How Keenya Saved $30,000 & Then Moved To Paris!

Keenya Hofmaier

My guest today is Keenya Hofmaier. Keenya is originally from Milwaukee, WI and spent three years working in New York City before moving to Paris in 2013 on a whim!

She is a self-proclaimed “multi-passionate creative” and she released her first book, 30-Day Connect, in 2017. In addition, she participates in various conferences and speaking engagements around networking, leadership and women's empowerment.

Keenya is also podcast listener, which is how we met, and she saved $30,000 over a short period of time which allowed her to make that big move to Paris to live her dream life essentially.

In this episode Keenya shares:

  • Her background with money
  • Her mindset starting with being able to get her college education paid for on scholarship
  • What she did to save that $30,000
  • Her financial goals while living in another country
  • And she also shares her financial mistakes and lessons learned and where she sees herself and her finances in the next few years and advice for women who want to pursue a similar path to what she’s been able to accomplish.

How to keep in touch with Kenya:

On her website and on IG and Twitter at @its_keenya.

Enjoy listening!