The Strategy Behind A Career You Love That Pays You What You Are Worth

Dorianne St. Fleur

Are you ready to work in a career you love that pays you what you are worth?

Well, my guest on this episode of the podcast is Dorianne St. Fleur and she’s sharing the exact strategy you need to follow to have a fulfilling career that pays you what you are worth.

Dorianne is a career coach & strategist based in New York City and she coaches women on how to identify and use their purpose in order to have a fulfilling and (financially) fruitful career. Her philosophy on career success goes way deeper than LinkedIn profiles and networking events. Sure – those things are important, but they aren’t what’s going to get you to the promised land – which is that fulfilling career you’ve always wanted.

What we discussed in this episode:

On this episode we talked about the biggest mistakes people make when job hunting, what to do if you feel you are in a job thats going no where, how to negotiate your salary the right way and more. I also share my own personal career failures and success when I worked full time.

The Book Dorianne mentioned in this episode:

Deep Work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world by Cal Newport

How to keep up with Dorianne:

You can keep up with Dorianne on her website at  and on all social media platforms @yourcareergirl

Enjoy listening!