51 Self Care Sunday Ideas!

self care Sunday

Self care Sunday has been the topic of a lot of discussions lately. No matter what your opinion, one thing is clear - when a long week is followed by a to-do list full of chores and tasks, you can quickly need time to yourself. That’s where self-care comes in.

Taking time to recharge and rest can be the bright, positive thing at the start or end of your workweek that helps you feel motivated.

In addition, it gives you inspiration, time to think, and can unleash your creativity. So are you ready to make self care Sunday a part of your routine? Check out these ideas!

What is self care Sunday and why does it matter?

The definition of self care is right in the word. It means to take care of yourself. But it’s more than that. Self care happens when you prioritize your health - physical, mental, or emotional.

It means you take yourself and your own happiness seriously, and you do things to ensure that you stay calm, joyful, and energized.

Sunday is the perfect day for most people to practice self care. Firstly, it’s the weekend. You probably aren’t at work and have already accomplished many weekend chores like grocery shopping and house cleaning on Saturday.

That leaves Sunday as a great day to recharge before giving it your all during the workweek again.

Benefits of a self care Sunday

What are the best things about Sunday self care? Above all, are there specific benefits that make it really worth your time? The answer is a resounding YES! Your life can improve in a lot of ways, for instance:

Increased positivity

Warning: you may become a more positive person when you practice self care! Although it may seem selfish at first to focus on yourself, when it’s done in moderation, self care can actually help you feel much better and happier. And when you’re happy, you can share that with others.

Something to look forward to

Sometimes your week might feel a bit boring or challenging. But having a Sunday self care routine is one way to bring something semi-spontaneous and fun to your life.

It’s something you can look forward to throughout the week and can help you beat those Sunday night blues.

Better health

Yes, self care can improve your health. For example, you can get mental clarity through yoga or meditation and improve your physical health by getting enough vitamins and exercising.

In addition, sort out emotions by journaling for good emotional health. Self care is all about bettering your health and improving how you feel.

Less stress

Yes, please, to feeling more zen. Taking time for self care means less stress in your life as you find helpful ways to deal with and eliminate it.

And when you feel less anxious and calmer, all kinds of things will improve, like your work performance and even your relationships.

More confidence

Self care is you telling yourself that you are valuable and that you matter. When you recognize this and are for real in tune with it, guess what?

You’ll certainly gain some confidence and start to show it in your daily life. Who said a face mask and pilates class couldn’t work wonders?

A chance to unwind

So if you’re like most people, your schedule is jam-packed with activities. Self care Sunday is your chance to stop the rush of busyness and set a firm boundary.

Taking back your time will allow you to unwind, relax and experience a day or a few hours that aren’t filled with things you have to do, but something you want to do. It’s like saying to your schedule, “I’m in charge here, and you can’t move into this day.”

51 Fun and easy self care Sunday ideas

So you read all the benefits, and you want to start immediately on all this self care business, right? These 51 ideas are pure gold to help you begin your journey of Sunday self care. It's all about making it a great day!

1. Sleep in or take a nap

Get some sleep! If sleeping in isn’t your thing, you can always block out an hour in the afternoon to take a much-needed nap. Seriously, though, feel free to hit that snooze button or throw out the alarm altogether - well, for today.

2. Face mask

Know what never goes out of style and always makes you feel better? Face masks are easier than ever now, with pre-prepared ones that are simple to use at any time.

Or if you don’t want to spend the money, make one at home. For ideas about DIY facemasks, see Elle’s article. So grab your favorite drink and a magazine, and you’ve got a self care Sunday at its finest.

3. Manicure and pedicure

This activity can help you feel more put together and polished - pun intended - but seriously, painting your nails almost feels like a form of meditation. Pick out some gorgeous colors that go with your outfits for the week, and catch up on a TV show while you work.

4. Bubble bath

Taking a bubble bath is one of the best and most classic self care Sunday ideas. Try doing a hair mask or face mask while you’re relaxing. Light some candles, grab a beverage and a stack of good books, and you’re set.

5. Read a novel

Why not get lost in a story on a Sunday afternoon? Reading a novel transports you to another time or place, and it’s just fun. Allow your mind to relax as you read, and set aside a big chunk of time so you can really enjoy the writing. Be sure to pick a cozy spot on the couch or curl up by the fireplace.

6. Read a non-fiction book about personal development

It’s healthy to read and learn about ways to improve, so try out a personal development book by an author you enjoy. Reading is a good way to open your mind and learn something new. So pick any subject that you want to improve in, like finance, mindset, or career.

7. Meal prep with your favorite foods

Nothing gets you ready and organized for the week like prepping some meals in advance. Do some shopping for favorite healthy foods, and then get your lunches prepared for the workweek. Include breakfasts or dinners with your prep, too, to save time later.

8. Yoga or pilates

Pilates and yoga are both great for you, so pick whichever appeals to you more. Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching. Pilates is about strength building. So try out a class or two somewhere, or practice from home. There are tons of YouTube videos to help you learn.

