How Rochelle Built A Multi Million Dollar Business with $100

Rochelle Graham-Campbell Alikay Naturals

My guest on today's episode of the podcast is Rochelle Graham-Campbell. She is the co-founder and CEO of Alikay Naturals and has been coined a “beauty pioneer” by Essence Magazine. She is a YouTube guru with over 100k subscribers and 15 million views on her channel as well as an influencer, philanthropist, and speaker.

She started Alikay Naturals alongside her husband who is her co-founder with only $100 initial investment and has since built it into a multi-million dollar brand carried in over 150 locations worldwide at places like Target, Rite Aid, Kroger and CVS and in countries like  France, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Jamaica and Bermuda.

On this episode Rochelle shares:

  1. How she started Alikay Naturals with only $100 while in college working multiple jobs including waiting tables at Olive Garden, delivering newspapers at night and working as a CNA.
  2. The step by step approach on how she built her business from $100 to millions of dollars with no outside investment and is still operating as a debt-free business
  3. Her biggest business challenges and successes
  4. How to not get hung up on perfection and instead focus on creating your best product based on what you have despite any financial hangups you might have.
  5. What financial freedom looks like for her
  6. The 3 pieces of advice she has for entrepreneurs starting from the bottom up with nothing hoping to achieve her level of massive success

The books Rochelle mentions:

How to keep in touch with Rochelle and learn more about Alikay Naturals:

Enjoy listening!