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Kiersten Brown

About Kiersten Brown

  • Writer for Clever Girl Finance on topics including money mindset and how emotions affect our money
  • Author of the ebook, So You're Inspired, Now What?"
  • Originally from California but living in Spain
  • Fun fact: Trained in various dance styles, including Salsa, Bachata, Hip-hop, Belly dancing, and Tap.


  • BSc degree in Child Development
  • Published in over 10 different publications including Travel Noire, Bauce Mag, and Black Girl Nerds


Kiersten started her career as an educator and spent five years working as a teacher until she decided to take her knowledge and teach abroad. When Kiersten moved, money management and financial education became a crucial part of supporting her new life aboard.

When she started her freelance writing career, she focused on writing about how money influences travel and living abroad. She started to see that being smart with money wasn't just about the numbers but about mindset.   

Personal achievements

  • Learning to generate different streams of income by relying on her own talents e.g. teaching, side-hustles
  • Living abroad for five years
  • Shifting from a scarcity mindset to a growth and abundance mindset
  • Starting an online business while living abroad
  • Leading educational workshops and teaching both nationally and internationally on finance, language, and early childhood education

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