40 Crazy Weird Ways To Save Money!

Most of us have heard of various ways to save cash that can really work. And something like saving can be easier if you make it fun. That’s why so many people love finding weird ways to save money, like funny and crazy money-saving challenges.

Crazy things to do to save

My mom was famous for being frugal and finding odd ways to save cash. After all, having three kids makes you learn how to spend your money wisely.

Things like buying clothing secondhand, shopping for groceries at discount grocery stores, and repurposing leftovers were just a few things she did to save money for a vacation budget and such.

If she hadn’t been so frugal, we wouldn’t have had so many fun experiences. Saving money wherever you can will help you build up your savings accounts for more important things.

40 weird ways to save money

Whether you are a working mom or a career-oriented lady, saving money is a must. Check out these weird ways to save money.

1. Sell empty toilet paper rolls

You may scratch your head at this one, but people actually buy empty toilet paper rolls. They are used for crafts and other projects, and you can sell them on eBay.

So, rather than tossing those empty rolls in the trash, box them up and make some money moves now.

2. Sell your eggs

We’re not talking chicken eggs here, but your actual female reproductive eggs. It’s not an easy process, and you have to qualify to become an egg donor, but the average compensation for egg donors ranges from $5,000-$10,000, according to Egg Donor America.

It’s one of the most extreme frugal living ideas to save money—but a high-paying one at that. If you have frozen your eggs, this may also be an option.

3. Get paid for plasma

Selling plasma is a great, crazy thing to do to make money if you’re not afraid of needles. The average payout for a plasma donation is around $50, claims Business Insider. They also explain you can donate about once a month.

4. Make your own soap

If you enjoy money making crafts, then making your own soap and making your own laundry detergent is a fun way to save cash. Be even more frugal and buy your ingredients in bulk to make larger batches to save time.

5. Rent out your car

Move over Air B&B; now folks are renting out their cars for money. Some people earn several hundred dollars a month renting their vehicle on Turo. An idea like this is perfect for anyone working from home.

6. Live in a bus

Living in a bus can be one of the weird ways to save money. Skoolies are old-school buses that have been transformed into tiny homes or recreational vehicles. You can own your home and travel the country while saving money.

7. Cans for cash

Recycling is terrific for the environment, but you can also get some cash back for your good deed. Set up recycling bins at your friend’s and family’s houses too, and sell aluminum cans for cash.

8. Skip Christmas

You’ve heard of Christmas on a budget, but you could save a ton by skipping it altogether. A weekend getaway can even be cheaper than spending tons on gifts.

It doesn’t mean you’re a scrooge; you’re just preventing racking up credit card debt from guilty purchases.

9. Unplug your appliances

Did you know that some appliances still draw energy even when they aren’t in use? They are known as “energy vampires,” and they cost you money.

Simply unplugging appliances can save $100-$200 a year. These days, there are also energy-efficient appliances you can invest in. These appliances use less energy without decreasing performance.

Not that you should go out and buy one now, but it’s something to keep in mind when it’s time to replace your old appliances.

Bonus: Finding ways to save energy isn’t just good for your wallet—it’s also good for the planet, too!

10. Save money at the movies

I have to confess that I started saving money at the movies as a teenager. There is an 800% markup on those tasty treats! A drink and a box of candy will most likely cost over $10.

I always carried larger purses, so I opted to bring a can of Diet Coke and a bag of candy from the Dollar Store. Skip the popcorn and save that hard-earned cash instead!

11. Cancel cable

I saved over $1,000 in a year by canceling cable. Cable bills are a big expense, and it’s an unnecessary one. There are cable alternatives you can use to slash your entertainment bill and save cash.

12. Cut the air conditioning

You can save up to 10% a year on your electric bill by turning back your thermostat by 7-10 degrees.

Of course, it’s possible to save more by cutting off the air conditioning completely on days that aren’t unbearably hot. Open the windows, turn on the fan, and make this another one of those weird ways to save money.

13. Stop using paper towels

You can save a bit of cash by going green and ditching paper towels. Use a reusable sponge or cloth instead of throwing away money on paper towels.

If you still can’t quite cut them out, then at least opt for a cheaper brand.

14. Grab up condiments

Rather than tossing those extra condiments from your to-go order, start saving them so you don’t have to buy them as often. You can even grab a few extras when you eat in to take with you. Stocking up on condiments is one of the simplest funny ways to save money.

15. Save on gas

Intentional living can reduce frivolous spending. You can save on gas by running all of your errands on the same day if possible. The less you drive, the more money goes into your piggy bank instead of your gas tank.

