Episode 94: How To Look & Feel Fabulous On A Budget With Janie Medley

Janie Medley - Medley Style.png

Today’s episode is all about fashion and style on a budget! I thought it would be a great idea to lighten things up by discussing something we all want to do everyday and that’s looking and feeling good.

To have this conversation with me today, I’ve brought in an amazing style expert and friend of mine. Her name is Janie Medley and she’s the fashion and lifestyle blogger (and also the incredible florist) behind Medley Style

Janie inspires women of today to not only shop smart, but to shop their own closets and in the process, define their own personal style. She proves that you don't have to "break the bank" to have style!


On this episode Janie shares:

  • A little bit about her money story growing up
  • Why she loves fashion and style
  • Where to start when it comes to building a fabulous wardrobe on a budget
  • What is worth splurging on and what isn’t
  • Her favorite places to shop and more!


How to keep up with Janie:

You can keep up with Janie on her incredible Instagram page @medleystyle and also on her amazing website, medleystyle.com

Enjoy listening!



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