9. Take a long walk outside

There’s just nothing like fresh air and exercise. So go ahead, take some time and go outdoors. Notice the changing seasons and connect to nature. It’s also fun to bring along some music or an interesting podcast to listen to while you walk.

10. Journal or color

Journaling is a fantastic technique for releasing emotions and processing thoughts. It can really help you to empty your brain and get clarity.

Coloring is also suitable for people that want to feel more calm or relaxed. Both are fun things to do and are excellent self care Sunday ideas.

11. Dance

Dance it out. The stress from the week, any worries, or concerns - you’ll feel better when you put on some music. So pick your current favorite song or one that goes with your mood. A dance party on a Sunday night is a pretty good tradition, too!

12. Meet up with a friend to talk

Sometimes talking through problems or just saying what you did during the week can be a good way to practice self care. Meet up with a good friend and talk about whatever is on your mind.

13. Watch an upbeat movie or show

When watching a musical or favorite TV show, you get positive vibes. If you need to zone out and relax, sit back with some popcorn and an upbeat movie.

This is a fun activity alone, but it’s even more fun with friends or family. You’ll feel great, and it makes for a happy self care Sunday.

14. Clean up the most-used spaces in your house

If you don’t have time to clean during the week, by Sunday, your house might look…well, let’s just say it’s looked better, right? If that’s the case, cleaning up the rooms you use most often can boost your mood. You don’t need to deep clean, either. Just the basics, like doing the dishes, vacuuming, and tidying up, for example, are enough.

15. Crochet or knit

Crocheting and knitting can be great activities for meditating while also doing something productive. You can learn to make blankets, hats, and scarves, for example.

16. Light a candle

Find some beautiful candles with a scent you like and light a few around the house. Not only does it promote cozy vibes, but it will also make your home smell nice. Try a soy candle or one that sounds like a wood-burning fireplace.

17. Create your weekly schedule in advance

While it can be nice to have a lazy weekend or weekend off, creating your schedule for the week can afford you more time to relax. Use a planner, an app, or Google calendar to add appointments, work hours, and meetings.

You’ll feel like your week has some structure, in addition, it’s nice to know what to expect as it can free your mind up.

18. Get your groceries delivered

Guess what no one wants to do with their Sunday? Stand in line at the grocery store. Go ahead and treat yourself to grocery delivery now and then to save you some time and make a household chore less tiring. Work it into your Sunday self care routine if it fits your budget.

19. Go to the gym

Take care of your health by jumpstarting your week at the gym. As a result, you can break a sweat and feel great about beginning your week by working out. If the gym isn't your scene, you can find a great online trainer and workout at home.

20. Go to bed early and set a wake-up time for the week ahead

Go to bed early on Sunday. Set a wake-up time for the coming week and stick to it. Brandon Peters, MD of Very Well Health, reminds us that waking up at the same time all the time is essential.

21. Bake something

The smell of cookies or brownies never gets old, so bake something for your self care Sunday. Play some fun music while you put together the recipe, and enjoy having dessert.

22. Drink hot tea

Hot tea warms you from the inside out and can be a great way to create a moment of calm, especially if the weather is cold! Try out some different flavors like peppermint or lemon. It's the simple things that can create a relaxing and happy self care Sunday!

23. Add some plants to your home

Greenery brings life and oxygen into your space, and it can certainly brighten up the decor, too. To feel better in your home, add some plants. So place them in different rooms throughout your house, and make watering them part of your Sunday self care routine.

24. Get through as many tasks on your to-do list as possible

If you are a true weekend warrior, this is for you. Getting tasks done at the start of the week will make you feel oh-so-accomplished, so do as many as you can before Monday. So, tackle that planner and check things off as you go.

25. Write a card to a friend and mail it

Speaking of which, you know how awesome it feels to get an ACTUAL CARD in the mail? So make someone’s day by writing one and mailing it out. It’s not just self care, you’re also helping somebody else!

26. Listen to music

Throw on some great music and listen to it all day long. Play it loud while doing chores or keep a quiet melody flowing through the house. Try different eras of music. Start with the fifties, move into current hits, and so on.

27. Meet up with friends at a park and be outside

Enjoy the great outdoors with friends you don’t see often enough. A park is perfect for getting some fresh air and catching up with your buddies. You can also bring a snack or two, or be the hero of the group and bring everyone coffee.

28. Switch around your furniture

Your space can feel brand new if you take the time to move your sofa to a new spot, for example, or change the direction of your kitchen table. This is an excellent method to help with positivity, too.

29. Buy yourself cozy socks and a sleep mask to improve relaxation

If you buy yourself cozy socks and a sleep mask, you aren’t messing around - you’re serious about relaxing. However, this is best for fall and winter. And it can help you sleep better; added bonus!

30. Initiate a no screen-time day

This suggestion will never get old because screens really take a toll on us. Since computers and phones are part of our everyday lives, take a break. So a no screen-time day is good for mental health, and it’s a good way to spend a self care Sunday.

31. Take a course that is interesting to you

Not for business or your career, just for fun! So find a subject that matters to you or one you’d like to turn into a hobby and spend a Sunday working through the course material. It’s good for the mind and the soul.

