37 Staycation Ideas Your Budget Will Love!

Staycation ideas

There's no better way to recharge than with some good old time off. Not to worry if your budget is tight, our staycation ideas are here to save the day!

Whatever the case, whether you have some money to spend or none at all, know that there are options. In this article, we'll discuss some fun staycation ideas that will leave you refreshed and ready to get back to work in no time!

Why staycation ideas are great

Before we talk about what to do on a staycation, know that there are many reasons why staycation activities are a great idea! While it might not be the same as booking a flight to somewhere far away, it can be just as meaningful, and help you with your finances, too. So here are the benefits of a staycation at home.

You'll save money with staycation ideas

So we all know vacations can cost a pretty penny. You have to pay for flights, hotels, transport, food, and activities.

You also need an emergency fund just in case things don't go as planned. It can quickly add up.

With a regular vacation, a huge part of your budget goes to travel. But a staycation means you can spend nothing or much less and still have a great time.

Staycation ideas save you time

Another reason a staycation is a great idea is that it saves you time.

Flying halfway across the world to Thailand is amazing. But you only have so many days of vacation, and spending a good chunk of the time on a plane is not the most efficient.

Add to that the stress and annoyance that you might experience from lengthy airport procedures. Plus the high cost of everything at the airport - not fun.

There's a lot of convenience and flexibility with staycation ideas

There is no need to pack and organize a trip. Plus you can wear whatever you want and not worry about wearing an uncomfortable pair of jeans or heels that hurt after an hour.

A staycation is also flexible – you don't have to wake up at the break of dawn to beat traffic. Instead, you can have a relaxing vacation on your terms.

You can pamper yourself at home with these staycation ideas!

Lastly, you'll have a chance to pamper yourself in your own home!

Think of it. You can wave goodbye to your daily routine, put your feet up, and actually enjoy the space you live in. There is no greater gift!

Rules to have an incredible staycation

In preparation for talking about what to do on a staycation, you need to set some ground rules. So here are a few that will ensure you have an amazing time off.

Wave goodbye to social media

If you want to really enjoy your staycation activities, get off social media. Scrolling through your Instagram feed can be wildly addictive.

If you've ever spent any time on a social media app, you'll know that what may seem to be 1 minute here and two minutes there, quickly adds up. Before you know it, your entire day is gone.

To fully reset and enjoy your time off, forget about social media for a few days.

Turn off your phone

Our phones nowadays are more than a means of communication. They are a gateway into the rest of the world. Phone calls, texts, apps, surfing the web - the list is endless.

To avoid unnecessary phone calls and texts interrupting your day, turn off the phone if you can.

Block your calendar

For all the planners out there, there's a time to not have plans. Staycations are meant to be relaxing and sometimes, the sight of a schedule can be anything but. So put away your planning tools and let the sun be your guide on time.

Staycation ideas for couples

There's nothing better than taking time off from work to hang out with your significant other. Here are some fun staycation ideas for couples you can try out!

1. Tackle a fun (and overdue) project

We all have them. You know those projects you're truly excited about but never have time for? Now is the time to do them.

You'll not only feel good about working on them but, nine times out of ten, they will also improve your home environment.

Whether it's art, home decor, or gardening projects, you'll find it rewarding to get started.

2. Have a Netflix marathon

You might not have time during your regular routine for tv, but during a staycation, Netflix is a must. The beauty is you can catch up on an entire series all in one go - guilt-free!

It's one of the most perfect staycation ideas in our opinion!

3. Plan a day trip

If you need a bit of an adrenaline rush, a day trip is a perfect fix! Day trips are also really easy to plan and will help you discover new areas you never knew existed.

Look up some key attractions to visit, identify nice restaurants to try out, and make the most of it!

4. Take a hike

Hiking never gets old and it's one of our favorite staycation ideas for couples! Many people spend their workdays at a desk, and if this is you, your body is probably begging for activity.

A hike is a perfect way to merge outdoor activity with your indoor routine. Identify some cool trails, pack a meal and snacks, and don't forget your navigating equipment. You'll be in for a treat!

5. Cast your vision

It's often difficult to think beyond the next 24 hours let alone for the next 5 years. Yet a staycation is the perfect time to think about the future.

So think about your goals. Are you on the right path to achieving them? Is there anything you wish you were doing differently?

Are your budgeting goals in good shape? Any plans to buy a home?

Vision casting can be a very relaxing way to plan for your future. And there's no better time to do it than when you are on vacation.

