Mindset Shifts, Tackling Your Debt & Living Life On Your Own Terms With Stacey Flowers

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Meet Stacey Flowers, a TED speaker, internationally sought-after speaker, author, and life coach.

Her personal mission is to inspire you to create real happiness. She's an eternal optimist who’s committed to helping people live beyond preconceptions and limiting beliefs. Stacey uses her own story and experiences to empower others with tools to improve their lives.

She's an incredible woman who is taking charge of her life and her finances by focusing on aggressively paying down her debt despite starting a new business and earning a low income at the time of this recording.

On this episode, Stacey shares:

  • Mindset shifts she’s had to make to support her growth
  • How having and recovering from a serious illness changed her perspective on how she was dealing with her finances.
  • Her long-term goals
  • How and why she’s going to succeed
  • What she’s teaching her son about money and more!

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Enjoy listening!