40 Positive Affirmations For Students

Positive affirmations for students

Did you know a student’s mind can be their biggest bully? If you are constantly putting yourself down, you should know you are not alone because many students struggle with negative self-talk. However, the problem with this unhealthy habit is that whatever you say in your head (your conscious), your subconscious starts to believe. But can positive affirmations for students really help improve their mindset?

Well, since the mind believes what it's told, let's dive a little deeper into how positive affirmations for students can help, along with our amazing list of affirmations for you to get started!

Why are positive affirmations for students a good idea?

Positive affirmations can help students improve their mindsets and feel better. As a result, they'll carry themselves with more confidence and believe they can do anything. Remember, your subconscious follows whatever your conscious says. In fact, studies show that people that practice affirmations actually increase the neural pathways in their brain!

So, if you tell yourself you can do hard things, you are good at school, you're good with money, or you will succeed on your test, you’re more likely to make it happen. However, if a student tells themself that they're not smart enough to take a class or not good enough to go out with a group of friends, they'll start to believe it.

This is a major problem because when students overthink things or constantly talk down to themselves, they can easily begin to feel anxious or depressed. Some even try to take care of it by doing self-harm. Your subconscious can’t help but react to what your conscience believes. This proves the mind is a powerful thing!

That's why positive affirmations for students should be part of your daily routine. You will feed your mind positive thoughts rather than negative ones.(By the way be sure to check out our article on advice for students as it relates to life, money, and more!)

When should you do your affirmations?

So, when and where should you do your affirmations? You can do your positive affirmations any time of the day and anywhere you please! However, sometimes it can help to practice them several times a day or before a specific task.

For example, if you have a big exam coming up, you can practice some positive self-talk beforehand to help you master your task! Others find that practicing their affirmations in the morning sets up their entire day differently because it starts them off with a positive mindset.

All in all, the results can be the same. The important thing is that you do them regularly so you can condition your mind to become more positive, which will help you take action. Another tip for this exercise is to say your affirmations out loud because our brains create "memory pathways" when you do!

List of 40 positive affirmations for students

So are you ready to change your mindset and start being more kind to yourself? Here are 40 affirmations specifically for students to get started with working toward a better mindset!

Positive affirmations for students studying for an exam

Exams can be super stressful and can cause you to have anxiety. So if studying for an exam has you questioning your intelligence or doubting your abilities, then try these positive affirmations before you study and during to help you ace your next test.

1. I can do this.

2. I will master this material.

3. My challenges help me grow.

4. It’s okay not to know everything.

5. I believe in myself and my abilities.

6. Today is going to be my day.

7. I start with a positive mindset.

8. I am in control of my progress.

9. I will succeed in life.

10. I am capable.

Positive affirmations for students balancing a busy schedule

Trying to balance school, work, and your social life can get overwhelming, but you can totally take control of your life. So, try these positive affirmations to help you balance your schedule and feel good about yourself.

11. I am becoming the best version of myself.

12. I am thriving.

13. I create a healthy balance in my life.

14. I am a leader.

15. I believe in my goals and dreams.

16. I can get through everything.

17. I am proud of myself.

18. My confidence grows when I step outside of my comfort zone.

19. I am building my future.

20. I can change the world.

Positive affirmations for students struggling at school

If you’re struggling in school, it’s easy to be down on yourself and lack confidence. Don't let that negativity creep into your mind. Instead, try these positive affirmations to get you through even the toughest times in school.

21. I am doing my best.

22. I am learning.

23. I will not give up.

24. I am enough.

25. I improve every single day.

26. I will do better next time.

27. I will get back up again.

28. I am smart.

29. I will win at what I put my mind to.

30. I push through when things get tough.

Positive affirmations for students getting ready to graduate

You should be super proud of yourself for being self-disciplined and sticking with your goal of graduating! However, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with the next chapter in life, so here are some fantastic affirmations to help you prepare!

31. I will find a great job.

32. I am excited to step into a new world.

33. Anything is possible.

34. I will continue to expand my mind.

35. My future is bright.

36. I am on the path to success.

37. I am worthy to receive.

38. I am courageous.

39. Nothing can stop me from living the life of my dreams.

40. I am thankful for all that I have.

Change your mindset with these affirmations!

So I hope these 40 positive affirmations for students help you through your tough days. Also, don’t let school get you down because even if you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean the rest of your school career will be bad.

Focus on how you talk to yourself and definitely try being nicer to yourself so you can enjoy the time you have left in school and shape yourself into a happy and well-adjusted adult.

You can also start working on transforming your money mindset with our completely free "Build a solid foundation" bundle! Don't forget to check out the Clever Girls Know podcast and YouTube channel for encouraging advice on all things money!

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