32. Meditate

Pretty obvious, right? Meditation has a lot of mental and emotional health benefits. And you can keep practicing until you become good at it. Developing attitudes of mindfulness with meditation is one of the best ways to have a happy self care Sunday!

33. Go to a farmer’s market and make a meal from what you buy

Farmer’s markets often sell fresh produce and flowers, for example. Perfect for summer or springtime! Connect with other locals in your town and buy some ingredients to make a healthy meal from what you find.

34. Hang out with friends or family without any plans

Sometimes you really need to have nothing to do. For example, bask in your task-less schedule by hanging out with friends or family and doing nothing, or whatever you decide on at the moment.

35. Buy yourself a present

So, if there’s something nice you really want, buy it for yourself. This might take some budgeting, but save up for a while and purchase it. Why not? There are plenty of ways to treat yourself even on a budget!

36. Hang new pictures around your home

The sight of friends and family’s smiling faces, pets, or exciting places, is sure to remind you of your blessings. In addition, it’s a good way to spend a self care Sunday. Switch out old pictures for new ones, and change up the placement of your photos.

37. Drink water

You can’t go wrong with drinking more water since most of us don’t drink nearly enough. This is great for your body and can help you feel better. Get your recommended eight glasses and enjoy the benefits.

38. Make a smoothie

Make your own smoothie by adding fruit, yogurt, or milk to a blender. It’s an excellent way to start your day or give you a boost in the middle of it. Your health is essential, and drinking smoothies makes it simpler.

39. Purchase a piece of artwork for your home

Art is good for the soul. So find an uplifting and exciting art piece that speaks to you, and display it in your home. When you see it, your mood will improve instantly.

40. Pick out your outfits for the week

Sounds simple, but the benefits are insane. You will save time and put together more thoughtful outfits, too. So head to your closet and decide on your wardrobe for the week in advance.

41. Outline your life plan

Decide your most important plans for your life on a self care Sunday! Make a Pinterest board showcasing the places you want to see or experiences to have. You can even group items into categories like “the next five years” or “fifty years from now," for example.

42. Plan your next vacation

This is a major mood booster! Plan your next vacation to a fantastic destination. Check out where you want to stay, activities, and restaurants. Then, don’t leave it as just a dream. Create a savings fund specifically for this vacation.

43. Make a blanket fort

Remember making a blanket fort as a kid? It’s still fun! Take a Sunday self care afternoon and create a fort using pillows, blankets, and cozy throws. Then watch a movie or read.

44. Send close friends a text telling them how much you appreciate them

One of the best ways to feel encouraged is to encourage your friends! Text people and tell them why you’re grateful for them. And if you haven’t seen them in a while, make some plans. You can even find fun free things to do with your friends!

45. Listen to a new album

Did a new album from your favorite artist recently become available? Spend an afternoon or evening listening to it and really enjoying it. So pour yourself a latte or a glass of wine and take in the instruments and lyrics.

46. Take a drive

Taking a drive can be both adventurous and peaceful and can help you feel more relaxed mentally. So take along some soothing music or an audiobook. Try to find a place with less traffic and more open space and nature to enjoy.

47. Watch a cooking show and cook what the host is making

So this is super fun, and it’s a great way to boost creativity! Buy the ingredients in advance and then try to replicate what the host is making on the show.

If you don’t know what to watch, check out this Screen Rant article from Rebecca O’Neill featuring the greatest cooking shows.

48. Do the opposite of your workweek

If your job is highly creative, do something structured on your self care Sunday. So if you work in a very organized and technical field, try out something artsy or unstructured. Doing the opposite of your usual work is a nice change of pace.

49. Write positive notes to yourself and leave them in your car or room

Guess what? You are awesome! So you should remind yourself of this! Get some post-its and write encouraging thoughts. After that, leave them where you’ll see them often.

50. Go to the theater or check out a concert

Take part in something unique by seeing a concert or checking out a play or musical at a theater. It’s especially fun if you bring a friend along for this! Get involved with art, and just enjoy the moment.

51. Do a financial check-in

A good self care Sunday practice is checking in on your finances. How is your budget working? Do you have one? Are you saving for anything in particular? Take the time to see if your money is doing what you want it to because it's a big part of self care as well!

Make a Sunday self care routine

Don’t settle for one self care Sunday and call it good. Make it a regular thing! A weekly self care routine will not only help you to be ready for the week, but it may change your perspective, help you find new hobbies, and even help you to be healthier. Here are a couple of sample Sunday self care routines:

  • Sleep in
  • Drink hot tea
  • Journal or color
  • Go to the gym

If you’d rather get a lot of stuff done than relax, try this:

  • Wake up early and accomplish three tasks on your to-do list
  • Clean up the house
  • Take a nap

Start a self care Sunday routine for a happier you!

Try out these self care Sunday ideas! Every week is great, but even if you can only do this once a month, it’s still worth it. Or find short moments in your week to practice some self care, even if you only have half an hour. You can even take things further with a self care week!

It’s all about doing what you enjoy and what helps you to feel your best. Most importantly, have a happy self care Sunday!

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