Travel Hacking 101 With Felicia Blaise

Felicia Blaise

Have you ever wondered how people score such incredible travel deals to amazing destinations? Well, my guest today is Felicia Blaise and she’s breaking down how you can be a successful travel hacker! Felicia is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Travel Strategist, and the Chief Budget Balancer at

Her mission is to change the way millennials think about money so they can experience the world, not financial limits. She's a personal finance nerd who loves travel hacking her way around the world.

What we discussed in this episode:

On this episode, she shares her own personal money story of paying off her credit card debt as well as exactly how to score a great deal while traveling and still be able to stay on top of your finances. You’ll even hear me discuss my travel hack failure lol - I learnt a lot from Felicia.

The resources Felicia mentioned in this episode:

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You can keep up with Felicia on her website at

Enjoy listening!