How To Make Money For Kids: 21 Easy Ways

Easy ways to make money for kids

Let's talk about how to make money for kids. Life is expensive when you have kids! Not only do they want the latest (and coolest!) items on the market, they also grow out of things quickly.

In addition to explaining the power of a dollar to your child, it's a great idea to encourage them to make some of their own.

Finances matter - in fact, The U.S. Sun recently reported from a survey of 2000 parents that 83% of parents who have kids between 8-14 wished they'd learned more about money as a kid.

Why does it matter if kids make money?

Making money as a kid is an important lesson that will help positively inspire their money habits for the rest of their life.

Instant gratification is a hard habit to break for anyone, which is why the sooner your child can recognize what goes into those purchases, the better off they will be.

A lot goes into making money, no matter what age you are. Why not help them start to understand the power of their dollar and what they can do with it? They can learn easy ways to make money for kids using this guide.

The earlier you establish good money habits, such as earning potential, the more of a head start your children will have regarding proper money management.

But how do you help your kid make money? Sometimes jobs like a blog, affiliate marketing, or being a virtual assistant are best suited for adults. So, what are some ways to make money as a kid?

Learning how to make money for kids doesn't have to be boring, so we rounded up some of the best ideas according to their interests.

Your kids can make extra money in their spare time and start to understand the value of hard work and saving. Plus, you can begin to teach them about investing and passive income.

There are also a few ways for your child to make money. Cash is good, but they might also accept payments like unused gift cards from Amazon or their favorite store when they first get started.

Easy ways to make money for kids

Side hustles are not just for adults! If you find yourself wondering how to earn money fast for kids, here are some great and practical ways. Learn how to make money for kids using these side gig ideas!

1. Sell their work

Local craft fairs and farmer's markets always look for vendors to sell their work to customers. If your kid loves to make crafts, toys, or items such as soap, this would be a great way to not only make money but as a bonus, you can show them the details of what goes on when starting a business.

2. Make printables or patterns for Etsy

You don't have to make items with glitter anymore! Etsy is one of the easy ways to make money for kids. They can sell graphics and printables they can make on Photoshop or on Canva for free!

Ideas for printables to sell on Etsy include motivational quotes, funky patterns, or even mandalas for coloring. It's a pretty simple way to make money online quickly just by using an internet connection. Here's a great guide on how to make printables!

3. Flip clothes

Does your little one have a sense of fashion that others could learn from? Encourage them to flip clothes. Consignment stores and retailer stores have many items for a fraction of the cost, and if you couple this with a sale day, you could flip a $5 pair of pants and sell them for $20.

Research would go into this one, so it might be a better fit for a teen, but this could be a fun way to bring in some cash. They could set up an online store or use Facebook marketplace to sell the clothes they spruce up.

4. Instrument lessons

Some people have a natural gift when it comes to playing an instrument. If this happens to be your kid, encourage them to share their talent with others and look into giving lessons on their own schedule. This is mutually beneficial as it allows them to keep their skills sharp while making money on the side.

5. Holiday decorating

If your kid loves holidays, this is the perfect side hustle! Many people love holidays but don't love the idea of taking out the decorations.

Holiday decorating is a good first job if your child is learning how to make money for kids, and they may be able to use a camera to photograph their decorating work and show other clients.

6. Wash cars

Here's how to earn money fast for kids: car wash. Help your child set up a neighborhood car wash in your driveway for the weekend, or let people park in a parking space in front of your home. Let them hand out flyers and ads throughout the week to get customers. They can also ask friends and family to help.

7. Landscape business

Landscaping can be hard work for some and, in general, very time-consuming. If your kid loves being outdoors and is organized, have them consider starting a landscaping business to earn some extra bucks. This is very possibly the best or one of the best ways to make money as a kid.

My best friend's son recently started his own landscaping business this past summer and now has regular clients he sees monthly. Not too bad for a sixteen-year-old!

8. Seasonal yard work

Seasonal yard work such as raking leaves, shoveling snow, and trimming hedges can be quick and easy money. It also comes without the long-term commitment of the landscaping business described above.

Since it isn't a full-time job, it's one of the easy ways to make money for kids in the summers or when they're on a break from school. Here's a list of age-appropriate seasonal yard work ideas.

