How To Successfully Minimize & Manage Your Student Loans & Still Achieve Your Financial Goals

Susan Farell

Today’s episode is in collaboration with Thrivent Student Resources which is a thriving hub of tools and resources related to helping you achieve your college dreams with as little debt as possible whether you’re going to a trade school, local university, vocational school or any other form of higher education.

And the reason why I was interested in doing this collaboration to talk specifically about student loans is because the student loan crisis is real - many of you who listen to the podcast are dealing with large student loans or have children approaching college age and I thought it would be great to have someone from Thrivent Student Resources come on to the podcast to share what you can do to successfully minimize and manage your student loans & still achieve your financial goals.

And so my guest today is Susan Farrell, the Vice President of Curriculum Design for Thrivent Student Resources where she provides leadership for educational efforts. She conducts webinars and workshops on ways to reduce student debt payments and on topics like how to pay for college without sacrificing your retirement. She also designs curriculum that educates students and parents about planning for college, paying for college, and preparing for life after graduation. She is also a member of the education finance target market – being the mother of two college-age children.

On this episode Susan shares:

  • How she’s educated her children on managing their student loans.
  • Specific advice for students approaching college age, students in college, college graduates and also parents on managing student loans.
  • Key resources that can help you make the best decisions around your student loans and how you approach dealing with them.
  • How to continue working towards your financial goals while paying down your student loans.

The tools and resources we mention on this episode:

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Enjoy listening!