Taking A Scientific Approach To Building Wealth + A Ton Of Money Tips With Dr. Maria James

Dr Maria James

Have you ever looked at your finances from a scientific perspective? Well, My guest today is Dr. Maria James and she is the founder of pocketofmoney.com.

Not only is she a real-life scientist (you’ll hear us talk about her amazing career on this episode) but she is also a money scientist who provides financial advice for professionals and entrepreneurs.

In this episode we discussed:

How to look at your finances objectively from a scientific perspective and Maria also shares her personal money story with us too.

We also talk about emotions and money, overcoming financial challenges and key things that we as women need to be doing for our long-term financial success and you’ll also learn about one of my very odd money tendencies lol.

Keep up with Maria:

Via her site at PocketofMoney.com and also via her non=profit at hwhn.org. Also, find her on all social media under the handle @PocketOfMoneyLLC

Enjoy listening!