Saving over $400,000 and pursuing early retirement with Michelle Ives

Michelle Ives

Michelle Ives is a long-time listener of The Clever Girls know podcast. She got in touch because Clever Girl Finance has been a part of her financial education and she wanted to share her incredible story with all of us!

About Michelle Ives:

Michelle is a copywriter and brand strategist. She lives in Sydney with her husband, Andy. Together, they’re well on their way to having saved their first half a million.

Formerly a journalist, Michelle has spent over a decade working as a published writer (and a few other odd jobs). As a result, she learned the in’s and out’s of how to build (and market) a successful business through two startups, as their respective Head of Communications. Just like the company's lean marketing budget, Michelle had to learn how to manage her personal one much the same way.

Michelle has a goal of fully retiring by the time she is 35, living solely off of the passive income generated through her assets in savings, property, shares, and superannuation. This will allow her to travel freely, volunteer full-time for causes she is passionate about and write for passion, not profit. To date, Michelle and her husband Andy, have saved and invested well over $400k, with another $100k rapidly piling up - and, in addition, a clear strategy for success.

What Michelle discussed in this episode:

  • The reasons why retiring early is a goal of hers.
  • How observing her husband was the turning point that caused her to take her finances seriously.
  • What the experience of saving has been like.
  • The life-changing mindset and habit shifts she has adopted to reach those numbers.
    Plus much more.

How to keep up with Michelle:

You can find Michelle on her website, on Instagram @thatgirl_onfire, and on [email protected]).

Enjoy listening!