Transitioning To A Full Time Business On Your Own Terms With Vickii Onabolu

Vickii Onabolu

On this episode of the podcast, my guest is Vickii Onabolu and she’s an incredible baker from the United Kingdom.

She also happens to be one of my best friends and I’m honored to have her share her business story on how she transitioned from managing her baking business on the side while working a full-time job to becoming full-time business owner and pursuing her dreams of baking the incredible cakes that she’s known for.

On this episode Vickii shares:

  • How she got into baking
  • What it took for her to be able to run her business full time including how she planned out her finances
  • Her biggest challenges and successes as a business owner so far
  • Specific things she’s doing to grow her business
  • Her approach to being positive and dealing with stress and so much more!

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Enjoy listening!