6. Have a wine-tasting evening

There are two ways to plan a wine-tasting event. You can check out a winery if you have one in your own town, and take a bike ride or Uber back to your house after.

Or, if you want to save money or don't have a winery in your own city, you can sample a selection of wines at home instead. Make appetizers to go with it and you've got the perfect staycation!

7. Spend a night stargazing

The stars are a world of their own that few people take the time to experience.

You can find constellations for a fun activity. So grab some blankets and hot chocolate or tea, and head outdoors for an adventure!

8. Vacation in your own town with an Airbnb

If you want the feel of a vacation without spending too much or going far away, an Airbnb in your own town is perfect. Also for extra fun, find a place that's the opposite of where you live.

For example, if you live on the outskirts of the city, find a place closer to town where you can walk to restaurants and entertainment. In addition, if you live in the middle of the city, choose an Airbnb that's in a quieter location. You'll love the change of scenery!

9. Find a local concert to enjoy

Enjoy some live music in your town or city.

See if any local bands are playing, or if any bands that you love are on tour nearby. Then get ready to have a great time!

10. Host a boardgame night

A staycation at home doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends! You can plan a double date with another couple and invite them over to play board games.

There's a huge variety of board games. You can even have a board game day and try to see how many games you can play in one day.

11. Travel through food

Some other staycation ideas at home include traveling the world through food. Pick a country and shop together for groceries and plan out the meal. You can even cook together or have one person make the main course while the other one makes dessert.

Staycation ideas for families

Having a vacation at home is a great idea for families. It's way cheaper, and you also can't beat the quality time you'll have.

So here are some great staycation ideas for families!

12. Set up a home theater

Got a projector or a big screen at home? Movie theaters can be overcrowded and you can have even more fun with a movie night at your house! Turn your TV room into your own home theater.

You can watch one film or have a movie marathon if you want! Dedicate a room as your home theater, make some popcorn and enjoy!

And why not visit another country by having a themed movie night? Watch a foreign film and make food and decorations to fit that theme.

For instance, if you watch a Korean movie, you can make Korean BBQ. Or make some tacos and watch a movie about Mexico, like Roma.

13. Go camping in your yard

Feeling pumped to go camping? You can do so right in your own backyard! Grab a tent and some sleeping bags and set up camp.

You'll also want to load up your grill and prep some good food. To make it extra fun, don't forget the s'mores and be ready to tell ghost stories!

14. Take a virtual museum or park tour

Did you know that museums and parks offer virtual tours? It can be a fantastic way to experience national gems like Yosemite Park without paying an arm and a leg for travel.

Virtual tours are perfect for staycationing families because you can go on as many as you would like, across as many borders as you want right from your couch.

15. Check out a local park

Be a tourist in your own hometown or city by visiting a park. So if you have any national parks nearby, or local ones, go spend a day outdoors.

For warm weather, bring water, a frisbee, a soccer ball, and other fun activities. If it's cold out, don't let that stop you! Instead, bundle up and take a brisk walk in nature!

16. Have a picnic

Spending time eating outdoors in a nice setting, or even in your living room if you prefer, can be so much fun!

Your local farmer's market is likely a great resource for getting some fun snacks and lunch food. So grab a blanket, and a picnic basket, and enjoy!

17. Play a sport

If your family normally plays a certain sport (or you just want to learn) why not have a game or even a series of games? It's one of the best staycation ideas for families!

There are of course classics like soccer or baseball, but you could also try something different like mini golf if you want!

18. Plan a scavenger hunt

Put together a scavenger hunt for your family and divide into teams. You can have the event take place just at your home or around town if you prefer.

Also be sure to have prizes ready for the winners!

19. Find local biking trails

If your family loves the outdoors, it's time to take a bike ride in nature. So find some local biking trails and be sure to bring along water bottles.

20. Host a family gathering

Why not invite all your extended family over if they live nearby? Or have a reunion instead and ask them all to come to visit for a few days.

It will give your family time to connect with each other, and you'll feel like you're on vacation even though you haven't left home!

21. Find free events in your town

One thing you can do with your family is see if there are any local events happening. Home Depot often hosts free events on Saturdays for kids, with activities like making a wooden birdhouse.

You could also find out if there are any special exhibits at your local museums or parks. Sometimes museums will host free events during special holidays or times of the year, so make sure to see if there are any offerings where you live.

22. Spend a day at your local library 

Another way to spend your home staycation is to go to the local library with your family. Pick out some of your favorite books to read later.

And libraries have more than just books. They also have DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks. Some even offer free workshops and events.