9. Painting

Since painting is a quick and inexpensive way to update your décor, this should be an easy task to find on websites like Nextdoor. For kids, small paint jobs would be best.

For instance, spray painting furniture. They can quickly learn to do this by watching YouTube videos. If you have some extra space in the garage, they can paint there. Be sure they have the proper protective gear.

10. Gardening

Gardening is great for kids! If they have a green thumb, encourage them to help neighbors with their gardens as a part-time job. Plants are popular and beautiful to look at, plus, they can make money. If your kid is new to gardening, they can check out a YouTube channel that will teach them more before they begin.

11. Errands for a neighbor

If you have a teen with a car, errands can be a quick way to make cash. Ask around; you'll be surprised at who would love some help getting their to-do list done. If you're wondering how to make money for kids, this is a great place to begin.

12. Clean houses

There's nothing like a freshly cleaned house. Once you've made sure the house and client are safe, set your kid up with a cleaning supply kit and let them get busy. To start your cleaning business, try advertising to your neighbors or friends to see if they want their house cleaned, and your child can learn how to earn money fast for kids.

13. Babysit

If your kid likes other kids, babysitting is always a fun way to earn extra cash. I myself babysat well into college and was able to catch up on homework after the child went to bed. Getting paid to study? Definite win and one of the great ways to make money as a kid! Here are some key tips on how to be a good babysitter!

14. Tutoring

Subjects like math and science can be harder for some than others. If your kid is a real whiz, they can make some serious bank while charging others for what comes naturally to them. They could even be an online tutor if you're comfortable with that.

15. Refreshment stand

People always wish they had a snack or a drink when they are out and about. Water, lemonade, and baked goods are just a few examples of what they can sell. If you have some unused space in your front yard, this can be the perfect place to set up shop.

16. Set up an eBay store

People are shopping online now more than ever, so why not set up an eBay store? If you live by many second-hand stores, your kid could look into selling collectibles, clothes, records, etc. The possibilities are endless!

This can be a great first business if your child understands electronics like computers and can create a store.

17. Garage sale

For those that still like to shop in person, garage sales are a great way to find the items mentioned for an eBay store, so it only makes sense that garage sales can still generate some cash. If you have the extra room, let them keep some inventory and schedule what weekends they would like to open up shop.

18. Dog walking

People are always looking for someone to walk their dog since their time is scarce, but they still want the best for their pets. Walking dogs could be a fun afterschool activity that can add up to some serious cash. Plus, it offers a great workout opportunity! Check sites like Rover to begin.

19. Pet sitting and clean up

I'm always going out of town, and since I have a special needs cat, I'm always hiring people to come to my home to check on him. Pet sitters can start at $20 a day and check in any time, which is perfect for kids with a busy schedule.

If your child doesn't mind messes, they could help pet owners clean up. Animals can do a number on a home, both inside and out, so this should be relatively easy to find.

20. Dog grooming

Just like dog walking, people outsource pet grooming as well. If you invest in quality items, you will earn it back and then some. There are several videos on Youtube and online classes they can take to develop this skill.

21. Become a farmhand

Farms and ranchers always look for helpers, affectionately known as "hands." Suppose your kid is interested in agriculture or learning more about animals.

It's one of the best ways to make money as a kid and it's a fun activity that helps them gain real-world experience. Learn more about becoming a farm hand.

Establish early financial habits for success throughout life

These are the best ideas for how to make money for kids. As we mentioned earlier, earning their own money will help them establish positive money.

Not only do they now have their own money to spend how they wish, within reason, but they also have the opportunity to learn more in-depth about what money can do for them.

They can also get feedback from people they work for so they can continue to succeed as an entrepreneur, and keep learning how to earn money fast for kids.

Saving, giving, and having them budget their future purchases and current expenses are all positive money habits that will shape their lives for decades to come.

As your kids grow and learn, be sure to check out our list of experience gifts and non-toy gifts if you'd like to reward them! We also have some great business ideas for kids to explore too!

Teach your kids more about financial wellness and how to make money for kids with our completely free course on healthy money habits for kids! Also, check out Clever Girl Finance on InstagramTikTokYouTube, and Facebook. You'll find more motivation to achieve your money goals!

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