6 Secrets Of Self Made Millionaires You Need To Know!

Secrets of self made millionaires

Wealthy people have an entirely unique relationship with money. Rather than counting every last dime, financially-minded individuals know how to make their money work for them. It’s an art form. So, if you’re wanting to save money and take control of your finances, learning the money secrets of self made millionaires is a smart place to start!

Most of us have wondered how to become a self made millionaire at some point. While there isn't any tried and tested way to make millions overnight (sorry!), you can learn a thing or two from the wealthiest in society.

Understanding how to master your finances may be a lifelong journey. But you have to start somewhere.

What is a self made millionaire?

First things first, let’s talk about what a self made millionaire is. It’s all in the name.

These are individuals who were not born into wealth but worked their way to riches. The most famous examples include Warren Buffet, Barbara Corcoran, and Janice Bryant Howroyd.

These savvy-minded business people had relatively normal upbringings but worked hard and managed to create empires. Over time, they learned the money secrets of self made millionaires and used them to their advantage.

They are living the American Dream — working hard to get where they want to be. While you might not have a million-dollar idea, you can learn from their financial approaches.

These individuals have a keen financial understanding — they know how to invest their money and make it work for them in the long run.

By keeping their sights set on the years to come and using their earnings wisely, they ensure that they have the finances to keep moving forward.

Secrets of self made millionaires

The super-wealthy have a growth attitude. That means that they are always looking for ways in which they can enhance their capital. No matter where you are with your personal finance journey, gaining new understanding will help you save money and could make you rich.

It isn't too late to take control of your finances and start building your own wealth. Let’s check out these 6 main money secrets of self made millionaires and how you can utilize them.

1. One income stream is not enough

How many income streams do you have? Do you rely on a day job — or do you have a side job? One of the most important millionaire lessons you need to learn is that one stream of income is never enough.

If you only have money coming in from your nine-to-five role, you could quickly lose that overnight. If the company goes bust or makes cuts, your head and your livelihood could be on the line faster than you imagine. It’s a dangerous game to play.

Building real, sustainable wealth is all about having multiple income streams. 65% of self made millionaires have a total of three income streams, according to the Rich Habits study. Use your creativity to make additional streams of income.

For example, you may start freelancing on the side of your day job, start selling things online, or even launch a drop-shipping business from home. When you have spare time, consider ways that you can start increasing your income with extra streams.

2. Learn how to make your money go further

There’s a perception that millionaires live the most lavish lifestyles. While these people can afford the best that the world has to offer, that doesn’t mean that they are frivolous.

One of the biggest money secrets of self made millionaires is that they are frugal. Now, there’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap.

Whenever you have to buy something — whether it’s groceries, a new car, or even a condo — there are ways that you can save money. That doesn’t mean that you buy the cheapest, lowest-quality option.

Understanding how to manage your money makes all the difference when you start to gain wealth. You don't want to start over-spending and see your cash disappear.

Learning how to budget and make smart money choices is the way to go. It shows a level of maturity that few people have about them.

Overspending on things for the sake of it is always a mistake — you need to consider, as millionaires do, whether you are getting the best possible price.

Secrets of self made millionaires

3. Spend less, invest more

While we’re on the subject of over-spending, here’s one of the money secrets of self made millionaires that you can’t ignore.

When you start to make a significant amount of money, you need to begin investing it, rather than spending it. That could mean using an investment platform to buy stocks. However, you can also think outside of the box.

You may choose to invest some of your money in supporting a new local business. Having shares in a startup is a gamble but may make you extra cash.

Most of all, spend less money and invest more of it. This can help you become wealthy.

4. Don’t fall for lifestyle creep

Lifestyle creep is a common problem people face when they start to make more money. As your income increases, so does the amount you spend. For example, you might rent a larger apartment, buy more expensive clothes, or spend more on vacations.

While you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, allowing your lifestyle to become too expensive won’t do you any favors. Instead, you need to stay within smaller means. This is one of the secrets of self made millionaires. They focus on stealth wealth.

Imagine all the money you could save up if you spent the same amount as before while simultaneously increasing the amount you earn. It could make a major difference.

5. Surround yourself with the right people

How do the people around you speak about money? What do they say when you talk about saving your cash?

You won’t learn how to become a self made millionaire if you’re surrounded by people who fear their finances or don't know how to handle money. For some, the idea of personal finance can be intimidating.

If that sounds familiar to you, it’s time to make a change. Finding a group of people who are focused on enhancing their wealth is the way to go.

When you’re speaking to these individuals, they will likely inspire you to do more with your money. You need to be around people who give you the motivation that you’ve been looking for to change your life and become wealthy.

6. Avoid buying based on desire

Shopping is a sure-fire way to waste your money, which can keep you from wealth. Whether you’re on a low wage or a millionaire, you shouldn’t be throwing your cash down the drain.

To help you understand this, there’s a golden rule you can stick to. Don’t buy things based on desire alone.

Let’s say that you see something you want. Before you rush to grab your credit card, consider whether you a) need it, and b) can afford it. You need to tick both of those boxes before you go to the checkout.

Desire drives compulsive spending. That means that you can quickly lose money purely because you are not thinking your purchases through.

There isn't anything wrong with treating yourself to something nice now and then. However, if the majority of your purchases happen on a whim, that is a problem.

Whenever you’re shopping, you should take a more mindful approach to your actions. That way, you will make better choices.

Books on how to become a self made millionaire

Looking for some extra advice on how to become a self made millionaire? While we’ve covered some of the secrets, you might want to do some further reading. Knowledge is power, after all.

Here are three of our favorites for wealth-building books.

Note: These are affiliate links. If you purchase a book from these links we may earn a commission which helps us grow!

1. Secrets of Self Made Millionaires by Matthew R. Kratter

Written by Matthew R. Kratter, ​​Secrets of Self Made Millionaires is a compilation of his three previous books along with some new material. The guide includes how to create a passive income, how to compound wealth like an investor, and small money-based tips.

2. The Self Made Millionaire Recipe by Mychelle A. Bell

Next up, The Self Made Millionaire Recipe is a female-authored money guide written just for women. By reading this one, you will learn how to become more self-aware, how to recognize what your priorities are, and how to create the winning mindset to succeed.

3. Millionaire Mindset and Success Habits  by H.J. Chammas

Perhaps one of the most famous additions, the Millionaire Mindset and Success Habits is a must-read. Written by award-winning best-selling author, H.J. Chammas, the book aims to help you rid yourself of limiting beliefs and start building wealth in a steady manner.

Leverage these secrets of self made millionaires today!

Reaching financial freedom is a solid goal. Now that you know the money secrets of self made millionaires, what are you waiting for?

Building wealth is about aligning with a series of small habits that will make a big difference. You don’t have to completely change your entire lifestyle. However, you should look at the changes you can make.

You may start by creating a minimalist budget, adopting a new money mindset, or getting more knowledge about finance. Check out Clever Girl Finance's free courses to help!

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