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How To Create A Style Uniform Your Budget Will Love

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Do you need more time in your day? More creativity? What about more money in your wallet? A style uniform is a concept that's been around for a while, but many of us still aren't taking advantage of this super easy wardrobe hack.

A style uniform can save you hours and stop you from spending too much money on clothes. It's an excellent idea for your budget, and it just might change your life. Here, we'll offer some ideas for creating your own style uniform and saving cash.

What is a style uniform, a.k.a. personal uniform?

A style uniform or personal uniform is a specific set of clothes or a particular style that you consistently wear. A lot of people use style uniforms to make their lives easier.

For example, Anna Wintour has a specific look, and Ellen Degeneres often wears outfits with the same basic concept. Style uniforms are not the same as a capsule wardrobe, which is a collection of clothes that all go together, though both can save you money and time.

You may be thinking that a style uniform would get boring after a while. But the good thing is that while a personal uniform can save you much-needed time, it doesn't have to become repetitive or get old. You can wear it only on weekdays or switch it up however you want. That way, it never feels like you're just wearing the same thing all the time.

A style uniform can be anything you want. Be it a statement or simple wardrobe. It needs to fit your life, be something you enjoy wearing, and ultimately make it easier for you to start your day. You can create a style uniform based on what you enjoy wearing and look good in, which you probably already own.

Examples of a personal uniform

Personal uniforms can be anything you like wearing and any combinations you can think of. Here are a few examples that you may have seen before or might be interested in wearing:

  • Skinny jeans, a structured blouse, and heels.
  • A maxi dress or skirt with a t-shirt.
  • Slacks and a blouse.
  • A jumpsuit with fun shoes.
  • Black jeans and a t-shirt.
  • A tee, cardigan or jacket, and jeans.

There are endless combinations! Your style uniform doesn't have to look the same every day, although it can if you want it to. But you may find that having a basic idea of what you'll wear each day is incredibly helpful.

Benefits of a personal uniform

A personal uniform can provide you with many benefits. In fact, it can make a huge difference in your life. Here are some of the best things about it:

Saves time

While fashion creativity can be fun for a while, most people don't want to devote all that time and effort to their wardrobe every day. Having a specific style that you use consistently to make your outfit combinations can save you precious hours.

Plus, it can help you feel put together with minimal effort. You will find that you no longer spend time staring at your closet but can instead get ready quickly without thinking much about it.

Saves money

If you are wearing similar outfits, you won't need to purchase many clothing items. In fact, you may have all you need already and only have to add updates occasionally, instead of always needing to find something new when shopping. Not spending money on clothes can help you save a lot.

It also allows you to be less wasteful and appreciative of the things you do have. According to Catalyst, women control 83% of consumer buying decisions in the USA, and it's important to use that influence for good, high-quality purchases.

Using the items you already have in your closet and creating combinations from those will result in less money spent on fashion. But you can still look great, and your budget will love it.

More time for creativity

When you create style uniforms or just one personal uniform, you create a structure for that part of your life. Structure and organization make your life much simpler. It gives you more time to focus on other things, like your career or any projects at home or work.

Personal Uniform

Are style uniforms a good idea for you?

Pretty much everyone can benefit from a style uniform. Even if you choose not to wear the same thing every day, having some go-to outfit ideas is always helpful. It saves you time, money and can help you be more creative and focused.

You can also take the time to find out what looks best on you and what colors and styles you prefer. It can increase your confidence because you know that what you're wearing makes you feel great. Because of these things, personal uniforms are great for everyone. You should definitely give it a try.

Tips for creating your personal style uniform

There are many ways to make your personal uniform. But there are some things to think about that will make it easier. Check out these tips:

Choose a style uniform that fits your lifestyle

There are a lot of great styles, and you may like many of them, but it's essential to find the uniform that works for your day-to-day life. For example, you may love the classic look of a dress and heels, but if you are constantly walking or spend most of your day outdoors, this may be impractical.

To be sure that you find a style uniform that fits, ask yourself a few questions. For example, what type of work do you do? You may be in an office for 8 hours a day, work from home, or travel a lot. These all require different outfits.

