Finding Your Purpose And Building Real Wealth With Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington

This podcast episode is with the incredible Patrice Washington also known as America's Money Maven.

Patrice is a best-selling author, a captivating speaker and hope-restoring coach to women who want to do good work in the world but believe they deserve to earn damn good money doing it. She’s been the personal finance expert of both Steve Harvey’s radio and television shows since 2014, as has appeared in dozens of media outlets such as Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends.

She’s also been featured in hundreds of online and print publications including the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine and so much more. Her work has literally touched millions of people worldwide.

What we discussed on this episode:

On this episode, Patrice shares her personal story about losing everything she had in the 2008 recession and what it really took for her to come out of it.

She talks about her faith and her mindset and the reason for her success now and what it really means to chase purpose, not money, and how that has made all the difference in her life and can make all the difference in yours.

She also shares what she’s teaching her daughter about faith, purpose and financial success.

The books Patrice recommends:

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Enjoy listening!