What Our Clever Girls Are


The progress that I have made so far is amazing. I have saved over $10,000. Got caught up on my bills. I've even created my own wealth plan for my family based on what I've learned. I will soon be saving for my kids' college. I enjoyed courses so much I purchased a subscription for another one of my friends. That's how much I believe in Clever Girl Finance - it’s helped me figure out how to use my money correctly and also helped me with my money mindset. Clever Girl Finance has truly transformed how I deal with and feel about money.


I'm really emotional right now. I’m reviewing my progress with Clever Girl Finance and even with all the curveballs in my life, I’ve been able to pay off over $7000 in debt!


Clever Girl Finance has been so helpful. I have learned to give each dollar a job. I have saved an additional $600 on top of my savings goal and I have not had to touch that account. I planned my son's first birthday and I was able to include it in my budget - no other bills or obligations have suffered!


I have gotten to the point where payday doesn’t burn a hole in my purse! I got paid early and I am already paying priorities over wants. It took a long time to get here but I’m here!


You guys! I’m so proud of my achievement! This is the first time I’ve saved this much money! I have reached 90% of my first savings milestone!


Thank goodness for Clever Girl Finance. I have felt overwhelmed and insecure about my financial situation in the past. I am 3 weeks in but I can already see the difference in my behavior. Thank you to everyone for sharing in the community - I learn something new everyday and it reminds me that I have to do something. Keep on pushing ladies we are going to make it!”


I nailed my 1st no spend challenge, and I got an unexpected check in the mail today. Normally, my immediate thought is "Sweet, extra money for me to buy something fun" BUT my first thought as a fledgling Clever Girl was “I have something extra to deposit in my savings!” This is fun!


In just one week I've learned so much about my finances, the good, the bad and the ugly. I am expecting great things to happen through Clever Girl Finance, it excites me every time I think about it!


"I'm a ball of emotions right now...As I prepare to celebrate my anniversary I cannot help but reflect back on last year's vacation that was SOLELY financed with payday loans. Now my bills are all caught up and I have peace of mind!"


I'm on week 8 of my saving challenge and haven't withdrawn a penny! This is a big win for me! Once I finish the challenge, I plan to put all the money towards my student loans and then restart the challenge!


Since joining Clever Girl Finance, I have paid off 3 credit cards, 2 loans and saved over $5,000.

Wow, I did it!


Yes, yes and YES! I am on track with savings challenge. I have prioritized my debt repayment, and I now add an extra payment to one card to get it paid off quicker.