Next, do you walk a lot, or do you sit at a desk most of the day? This will help you decide on shoes. Do they need to be super comfortable, or can you handle something with a heel? How much time you spend standing and your shoes can affect how you feel and your physical health, so this is important.

Last, do you prefer a casual chic or a more dressy look? Remember, there's business casual, formal, athletic, work-from-home wear, and more. Do you feel more comfortable in a structured outfit, like a blazer and slacks, or do you prefer more flowy material, such as a dress? Decide what you will be able to wear consistently and feel comfortable in.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and save your favorite style inspirations.

Stay within your budget

You'll need to consult your budget to find out what you can afford to buy. If your style uniform requires you to purchase a few items, it might take time and some savings to buy them. It's also a good idea to buy high-quality pieces that will last for a long time and save you money when you don't have to replace them.

But before you buy anything, ask yourself what you can afford and what makes sense to save for. It's okay to not buy everything right away, but instead, take a few months to save up. Or, if you find that you do need to buy a few things immediately, stay within your budget limits.

You can do this by looking at how much extra money you have at the end of the month and deciding how much you're willing to spend on your wardrobe.

Audit your wardrobe

Take a look at the items in your closet. What do you own that you don't wear? On the other hand, what do you wear a lot, and what clothing items do you really love and feel great wearing?

These can help make up your style uniform. Find the practical pieces for your daily life, and start creating fashion combinations to find something that works.

Dress up your personal uniform with accessories

A style uniform will not get boring or look the same all the time if you spice it up with accessories. Jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can make a statement.

But don't forget other more subtle parts of your look, like makeup, hairstyle, and your nails. Take the time to find styles that reflect your personality and work well with your personal uniform.

Style uniforms

How a style uniform saves you money

Having a style uniform is an intelligent life decision for many reasons. There are numerous benefits to a style uniform, like more time and energy. But there are financial benefits, too. Here's how personal uniforms can save you money:

You make better buying decisions - you know what you have and don't buy things you won't wear

When you know what looks good on you and your style, you will make better buying decisions. You'll be less tempted by trends and more aware of the clothing articles you already own.

It's also less likely that you'll buy something you won't wear because you already know what your style is. If you know that your style uniform is jeans with a t-shirt and blazer, you aren't going to buy five pairs of slacks and khakis.

You won't need to purchase much

Since you will create something that's already part of your personal style and that encompasses all the things in your wardrobe that you like, you won't need to buy much.

This can save you a ton of money and make it easier to avoid overspending. You do yourself a favor when you base your style uniform on things that you already have.

Can put the extra money towards something worthwhile

Having a style uniform may mean you can have more money in your bank account each month, mainly if you used to spend a lot of time shopping for clothes.

Since you aren't consuming in this way anymore, you can put your extra cash towards something that will benefit you and your future. Here are a few ideas:

Emergency fund

Every person should have an emergency fund. It brings security and means that you could pay your bills for a few months if something unexpected happens. If you used to spend money shopping, you could instead save that up in a separate account for emergencies.

The more you save, the better. Start with a goal of $1,000 and work towards saving up to 3-6 months of living expenses.

Retirement account

If you haven't started saving for retirement, now is a great time. Try to set aside as much as possible for the future, but if you don't have too much yet, anything is good. Even $100 a month is an acceptable amount to begin saving. And you'll feel much better knowing that your money is working for you rather than disappearing.

Home remodel or upgrades

Instead of spending part of your paycheck on clothing, save it up for necessary home repairs. Or for a remodel of a room in your house. If there's something you've wanted to add, like a new backsplash or even some new decorations, save your money for these things, instead.

Education - classes or college tuition

Rather than buying unnecessary things, invest in education. You can save up some money for classes on subjects that interest you. You might even use it for college courses to avoid debt and student loans. Education is always worth investing in because you learn and grow as a person. 

Try out a personal style uniform

Personal style uniforms are a great way to live simply and can help your budget out immensely. If you take the time to find a clothing pattern or look that works for you, you can save yourself tons of time every day. Even if you've never tried it before, the chances are you'll like it and the money you save.

Try out several looks until you find something that works or even a few style uniforms that you love. Use items and colors that you like wearing. Know that every time you go to your closet and your decision is already made, you gain many benefits.

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