Setting Your 2019 Goals The Right Way, Counting Your Blessings, Updates & More

Bola Sokunbi

Let's talk about how to set your financial goals (aka your money goals) the right way!

It's that time of year again to reflect, count your blessings and set fresh goals that you want to achieve in 2019 as you pursue your financial success! On this episode, I'm sharing some key tips and tricks to help you actually accomplish your 2019 goals in addition to some awesome updates.

For the new year, I'm getting super focused on achieving my life and financial goals. I've learned many lessons over the years and I love doing year-end assessments to review those lessons and apply them to the success of my next year. Why? Well, you can't succeed if you don't learn from your failures, so I'm all about that learning!

This is an episode that you don't want to miss!

What I discussed this episode:

  • The Clever Girl Finance book which is officially coming soon.
  • Some of the amazing things that happened for Clever Girl Finance in 2018 including being featured on and having a 2-page feature spread in Money Magazine.
  • My goals for 2019.
  • How to set goals the right way for the new year because this is how you'll be able to achieve them.
  • Critical mistakes to avoid when pursuing your goals.
  • Key things you should be doing to actually accomplish your goals and much more!

P.S. Check out our detailed blog post breakdown of how to set and achieve your financial goals.

Enjoy listening!