Joanne Paid Off Over $49,000 Of Debt In Just 18 Months!

Joanne Maye Wetzel

Do you think 18 months is a long time? If you knew you could be debt free in 18 months what would you do to get there?

On this episode of the podcast, Joanne Maye Wetzel shares how she and her husband paid off over $49,000 of debt in less than 18 months while only making between $50,000 - $60,000.

Joanne is currently a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist and is starting over in her career at the age of thirty. From working with women of all ages and backgrounds, Joanne has recognized the need for encouragement and inspiration in our daily lives.

For 2018, Joanne is working to land into the world of small business consulting and digital marketing for female entrepreneurs--helping women streamline their businesses so they can focus on what they do best!

In her personal life, Joanne is obsessed with clean beauty (she has been part of the Beautycounter mission for the past three years!), yoga, her pups, Lucy + Sox, pastries, Prosecco as well as date nights with her husband, Michael.

In this episode we discussed:

We talked about how and why they chose to get aggressive with their debt (which consisted of student loans, a car note, a personal loan, medical bill and taxes) in order get it out of their lives as quickly as possible. For instance, Joanne donated her eggs (yup!), worked as a waitress and her husband delivered pizza.

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You can find more about Joanne on social media platforms @joannemaye.

Enjoy listening!