Getting Started With Stock Market Investing With Guest Tela Holcomb

Tela Holcomb

On this episode, I talked with Tela Holcomb about how to get started with investing including some key things you need to know if you have your money invested in the stock market.

Tela Holcomb is a trading and investment coach. She has been independently trading and investing in the stock market since 2009. By consistently applying her system of trading and investing, Tela more than doubled her retirement account in 8 months and achieved financial freedom and retirement choice in 3 years. Her mission is to show that anyone can learn about the stock market when it's put in plain English.

In this episode we discussed:

We discussed our favorite investing platforms, if you should invest if you have debt, steps to take to get started with investing and more.

Resources mentioned:

1. Practice account and research tools

2. Robo Advisors

3. Investing platforms

4. Tela’s favorite investment book: The complete turtle trader

How to keep up with Tela:

You can learn more about Tela on her website here and you can also check out her courses here.

Enjoy listening!