Financial Motivation: Success Is The Best Revenge!

Success is the best revenge

People will doubt your goals, talk down to you, and remind you of your failures. But instead of being sad or mad about it, use their naysaying negativity as motivation to succeed. Channel your energy into being your best self and making the money you know you deserve. Success is the best revenge!

Why success is the best revenge

Money is power, people. While you shouldn’t let the pursuit of money be your only motivating factor, it’s a worthy goal to establish financial independence.

With your success, you can vote with your dollars

Where and how you spend your money matters. Each purchase you make and stock you own is a vote in favor of that company. This means you have a stake in how they’re impacting the world—for better or worse. The more money you have, the more “votes” you can cast.

Having more wiggle room in your budget also gives you the freedom to shop based on your values, rather than what’s cheapest or most convenient.

Support female founders, shop Black-owned, buy ethically-made. Take a stand for the issues that matter to you by being intentional with how you invest your hard-earned cash.

Why you should not get obsessed with revenge and what to do instead

The idea is to let “revenge” fuel you, not allow the hate to hold you back. The moment you let getting even or one-upping someone become your focus, they win. Instead, put your energy toward your personal success and forget about external distractions.

Visualize success

Not everyone has the same idea of what success means. Don’t let someone else’s standards for their life—or worse, for your life—cloud your judgment. Your vision is valid. In fact, visualizing your dream life might actually help you achieve it faster.

Mentally picture what it looks like to accomplish that big goal, earn that promotion, feel that emotion you’re seeking. Or if you need to physically see your hopes and dreams, try a vision board. Get creative and let your imagination run a little wild.

Learn from failure

We all know how Oprah’s failed TV job led to her starting her empire. While we can’t all measure up to Oprah-level wins, you can definitely find lessons and growth through your failures.

Successful women don’t get there by accident—they’re constantly working to improve themselves. If health is wealth, why are you wasting your money on fast food and sugar-packed snacks?

If fear is your biggest obstacle, why don’t you try tackling each doubt one by one? Failure is going to happen to the average person, but we’re almost always more capable than what we first believe.

Key financial goals to achieve success

Reaching your financial goals will help you achieve other forms of success and vice versa. With money comes access to new opportunities and a load off your mental burden. You deserve to have more than the bare necessities.

Go after the financial security you need to take giant leaps forward. This in turn will help you prove your naysayers wrong and as I said earlier, your success is the best revenge! Here are some additional tips.

Get your budget on-point

Don’t fly blind with your money each month. Instead, use your budget to anchor your decisions. If you do it right, your budget will actually make you feel less constrained.

Rather than spending on a whim and running out of money, you can proactively allocate cash for the things that matter to you.

Start saving

Everybody starts somewhere on their savings journey, so don’t put it off forever. Saving and investing money consistently over time is the way you get ahead.

Prevent yourself from falling behind with an emergency fund. Having an extra stockpile of money can also help you pay down your debt or make bigger investments to grow your wealth even further.

Invest in your future

Retirement is coming sooner than you may think! Begin your retirement savings as soon as you’re able, no matter how small your initial investment.

Get informed about which retirement funds are best for your situation based on your job, your goals, and your financial situation.

And keep in mind, that compound interest and employer matches are tools in your wealth-building toolbox that you should be leveraging.

Think about other investments as well. Maybe investing in real estate is a great fit for your lifestyle or where you live.

Maybe you’re able to earn dividends from some of your stock market investments. Or it could be that it’s time to invest in a side hustle or business. Regardless of how you invest, your money should be working for you and the future you hope to achieve.

 Move in silence

Sometimes when you have naysayers or unsupportive people around you, the best approach is to keep your goal to yourself and move in silence.

Don't let anyone's negativity or scarcity mindset kill your dreams. Give your dreams and goals time to take root. Eventually, your success will speak for you!

Grab your goals girl!

Success is the best revenge because it’s sweet and simple. It’s you coming into your identity and power, rather than allowing anyone else to define who you are or what you’re worth.

Doubters are gonna doubt, haters are gonna hate, but you’re not gonna care because success blocks all that shade!

Once you start believing in your ability to succeed, you'll find that you also spend more time around successful people, which can spark a chain reaction.

Their perspectives, network, and access to opportunities will positively affect your own earning potential. Ideally, you’ll even be able to keep the success snowball rolling and pay it forward to other amazing women you know!

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