8 Tips On How To Afford Luxury Designer Items

How to afford designer items

I'm pretty open about the fact that fashion-wise, my weaknesses are designer handbags. While I don't buy as many anymore, when I do, I know exactly what I want to get, and I make sure I don't get sidetracked by purchasing other random things. Below, I've put together some tips that work for me on affording high-end pieces or other designer items and how to stay focused.

The important thing to remember is that buying designer items is a luxury and not a need. It is perfectly fine to treat yourself from time to time as long as you can afford it and you are paying for your needs first.

There are some benefits to buying high-end luxury things, but they are still a luxury and not a necessity.

Top 8 tips on buying designer items

Here are a few tips to follow so that you can afford to buy luxury things such as designer clothing and handbags without feeling guilty about it!

1. Save for luxury things

Make sure you are consistently saving for your future first before you think about shopping for luxury things. This means putting money aside for retirement, your long-term and short-term goals, and also paying all your monthly expenses.

Your financial goals are more important than buying a designer handbag. However, as long as those things are taken care of first, don’t feel guilty for buying something you like as long as you can afford it.

You may even find as you save for something, you may change your mind about it when you actually have to hand over the cash.

If you can afford it and save for it, you get to buy it without feeling guilty! Just be sure to stick to your budget and buy what you want. Don’t get distracted by shiny objects.

2. Buy quality over quantity

You'll find yourself becoming a lot pickier when you buy luxury things. Think about all the times you've purchased something cheap that after a few years fell apart. Completely not worth it, right? It's better to buy 1 item of quality than 5 items that won't last.

Buying high-end designer clothes or handbags will save you money in the long run if you would have bought numerous cheaper bags instead.

Typically, designer clothes will last longer than cheaply made clothes. Keep in mind that while you invest in quality for your wardrobe, you should not consider them as financial investments. Specifically when it comes to investment handbags.

3. Wait for your "must-have" designer items to go on sale

Although classic pieces from designers rarely go on sale, if you are patient, you can find many seasonal items with a classic vibe in the annual or biannual designer sales.

You can also find designer items at outlet malls if that brand has an outlet store. Some designers do have outlet stores where you can often find coupons and sales.

You can also buy luxury things such as designer clothes and handbags at a discount from online sites that rent them. They will be slightly used but still worth the discount to buy them.

Another thing I'm a huge fan of when it comes to designer accessories is buying gently used or pre-owned designer handbags from consignment sites like Fashionphile and The Real Real.

Check out our in-depth blog post that breaks down how to buy pre-loved handbags the right way.

4. Save for the big-ticket items

Do you dream of a Hermes Birkin or a Lady Dior bag? These are the items that you must have regardless of whether they are on sale or not. However, when you buy luxury things with a super high price tag, it's essential that you save for them and not charge them on your credit cards.

While you save, it helps you decide if you really still want the item, and then once you do get it, you'll value it more and regret it less. You can create a designated fun money savings account - your purchases will be 100% guilt-free.

This will also give you time to think about the purchase and make sure it really is something you want and will use before buying it. It also makes it easier to find a good deal when you are ready to buy.

You can wait until you find the perfect item and deal and then pay cash for it without feeling guilty! As you save for your bag be sure to check out our list of top handbag blogs for review and research!

When buying designer items, stay away from expensive things that are overly trendy - that's what stores like Zara and H&M are for if you must. If you are spending a ton of money, it should be on timeless pieces.

So ask yourself, "Will I want to wear this a year from now?" and use your response to make your purchase decisions.

You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a designer handbag or shoes and then no longer love it in a few months. Make sure to choose items that will go with numerous outfits and won’t be out of style a year from now.

I would stay away from bright patterns and stick with neutral colors to match numerous outfits and stay in style. If you get bold patterns and colors, they will go out of style quickly.

You want whatever you spend money on to last and be of high quality and style. So be picky when you buy luxury things.

6. It's not a competition

Buy what you like and what you can afford because you like it and not for anyone else. Don't get caught up keeping up with the Jones or with the social media fashionistas. You have no clue about their financial situation, focus on yours, buy what you love and what you can afford.

