No Nonsense Advice On Ending The Crazy & Building A Truly Successful Business

Sharon Beason

My guest on this episode of the podcast is the wonderful Sharon Beason, a serial entrepreneur, national speaker, educator, holistic business strategist and the founder of (and the Womeneur Collective). She’s known for ‘telling the hard stuff that you don’t want to hear, but that you need to hear’ and she fuses her no-nonsense, in-your-face and personable style to connect with her audience - which is exactly what she did on this episode.

With over a dozen years in a corporate, supervisor accounting role and ten years paving her own path as a problem solver, trailblazer, connector, educator, educator and most importantly real-life, roll up your sleeves and let’s get this done experience, Sharon knows it takes to do all of the aforementioned and more to be successful at being your own boss and she doesn’t sugar coat what’s needed for the journey.

What we discussed on this episode:

On this episode, Sharon shared her personal story and where Womeneur came from, how fears set women back from achieving their dreams of building successful businesses and what to do about it, what it really means to “hustle” and how your mindset ties into it all, how to get past self limitations and the day to day actions you can take and so much more.

**Just a heads up if you are listening with small children,
there is adult language in this episode

Sharon’s favorite money books: 

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