How To Wear A Hermes Scarf (Or Other Scarf) To Elevate Your Style!

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Are you bored with your current wardrobe? Do you feel you've worn everything a thousand times but don't have the budget to splash out on a new collection? Don't fret, because if you've got nothing to wear, a super stylish solution is waiting for you - learn how to wear a Hermes scarf! (Or really any scarf of your choosing!).

Upgrade all your ensembles with this single fashion accessory that you can wear in numerous ways.

Let's explore how to wear a Hermes scarf to elevate your style and take your outfits from worn to winning!

What is a Hermes scarf?

A Hermes scarf is a luxurious item made from the finest silk. It's a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

The brand is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and includes other luxury accessories. For example, the Hermes Birkin bag, the Hermes Kelly bag, and the Hermes Constance bag.

So, it comes as no surprise that Hermes scarves are made with utmost precision and detail. It's the perfect scarf with extreme versatility that suits many occasions.

Whatever your fashion goal, there's a Hermes scarf out there for you. Hermes scarves come in various designs, from simple and classic to vibrant and experimental. And there are plenty of ways to wear them!

Before we dive into the many ways to wear Hermes scarf accessories, let's dig into its history first!

The history of the Hermes scarf

So, how long have Hermes scarves been rocking the catwalks?

The first Hermes scarf was designed in 1937 by French artist Robert Dumas. The intention was to create a wearable work of art, and that's what the final product achieved.

And Hermes scarves have been coveted by fashionistas ever since, including Grace Kelly of Monaco (who the Hermes Kelly bag is named after).

She famously wore one as a sling following a wasp sting. Today, they've seen a particular resurgence in popularity as both a fashion item and a collector's item.

But are you wondering what sets a Hermes scarf apart from other designer scarves? Good question! And the answer mainly comes down to Chinese silk, which no other fashion houses were using back in the 1930s.

At the time, high-society Parisian women were attracted to this garment's durability and glamour, which screamed quality. And its popularity has never died down, even nearly a century later.

While the Hermes scarf selection is vast, some designs have become more iconic than others. The most popular Hermes scarf designs include:

The Twilly

The Twilly is a long, thin scarf that's usually worn around the neck, belt, or bag strap. The ribbon design is one of the simplest ways to wear a Hermes scarf, and it's perfect for both casual and formal looks.


90cm silk scarf

The 90cm silk scarf, also known as a Carre (the French word for square), is a classic Hermes design and the most commonly produced. It's a square-shaped scarf that's usually worn around the neck or head.

However, you can also create some fabulous summer wear from it, including halterneck or strapless tops or even a mini skirt.


140cm cashmere scarf

The 140 cm cashmere scarf is another popular Hermes design made from luxurious cashmere wool. And this larger design is perfect for wrapping around the neck or shoulders on cold days.

Alternatively, if you're not wearing it for warmth, this style works well to cover the straps of a cross-body bag.


Nano scarf

The Nano scarf is the smallest Hermes scarf design, and it measures just 7.8 x 7.8 inches. Despite its small size, it's still a versatile garment that can be worn as a bracelet, hair tie, or wrapped around watches and bracelets for extra pizzazz.


Giant triangle scarf

The giant triangle scarf is a statement Hermes scarf that measures 74 x 37 inches. As the name suggests, it's shaped like a giant triangle. The style is perfect to wear draped around the neck and hanging down the front of your outfit.


How to tie a Hermes scarf

If you’ve been wondering how to tie a Hermes scarf, there are numerous fun ways to tie and style your Hermes scarf. Why not experiment with some of these Hermes scarf tying techniques?

Here are our favorite ways to wear Hermes scarf accessories:

How to wear a Twilly in your hair

Hermes twilly in hair

If you have long hair, you can take advantage of the many Hermes Twilly scarf designs by using it as a hair accessory. Simply tie the Twilly around your head like a headband, or wrap it around a ponytail or bun.

You can also use it as a hair tie by wrapping it around a ponytail and tying it in a bow. Are you wondering how to wear a Twilly in your hair if you have shorter locks?

There's no need to miss out, as you can still use the Twilly as a headband or hair tie. Wrap it around your head and tie it in a bow at the back. If you prefer, cover your whole head.

It's one of the many ways to wear Hermes scarf accessories that will add luxury to your gorgeous locks!

How to wear your scarf as a shawl

Hermes scarf as shawl

If you're looking for a more elegant way to wear your Hermes scarf, try draping it over your shoulders like a shawl. It's a look that is perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or parties. Simply drape the scarf over your shoulders and let it hang down your back.

Hermes scarf styling as a top

Hermes scarf as a top

Looking to wear a pop of color in summer? Try knotting your Hermes scarf at the front and wearing it as a crop top as a fun and flirty way to show some skin while still keeping your outfit classy.

To achieve this look, fold your Hermes scarf in half lengthwise and tie it at the front. You'll want it to sit comfortably, so knot the ends at the back and adjust as required.

Make your Hermes scarf a bag


If you want to add a touch of luxury to your handbag, try using a Hermes scarf as a strap. It's a popular way to style Hermes scarves, and it's perfect for casual and formal looks.

To make your own Hermes scarf strap, tie the scarf around the handles of your bag. You can also use a scarf as a bag cover by wrapping it around the body of your bag.

This simple Hermes scarf tying technique will make your handbag majorly luxurious! It's one of the most classic bag accessories.