16. Reuse plastic bags

Save cash and the planet by reusing your plastic bags. You wouldn’t believe all the fun ways you can reuse plastic bags!

Use them for crafts or storage. You can also replace expensive trash bags with old plastic bags, too.

17. Scope parking lots for loose change

My dad would pick up pennies while walking through parking lots. I thought it was hilarious, and he would say every penny leads to a dollar. Well, there is definitely truth behind this theory—even though it may sound like one of the crazy ways to save money.

Every bit of loose change is more money than you had before. Keep a piggy bank in your car, and scope parking lots for loose change whenever you’re out and about.

18. Dumpster dive

Dumpster diving is definitely one of the most interesting weird ways to save money.

However, I had a friend who would dive the dumpsters at retailers such as T.J. Max and find brand-new items in the trash! She would collect these items and sell them to pawn shops or online to make money. It’s insane the stuff people will throw away.

19. Repurpose leftovers

Americans waste 120 billion pounds of their food every year. Prevent waste and save on your grocery bill by repurposing leftovers or using a monthly meal planner. Taking last night’s dinner and recreating it with rice, beans, or other budget-friendly items can save cash and make a delicious meal.

20. Clean with vinegar

Cleaning supplies can get expensive. Buy white vinegar to clean your appliances, bathroom, and other household items.

It can be used for personal care, too! The best part is that it’s non-toxic and cleans amazingly well!

21. Potty-train your cat

As a first time cat owner, I’m not sure if this is the best idea, but some people have decided to opt out of buying expensive kitty litter by learning how to potty train their cats instead.

It’s one of the more unusual, funny ways to save money—but it may be worth the try!

22. Paint your roof

According to Horn Brothers Roofing, painting your roof white reflects heat rather than absorbing it, which results in lower energy bills. They also claim that a lighter-colored roof reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere, which may lessen global warming.

23. Freeze your credit cards

Do you struggle with impulse spending? If so, freezing your credit cards is one of those weird ways to save money that may just actually work for you. We aren’t talking about placing a freeze on them online—but literally freezing them in water.

Some people will put their credit cards in a plastic bag, fill them with water, and put them in the freezer. This keeps them from being easily accessed, which can help you with how to stop spending money.

24. Live in a tiny house

How much room do we really need anyway? Tiny homes are going mainstream—and with good reason.

Downsizing your home means you pay less in utilities, mortgage payments, and store less stuff. Some people own their homes free and clear, which is true financial security.

25. Meatless Monday

There are many yummy recipes that are meatless. Save cash by eating no meat one day a week and opting for the cheapest meals instead with beans or legumes.

These food items are not only great meat alternatives, but they also contain lots of protein and fiber. Plus, we could all use a few more veggies in our diet, right?

26. Stop wasting water

Leaky faucets and malfunctioning toilets aren’t the only ways we waste water. Think of how much water goes down the drain while you wait for it to get hot for your shower or while you wash your dishes in the sink. One of our funny ways to save money is to make use of that wasted water!

For example, keep a few pitchers and buckets in the bathroom to catch the cold water while you’re waiting for your shower to warm up. Then, re-use that water to clean your house or water your plants.

27. Repurpose jars

Glass jars can be repurposed for many uses. You can clean them out and use them as drinking glasses, storing items, or for craft projects. Like toilet paper rolls, you can sell empty jars on eBay for money.

28. Snack on food samples

My sister-in-law does this with her siblings. They head to Costco and snack on food samples instead of eating out for lunch. It’s one of her family’s favorite crazy ways to save money.

29. Get a roommate

Moving out on your own can strap you financially. Fortunately, a rent split with a roommate can free up quite a bit of money. More than likely, you will also split the bills, such as power, water, and cable.

30. Look out for free stuff

Refurnish your home for free by searching Craigslist and your neighborhood. People give away furniture all the time; all you have to do is go get it.

Sometimes you can find stuff by your neighbors’ garbage cans with free signs on them (definitely one of the weird ways to save money, but could be worth it!). You may even be able to find clothes, books, and other items too.

31. Heat half your house

My partner and I did this a lot when we were both working full-time. Since we weren’t home most of the day, we would cut the heat off in most of the rooms and shut the doors to save on our electricity bill. It might sound like one of the crazy ways to save money, but it works!

32. Eat ramen noodles for lunch

Okay, it’s not one of the healthiest things to do, but it’s a cheap lunch idea. A 24-pack of ramen noodles costs less than $10 dollars. You can eat lunch every day for almost a month with this purchase!

