How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate + More With Limor Markman

Limor Markman

On today's episode, my guest Limor Markman of shares some invaluable insights on real estate investing - how it works, how to get started and the different investing options available as well as some really great personal finance tips.

On this episode, Limor also shared some of her favorite books and they are:

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. Cash Flow Quadrant
  3. Rich Woman
  4. Secrets of A Millionaire Mind

Also, Limor has an amazing free eBook to give you called "Game Changing Financially Fabulous Strategies That No One Ever Told You". Just text FABULOUS to 77982 to get yours sent to you!

To keep up with Limor, stop by her website at

Enjoy Listening!