Dealing With Friendships While Improving Your Finances + Rewarding Yourself on a Budget

Bola Sokunbi

On this episode of the podcast, I'm answering two listener questions on dealing with friendships while improving your finances and how to reward yourself on a budget. I'm also sharing some exciting updates on Clever Girl Finance!

Updates I shared

  1. The Clever Girl Finance book officially has a launch date and it's June 25th and, it's now available for pre-order!
  2. How I manifested my vision of being able to ring the opening bell at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) while participating in the Citi Open Innovation Challenge.

Listener questions I answered

  1. I find it so hard sometimes to speak to my friends about money. I'm on a budget and trying to share the importance of it with them but sometimes I feel alone. How do I deal with this frustration of dealing with friendships and my finances?
  2. I feel like all I'm doing is working to pay bills and I feel guilty about rewarding myself. How do I go about dealing with this?

Enjoy listening!