Flanice Saved Over $100k For Retirement Before 30 & Beat Breast Cancer!

Flanice Lewis

On this episode, I talk to Flanice Lewis. She is a money coach, breast cancer survivor and all round amazing woman who has made great strides on her journey to financial freedom:

  • She bought first house at 23 with no outside help
  • She saved over $100,000 for retirement before 30
  • She reached an 800+ credit score before 30
  • She has managed to beat breast cancer without having to finance any of her bills
  • AND she intends to get to a million in cash and assets in the next 4 years

In this episode we discussed:

Flanice's personal story growing up poor, how and why she choose to pursue building wealth, her progress so far, her dreams and ambitions and how she was able to beat breast cancer without derailing her financial goals including the decisions she made around her insurance.

The book Flanice mentioned:

The book Flanice mentions is called Relentless

How to keep up with Flanice:

You can keep up with her on Instagram @lalasupreme5

Enjoy listening!