How to wear a Hermes scarf around your neck

There are several ways to wear a Hermes scarf around your neck. Check out these three stylish techniques:

Classic necktie


The classic necktie is the simplest way to wear a Hermes scarf. And it's handy, too, as you can adjust the tightness of the knot depending on how you want to wear your scarf. Fold your scarf into a triangle and tie it around your neck.

Ascot necktie


The ascot tie is a little more complicated than the classic necktie. Still, it's a timeless look that looks fantastic in formal settings, so it's well worth incorporating into your style. Another Hermes scarf styling idea lets your Ascot tie sit at the side to reveal more of your neckline.

Learn the Hermes scarf tying ascot technique to add a touch of class to your look.


The choker is a simple but chic way to wear a Hermes scarf around your neck but remember to wear it so that it’s snug but not too tight. You can adjust the length of the choker to your style.

When and how to wear a Hermes scarf

Hermes scarves are a truly versatile accessory that is the perfect finishing touch to outfits suitable for many occasions. Here are some ideas on how and when to wear yours.

A wedding

A Hermes scarf makes a fabulous shawl for a summer wedding. Drape it over your shoulders to protect your skin from the sun, or wear it as a headscarf to keep your hair in place.

You might also be able to wear it as a belt with a dress, or as a statement accessory around your neck, depending on your outfit.

Corporate wear

Inject some personality into your workwear by knotting a Hermes scarf around your neck like a tie. It'll show you mean business while also exuding confidence and style.

The office is an excellent place to try out the ascot style as well since it is both professional and classy.

Casual wear

Got a hot date? Add a Hermes scarf to your jeans and tee combo for a touch of casual luxury. The look is relaxed yet chic, and it'll definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

You might also consider tying it to your handbag for an elegant and understated look.

Out to dinner

Dinner parties are the perfect opportunity to show off your Hermes scarf. Wear it as a belt to add a pop of color to your little black dress.

Or, if you prefer, a larger scarf can be worn as a shawl with your outfit to keep you warm in colder months.

Festival wear

Go boho-chic with a Hermes scarf as a headband or necklace. You'll keep cool and don't need to worry about keeping your locks in place.

Or, for a pop of color, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet.

FAQs on how to wear a Hermes scarf

Have you still got questions about how to wear a Hermes scarf? Or perhaps how to care for your prized fashion accessory? Don't worry, as our Hermes scarf styling and care tips have got you covered!

Where should you buy your Hermes scarf?

Perhaps the most obvious place to buy your scarf is directly from Hermes itself. But prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars - wow! So, there's a lot of variation, and you might want to consider the cost per wear of the scarf you're buying.

Remember, though, that a genuine Hermes scarf can last a lifetime with the right care, so it can be seen as an investment for your wardrobe. You'll look like a million dollars but won't need to stock up on as many cheaper scarves and accessories.

But if you're not in the market to splash your cash and still want to look fabulous, try preloved designer options instead.

Fashionphile offers luxury at affordable prices, and they have many different preloved Hermes scarf designs that sell between $200 to $800.

Another option is Vestiaire Collective, where some Hermes scarf designs are available from $100 to $200 or more from various sellers.

How should you care for your Hermes scarf?

Treat your Hermes scarves with care, which means you mustn't spray perfume on them as this can damage the fabric. The delicate nature of silk means you should avoid washing them too often. Instead, a trip to the dry cleaners would be preferable.

But if your Hermes scarf gets dirty, don’t leave it to settle. You’ll need to clean it as soon as possible.

Do this by hand-washing your Hermes scarf in cool water with a mild detergent. Never put your Hermes scarf in the dryer, as this will damage the fabric. Instead, hang it up to air dry.

What are the Hermes scarf faux pas to avoid?

Although your Hermes scarf will typically upgrade your outfit to perfection, there are some styling faux pas you should go to lengths to avoid.

Pairing your scarf with the wrong outfit

One of the most common mistakes is wearing your Hermes scarf with the wrong outfit. Remember, Hermes scarves are a luxurious item, so style them accordingly. Wearing your Hermes scarf with overly casual clothing could give off a mismatched vibe.

Forgetting to remove your scarf to eat

Wearing your scarf out to dinner? Letting your food and drink come into contact with your Hermes scarf will damage the fabric and leave behind unsightly stains. It's best to take it off before you start eating.

Using complicated knotting styles

Knotting can damage the fabric of your Hermes scarf. So, if you're not confident in your knotting ability, it's best to stick to the simpler styles, such as using it as a shawl.

Over-styling your outfit

It's also important to avoid Hermes scarf styling in a way that looks too forced or contrived. Aim for a relaxed look instead. Trying too hard to style them in an overly complicated way will ruin the look.


Finally, avoid wearing your Hermes scarf with any other logos or patterns. The beauty of Hermes scarves lies in their simple and elegant designs. Wearing them alongside other patterns will take away from this.

By following these tips, you'll be able to wear your Hermes scarf with confidence, knowing that you look good and that you're not making any fashion blunders.

Which Hermes scarf tying styles will you wear?

Now that you know how to wear a Hermes scarf as a belt, shawl, or other accessory and how to wear a Twilly in your hair, which style will you go for? Will you keep it simple with a shawl or wrap, or go for something more daring like a choker or headband?

Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy experimenting with how to tie a Hermes scarf and find the look that suits you! And remember that budgeting for fashion items and creating a timeless wardrobe you love are the best ways to be fashion-forward and meet your financial goals!

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