2022 Women & Money Report

Women and money survey report 2022
Women and money 2022 report

Let's talk Women & Money! We analyzed 2,152 survey responses from women just like you!

Over the years, Clever Girl Finance has supported thousands of savvy women who are boldly pursuing their financial independence goals.

We see their labors of love in building solid futures for themselves and their families. And we know the big role that financial literacy plays in shifting their mindsets and taking control of their finances, and also how it contributes to their financial end goal.

And so in the spring of 2022, we analyzed 2,152 survey responses from women in the Clever Girl Finance community. The goal of our survey questions was to determine the state of their finances for the women in our community as they work towards financial peace of mind. This in turn contributes to building a meaningful life.

Who we are

Clever Girl Finance is one of the largest personal finance media/education platforms for women in the U.S.

We are a mission-driven company aimed at providing women with much-needed practical advice, financial guidance, and support.

We do this through our completely free resources including over 30+ completely free personal finance courses, (which include free one-on-one mentor calls), articles, videos, audio content, an incredibly supportive community, and more.

Through our approach, we support our community in a fun, engaging, relatable, and non-judgmental way.

So, what do women really think and feel about the state of their finances?

To answer this question in detail, as it relates to women and their financial security in 2022 we looked at the following essential components in this edition of our survey:

  • Commitment to financial wellness
  • Optimism and financial confidence
  • Financial concerns
  • Debt (Credit cards, student loans)
  • Investing (Having enough in retirement accounts  and retirement planning concerns)
  • Homeownership/Having a mortgage

The women behind this "women and money" survey

The overwhelming majority of women that took part in this survey are based in the United States (72.1%) followed by Europe (8.5%) and Canada (6.5%).

However, we received a signature mix of insight from women in 42 countries across 5 continents, representing a diverse pool of women from very different geographic and economic backgrounds.

  • 46.1% of the women who responded to this survey self-identified as Black women or African American women
  • 38.6% identified as Caucasian/White women
  • 9.8% identified as being of Spanish origin/Latina or Hispanic women
  • 5.6% identified as Asian women
  • 1% identified as Native American women.

The majority of the respondents in this survey were millennial women.

  • 68.8% of women who responded were under 44 years old, with the majority ranging from ages 25 to 34 (35.4%).
  • 46% of women listed their marital status as single, 33% have a spouse, 11% are divorced, 7% are in a domestic partnership and 2% are widowed. In addition, 47% of women also stated they have kids while 53% have none.

While the revelations in the survey are not new, the results show that today's generation of young women across various demographics and educational backgrounds are actively on or seeking the path to financial success. Whether they do it on their own or engage a financial advisor or CFP, their financial wellness is a priority.

Our commitment to women and money

We’re committed to walking this journey with women, and in this survey and through our findings, we want to celebrate our community and women broadly.

Especially as they make financial decisions in the best interest of their money and work their way towards their financial wellness and building a life of true wealth. All of this despite navigating a global covid-19 pandemic that especially impacted women.

Our hope is that this survey motivates other women needing encouragement as they embark on their financial journeys and that it dispels the misconceptions about women and money.

We also highlight areas of concern as it relates to various barriers and financial gaps when compared with our male counterparts. All of which makes the work we do more important than ever.

To get the full details, download the report today!

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