23. Go bird watching

Teach your kids about nature by going birdwatching. All you need is a pair of binoculars. In addition, you can have them take notes and draw the birds they find in a sketchbook.

It’s a great way to discover nature in your own backyard or local park.

24. Have a water play day

If you want to have a home staycation during the hot summer months you can plan a water play day instead of going to a water park. Have a water pistol fight, and bring out the hose and sprinklers.

25. Have a picture day

Some other staycation ideas for families include getting dressed up and having a picture day. Kids grow up quickly and soon they will be off to college. So get your camera out and document those precious moments while your kids are still at home.

Fun staycation ideas for anyone

Maybe you need a few days to just do something creative and different. If so, these fun staycation ideas are just what you need!

26. Give yourself a makeover

If you're itching for a new look, give yourself a makeover!

For example, get a new haircut, throw on some makeup, or give your wardrobe a nice refresh. You'll be glad you did!

27. Have a spa day

This is a must. You're on vacation and you deserve a break. A spa day is one of the best ways to reset during your time off.

For example, you can get a facial, you can do your nails or you can get a massage. Whatever you do, it will help you look and feel great!

28. Order in

Are you tired of cooking? Treat yourself during your staycation at home and order in! Home-cooked meals are great but every once in a while, takeout does wonders.

You're meant to take time off your usual routine with a staycation and staying away from the kitchen can also help you really enjoy the getaway.

29. Create a hygge home

Ever heard of the term hygge? Hygge is a Danish term that refers to well-being and happiness. It's a lifestyle adopted by Danes that promotes happiness, comfort, and coziness.

Hygge is more than a feeling. It's a set of deliberate actions that boosts your well being and surroundings.

For example, you can create a hygge home by lighting candles, or making a cozy latte. You can add new lighting to your home or introduce new plants. These little actions will go a long way in turning your house into a home.

30. Journal

Journaling offers a ton of benefits. For instance, it helps to reduce anxiety and also organizes your thoughts. For many people, journaling is a daily activity that helps them start or wind down the day.

Others only journal occasionally. So whatever the case, keeping a journal will help you record special moments. There is no better time to journal than during a staycation.

31. Make time to reconnect

There's never a bad time to reconnect with friends and loved ones. During a staycation, you have more than enough time to call those friends you haven't spoken with in a long time.

Relationships are so important and sometimes we take them for granted because of our busy schedules. However, they add meaning and vibrancy to day-to-day life.

It's always important to nurture and make the most of them because tomorrow is not promised.

32. Catch up on reading

There are so many great books out there and one of the best staycation activities is catching up on your reading list!

Your local library is a great place to borrow physical, audio or eBooks. There's nothing like having a great adventure by reading a new book!

You can also browse sites like Project Gutenberg to find eBooks to read for free.

33. Sample the local restaurants in town for a few days

Are there any new restaurants nearby you've wanted to visit? Your staycation is the perfect time for that!

For instance, you can try out some new food for dinner one evening, or even sample meals from several restaurants over the course of several days!

34. Take online classes

Taking an online course or class is a great way to learn new skills and also have a great staycation.

You can take a class about anything from making a new recipe to learning a new language, or also learn about investing or budgeting!

35. Have a meditation/yoga retreat

If you need to de-stress, you don't have to go to a retreat on an island somewhere. Instead, turn your home into a meditation or yoga retreat.

Firstly, make your space cozy and inviting with candles and music. Next, take online yoga classes or follow a guided meditation. You'll feel relaxed and refreshed quickly!

36. Try a new hobby

If you’re ready to try a new hobby or maybe, you bought an embroidery kit that you never got around to trying, why not take the time to work on and start that new hobby?

Think of something you’ve always wanted to try. You can check out YouTube videos or hit your local thrift store to find new craft supplies.

37. Volunteer and help others

If you are taking a home staycation, why not use the opportunity to do some good in the community? Volunteer a few hours at the local animal or homeless shelter, tutor kids, or spend some time playing games at a retirement home.

These staycation ideas are fun and inexpensive!

Now you've got some great ideas for what to do on a staycation at home. No matter what staycation ideas you choose, the most important thing is to remember to have fun and make the most of it! So it's a time to let go of your regular day-to-day commitments and focus on yourself!

Whether you’re on your own or spending time with family, there are plenty of ideas for ways to spend your vacation time in a way that you’ll remember for years to come.

As you plan your staycation activities, find out how to budget for vacation easily and more financial planning ideas. If you want to see how else you can save while still having fun, check out how to live a champagne lifestyle while sticking to a budget!

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