You should buy something because you love it not because of what anyone else thinks about it.

7. Mix it up

There's nothing wrong with wearing a $10 tank top with a Chanel handbag. Or a Hermes scarf tied beautifully with a thrift store dress. Absolutely nothing. Determine what your style is and mix it up. Not everything you wear has to be super expensive.

It’s perfectly okay to have a mix of brands and styles in your wardrobe. The important thing is that you love it and it makes you feel good. You need to feel comfortable with what you buy, so make sure that it’s really what you want.

Starting a capsule wardrobe is a great idea to help you creatively mix things up!

8. Rent designer clothing and accessories

Renting clothes, handbags, and other luxury things is easier than you think. This makes it easier to enjoy expensive items cheaply and not worry about them going out of style quickly.

You can rent things like designer shoes, dresses, clothes, and handbags. Renting things like designer bags is a cheaper way to have a designer bag without spending a fortune on one.

Plus, if you absolutely love it, you can buy it at a discount. This is a great way to test out different bags to see if you really like them and will use them.

You can even rent a new one every month for a year for the price of a brand new one. Of course, this will depend on which designer bag it is.

You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a designer bag and then hang it in your closet forever. Renting designer items is a great way to save some money while testing things out. It’s also fun to try out different styles without having to buy a ton of different bags.

What is also great about renting is that you don’t have to clean the items. The companies clean them once they are returned!

Some of the rental companies allow you to buy an item if you really love it at a discount off the retail price. Many also have stylists that pick out the outfits based on your personal preferences and desired fit.

Places to rent designer clothing, handbags, and accessories

Here are the best places to rent designer items that fit into your personal style that you will love! Many of these platforms have 100s of brands they can send you based on your tastes!

Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow or Steal is a website that rents designer handbags. They also sell them at a discount and buy your used handbags. The handbag rental price depends on the designer bag you want. Some are as low as $100 a month. The rental is for one month, and it can be renewed.

What’s great about renting their bags is that you can rent them and change them out every month for a year for the price of a new bag, depending on the bag, of course.

Rent the Runway

It starts at $69 a month, and they have 1000s of options to choose from. Rent the Runway is a great way to wear designer clothing and accessories for a low monthly price. You get to switch up items every month, so you aren’t stuck paying full price for something that you may only wear a couple of times.

They offer a couple of different services; you can rent for a special event up to unlimited rentals. They have styles for all occasions at a steep discount compared to retail prices.

Le Tote

Le Tote starts at $59 a month for their basic subscription and $89 a month for maternity clothes. You can choose between one or two boxes a month.  They offer women’s clothing and accessories for rent. They have clothing for casual wear to professional and everything in between.

Renting maternity clothing is a great option since you won’t need it very long. You will save money by not buying items that you may only wear a couple of times.

This is perfect if you have any special events coming up and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on an outfit you will likely only wear one time.

Positives of renting designer clothing

These are just a few places that you can rent designer clothes, shoes, and accessories online. These types of services are convenient and can save you a lot of money on designer clothes.

Renting clothing online is an easy way to borrow clothes for cheap and stay in style without breaking the budget. You will save money on designer clothes and still get to be fashionable without breaking the bank. Plus, you don’t have to clean the items, which will save you money on dry cleaning.

Renting designer clothing is a great way to save money and stay in style. Then if you really love something, you can buy it at a discount.

Each rental service is slightly different, so check them out to see which one works best for you. Several even have discounts on your first purchase!

Buy designer items the smart way!

When it comes to expensive handbags or other high-end fashion purchases, as long as you are doing it the right way with no debt and you are planning for your future self, occasional splurges are allowed. Just be sure that the important stuff comes first.

There is nothing wrong with splurging from time to time on luxury things as long as it doesn’t hinder your financial goals and you can afford it.

When you buy luxury things, the most important thing to do is to save up and pay cash for what you want and/or rent items to save on the cost.

Just be sure that you love whatever you buy and that you will wear it for a long time before spending your hard-earned money on it.

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