Following Your Passion To Build A Business You Love With Kalyn Chandler

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I’m excited to share my good friend Kalyn Chandler with you! She’s the founder and CEO of Effie's Paper - A lifestyle brand that creates stationery and other products that are a unique mix of casual elegance, motivation and social conversation that make using them fun and engaging.

Her products sold in over 70 stores nationwide which is a pretty big deal and she's sharing some really great business advice based on her experience growing her business.

Kalyn is one of my cohort sisters from the business incubator I completed earlier this year and we’ve become really good friends as a result.

On this episode, Kalyn shares:

  • How she went from working as a lawyer at one of the biggest law firms to starting Effies Paper - especially as she quit her job without knowing what she was going to do next and how she figured it out.
  • Her biggest challenges and successes.
  • What it means to let go of control to run a successful business.
  • How to stay the course on what you’ve planned for your business and not get distracted by the shiny object syndrome
  • Saying yes to everything vs saying no and how to deliver your no.

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Enjoy listening!