

  • On her business website at
  • On her personal website,, where you can also listen to her podcast and learn how she supports other entrepreneurs.

Enjoy listening!