33. Discount days at Salvation Army

When I was little, my mom and I would go to the $1 day at Salvation Army. All clothing was only $1 per item! Check with your local Salvation Army for discount days to save on clothing and more.

34. Try a no-spend challenge

Want to become a super saver? One of the best weird ways to save money is by trying a no spend challenge. This is when you don’t spend any money on anything other than bills and necessities.

Start with a no-spend week, then work your way up to a month. Then, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can try an entire year!

35. Walk or bike to work

Walking or biking to work is a super frugal way to start living a healthy lifestyle and save money. Even going one-way walking or biking will save gas money.

Worried about getting caught in the rain? If the weather is bad, you can walk there and hitch a ride with a co-worker home.

36. Cut out alcohol

Even if you only indulge in a few cocktails or glasses of wine a week, those charges can still add up. After all, $18 or $20 cocktails are becoming the norm—and that’s before adding tax or tip!

Imagine, if you normally treat yourself to two after-work cocktails per week, that adds up to $160 in a month! Simply ditching the alcoholic beverage is an easy (and healthy) way to save cash.

37. Hide your wallet

If you like the idea of freezing your credit cards but you’re a little wary of doing such an extra hack, try this one: Instead, hide your wallet.

When you get home at the end of the day, tuck your wallet somewhere that’s annoying to reach—like under the couch or on top of the fridge. With your wallet out of arm’s reach, you’ll be less likely to give in to impulses to do some online shopping.

38. Take a cold shower

Okay, you might not want to do this one in the dead of winter—but it should be fair game on most days of the year.

Another one of our favorite weird ways to save money is to take a cold shower. You’re consuming less hot water—and lowering your monthly bills.

Plus, many health experts even like to tout the benefits of cold showers, so it’s certainly worth a try!

39. Pay your bills on time

Hopefully, you’re already paying your bills on time. But if you tend to procrastinate when it comes time to pay your internet or phone bill, here’s some more motivation for you: paying your bills on time helps you save cash.

How? By avoiding hefty late fees.

Sure, these $20 fines here and there may not feel like a lot. But if you frequently pay your bills late, this expense can cost hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re never behind on a bill again by linking your bills to your bank accounts with auto-pay.

40. Give homemade birthday gifts

Naturally, you want to spoil your loved ones on their birthdays. But if you’re in a tight spot and trying to save cash, sometimes these events can add undue stress to your life.

Instead, consider giving your loved ones homemade gifts for their birthdays. Often, these made-with-love, straight-from-the-heart gifts are much more meaningful than what you’ll find in a store, anyway.

For example, your grandma would probably love to spend a half an hour on the phone with you or receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. And that only costs a few cents!

You could also surprise your friend with a memory journal detailing all your favorite hang-outs and funniest moments from the past year. After all, who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane?

Expert tip: Ditch the plastic and pay with cash

In today’s day and age, it can actually seem like one of the really weird ways to save money: paying with cash.
Seriously, a Forbes survey reveals that only 9% of Americans primarily pay with cash. But credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payment make it all too easy to load up your shopping cart with junk you don’t need or worse—impulsively shopping on Amazon.

If you want to challenge yourself to save cash, try only paying in cash for one month (except for bills like rent, internet, electricity, etc.). You’ll probably be surprised how much less often you make purchases!

What are the best ways to dramatically save money?

One of the best ways to dramatically save money is to do a money-saving challenge. For example, you can commit to a no spend January challenge, where you don’t buy anything but essentials for that month. This challenge can also be done during any month of the year.

If you’re a big coffee drinker, you can also dramatically save more money in a year by doing a coffee break challenge, where you save all the money you would otherwise spend on a latte or cappuccino.

How can I save $10,000 easily?

The easiest way to save $10,000 easily is to break it down month by month. In other words, to save $10k in a year, you would need to save $833 per month.

Next, look at your lifestyle and determine what you can cut from your monthly expenses, such as eating out, take-out coffees, unnecessary subscriptions, manicures, etc.

Finally, to help you reach your saving target, look for ways to increase your income by starting a side hustle, asking for a raise, or trying to find a new job.

Are weird ways to save money worth it?

Leveraging weird ways to save cash can help you take home some big bucks, but these methods aren’t for everyone. Selling your eggs, donating plasma, and living in a tiny house are some seriously weird ways to save money. It’s okay if these ideas aren’t for you. Keep in mind that weird doesn’t mean bad, it just means different!

You can also save money with more conventional methods, e.g., eating at home, making your own coffee, selling old clothes, using a coupon when you make a purchase, etc.

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