Raising Your Children To Be Financially Successful Grownups

Regina Byrd

Regina Byrd is an accountant, motivational speaker, author, business owner and financial educator. Her company, Prosper with Regina, helps high school and college students learn financial literacy by empowering them for a life of financial success. Outside of the many businesses she also gives back by speaking to children at local libraries about finances.

She understands the hurdles that young people must overcome to have a good financial head start after college. She believes that everyone should stay young, fabulous and prosperous no matter what age they are!

What we discussed in this episode:

On this episode of the podcast, Regina shares her own personal story and talks about how parents can teach their children about money regardless of how old they are, teaching children self-control and delayed gratification as well as specific ways to do it and why it’s critical to set the stage for your children’s financial success.

Keep in touch with Regina:

Regina's website is www.prosperwithregina.com

Enjoy listening!