16 Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

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Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

Yes, the babies are so cute, and they smell so good! But we also want to celebrate the mama and acknowledge what she has accomplished. There are so many things new moms need for themselves! So, we created a list of pregnancy gifts for first time moms because it takes a lot of work to bring a baby into the world. But before we dive into our incredible list of gifts, let's discuss how you can provide a little bit of support to first time moms.

How to support first time moms

Starting a family is a life-changing experience. And that’s true for all parents. But for new moms, the uncertainty of being responsible for another person can be full of worry and self-doubt.

So, being there for them, listening, and giving words of encouragement are great ways to show support. Or maybe you can take her out for lunch sometimes for some adult conversation. Motherhood can be isolating at times, and new moms crave company too.

When you visit, you can also offer to do some chores for her, such as taking out the trash, washing the dishes, or putting in a quick load of laundry. Any help will be more than appreciated!

16 Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

Pregnancy and giving birth are triumphant events. But, just because more than 10,000 babies are born every day doesn’t mean each one is not a miracle. And for all of it, mom grew the baby, labored, gave birth, and is now taking care of a brand new baby.

She probably already received or bought more than enough onesies for her child. So, if you can, make sure you get something just for her. Postpartum essentials are always welcome. Or you can make an amazing care package of pregnancy gifts for first time moms with some of the items below that fits your budget.

1. A fun water bottle

Hydration is so important for moms, especially if they’re breastfeeding or pumping. I can still remember how thirsty I got during those days. So, even if you think a fun, motivational water bottle is one of those unexpected pregnancy gifts for first time moms, it will be much appreciated.

A water bottle makes mom’s life easier to have it beside her at all times. And she won’t need to get a drink when the baby is nursing or sleeping.

2. Heating pad

Everybody’s pregnancy and birth story are different. But everyone can agree, the labor and delivery process is exhausting. Since heat can help soothe sore muscles and joints a heating pad is a great gift on the list of things new moms need.

3. Nipple cream

Breastfeeding is beautiful. It’s a way for moms to provide nourishment to their babies and bond. But breastfeeding can also lead to sore, raw nipples. So, help a mama out. If you’re putting together a care basket of things new moms need for themselves, make sure to add organic nipple cream.

4. A snack box

The struggle and sleep deprivation for parents during the first few months is real! The life of a new mom can get super busy that she may even forget to eat. And we can’t have that because the baby’s health is dependent on the mom’s health.

And that’s where you and a healthy snack box comes in. Put together a basket of her favorite snacks. Or order a healthy snacks care package from Amazon and get it delivered to her door.

5. Baby carrier

I don’t know why but as soon as I start a chore, my kid thinks it’s the best time to cling to me. So, I mostly wore my baby to make dinner, run errands and get work done. And this is why I’m adding baby carrier or baby wrap to this list of pregnancy gifts for first time moms.

6. Comfortable clothing

Luxurious robes, leggings, and nursing bras are highly recommended pregnancy gifts for first time moms. Most often than not, moms will prepare everything that their baby needs. But they won’t buy anything for themselves, so these items will be much appreciated.

I’m also happy to see more options for postpartum/nursing support leggings for moms. Leggings with high waist support suitable for a postpartum belly? Yes, please! And brands like Mother Essentials and Homma are great, affordable options that fit every budget.

7. Stroller organizer

A stroller organizer is a must on the list of things new moms need. Seriously, moms can always use another set of hands. But since that’s not always available, a stroller organizer can make her life easier. It helps keep all the essentials like coffee, phone, wallet, keys, baby bottle, and snacks within reach while she’s out and about.

8. Diaper bag

While most women welcome the opportunity to show off their purses by swapping them all the time. Moms don’t have that luxury. Not having a dedicated bag for baby’s essentials is an easy way to forget things. Think diaper blow out without an extra onesie while they’re out and about!

So, of course, a great diaper bag is one of the things new moms need. I highly recommend a backpack because it is easier to carry. You can even get ones that come with organizers for diapers, wipes, bottles, and snacks.

9. Share a meal

Almost every mom will agree that the best thing you can bring them is food. It’s a bonus treat if it can be frozen and consumed on those days when the parents are too exhausted to make dinner. Of course, dishes that can be eaten one-handed are awesome too!

You may want to ask ahead of time to find out if there are any food allergies or if she has any cravings you can get her. If you’re not much of a cook but still want to give a meal to the new parents, Freshly is an amazing option because it delivers full meals that are "reheat only"!

The family will appreciate not having to do meal prep or cooking. Gift cards to Grubhub or UberEats also make great pregnancy gifts for first time moms because the family can pick out exactly what they want.

10. Grocery delivery

Leaving the house with an infant can be such a mission most days. For starters, mom has to dress herself and baby, and then there are diaper bags to pack and car seats to maneuver. So, why not take an errand off the new mom’s hands with a grocery delivery gift?

You can ask her what she needs at the store and have it delivered. As another option, you can give her a gift certificate to Amazon Fresh or Instacart. Either way, it’s an amazing time saver that she’ll definitely appreciate.

11. Restaurant gift cards

If you’d want to spoil the new parents, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a local restaurant. It will allow them to have a night out or maybe a no-cooking quiet night at home. You can grab a gift card with a few different restaurant options to make sure they use it. This way, they’ll have a few choices.

12. Housekeeping is a fantastic pregnancy gift for a first time mom

Housekeeping is one of the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms. Most new parents don’t have the time and energy to fit house cleaning on top of everything they have going on. So, a house cleaning service would be a much-appreciated gesture. I know I appreciated it while I was recovering from my c-section operation.

13. A Spa or massage package

When you’re thinking of things new moms need for themselves, consider a spa or a massage package. With a new baby, it’s probably the last thing a new mom will get for herself. So, setting her up with massage or spa services will give her a guilt-free experience she’ll appreciate.

14. Manicure or pedicure package

Similar to the spa package, you may choose to give the new mom a gift certificate for a manicure or a pedicure. She will appreciate the chance to sit down, relax, and get pampered. This is one of those pregnancy gifts for first time moms that’s only for them. It lets them know you’re thinking of them, and they’ll enjoy it.

15. A haircut or hair color

Most moms spend their days with their hair in a bun for the first few months of having a new baby. And they’re probably experiencing the dreaded post-pregnancy hair loss as well. 

Between diaper changes and nighttime feedings, most moms would not think of getting a haircut, let alone a hair color. So, why not step up and give her a gift certificate for a hair appointment? It’s like fixing her crown for her, you know?

16. Offer her the gift of time

When I had my baby, I thought I knew what was coming. But I was so unprepared for how little time I had for anything else! So I relished the time I could shower or enjoy a meal unbothered.

So, one of the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms you can give is the gift of time. You may offer to watch the baby if you or mom is comfortable with that.

You can offer to hold the baby for a few minutes. So, mom can shower, eat, work on her finances, or do something she might not be able to do without you there.

Make life easier for her with these great pregnancy gifts for first time moms!

Bringing home a brand new baby is a momentous occasion. But most of the time, everybody is so focused on the baby and forget about mom. That’s why we created this list of things new moms need for themselves. You won’t find these on her gift registry, but these will make her feel special, pampered, and cared for. And she deserves it.

Why not offer to sign up with her for our completely free financial courses and worksheets? You can offer support by watching the little one while she learns how to create a new budget for her family. Also, tune in to the Clever Girls Know podcast and YouTube channel for tips on all things money!

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