47 Great Business Ideas for Kids!

Business ideas for kids

You are never too young for entrepreneurship. So if you have a curious kid who wants to make money now, there are plenty of business ideas for kids starting as young as 6-years-old. As soon as kids understand the basics of money and providing a service, you can help your little entrepreneur start their own business!

Starting kid businesses that make money teaches kids how the world works, how to achieve anything they put their minds to, and even brings families closer together. It's a great way to teach kids about diversified investing!

Here are some good business ideas for kids to get your kids on the right track. Plus some tips on how to make starting a business easy!

How to easily start kid businesses that make money

Fortunately, it’s easy to start kid businesses that make money. If your children have an interest in a specific type of business but don’t have the experience, they can usually gain the experience taking online courses, watching YouTube, or learning from you, their parents.

When starting a kids ‘ business, here are some tips to make your child feel as independent and empowered as possible.

Determine your child’s passions and/or skills

Try to think of a business that would come naturally for your child. For example, if your child loves to draw, see what type of business they could start using those skills. If your child is a people person, focus on businesses that provide a service versus selling a product.

Decide how much involvement you’ll have

As a parent, of course, you’ll be invested in your child’s business, but you also want them to feel independent. Choose a business your child can run mostly alone, but with you available to help with questions, concerns, or issues.

Helicoptering over your child’s business won’t give them the freedom to learn, so set your child up for success by choosing business ideas for kids that are age-appropriate.

Make it flexible

Kids have busy schedules, sometimes busier than us adults. So don’t let your child start a business that will put them under more stress.

Find a business opportunity where your child can work in their free time but won’t feel obligated to give up time playing outside with friends, doing homework, or even just chilling and watching TV. You want this experience to be positive, not one that adds to the stress they are already under.

The best business ideas for kids aged 6 to 11

Kids ages 6 to 11 are at the perfect age to put their passions to use because they thrive on creativity. So, if your children within this age range are looking for the best kid business ideas, here is a great list to get them started.

1. Baking

Do you have the next Top Chef on your hands? Let your child show off their skills by baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other pastries and selling them.

They can offer cakes and cupcakes as an on-demand service, host bake sales on your driveway, or attend special school or community events selling their goodies.

2. Balloon making

If your child is passionate about making balloon animals and fun shapes, let them offer their services at local community events or birthday parties.

They can charge per balloon at community events or charge one lump sum for the entire event, like a birthday party.

3. Bicycle advertising

Just like adults get paid to wrap their cars and advertise, kids can do the same with their bikes. Therefore, if your child loves to ride their bike around town, check with local businesses that may pay your child to put their sign on their bike and advertise.

4. Coloring book designer

If your child loves to draw then creating coloring books is one of the best business ideas for kids. Coloring books are big business right now and fun to create.

Your child can draw the pages and then use Amazon to print the books on demand when they’re ordered. However, this may require a little help from you using the Amazon account and even marketing the book to increase sales.

5. Food growing

If you have a budding gardener on your hands, let them grow fruits and vegetables in the garden and sell them. You can host a farm stand at the end of your driveway or join local farmer’s markets to sell the fresh produce.

6. Recycling

Children with a passion for the environment may enjoy providing a recycling service because they can make money while saving the planet.

So, if you live in an area where people don’t have the time or patience to sort through recycling, your child can pick it up, sort it, and get the products recycled in exchange for a small fee.

7. Jewelry designing

Jewelry designing is a great outlet for a crafty child. Your child can make pieces on-demand, advertise on your social media pages, or attend local craft fairs with an inventory of items to sell.

Make sure your child has business cards handy, so people know how to contact them if they want to order more too.

8. Lemonade stand

A lemonade stand is like a right of passage for childhood. Let your child decide what they will serve, whether just lemonade or lemonade and some baked goodies to make a little more money.

However, you should check with your local city ordinances to see if a permit is required beforehand.

9. Making candy

If your child loves baking but prefers to make candy, they can sell it just like baked goods. Set up a stand on your driveway, attend local craft fairs, or advertise on social media, especially your local neighborhood pages. Candy making is one of the most fun and profitable kid business ideas to try!

10. Making greeting cards

Artistic kids can make good money creating greeting cards. There’s something even more special about a hand-created card versus a store-bought card. Your child can sell cards individually or as bundles for holidays or special occasions.

11. Music-making

If you have a musically talented child, they can give performances at local events for money.

For instance, stores, community events, and even nursing homes pay children to perform for the community. So this is a fantastic way for your child to make money while doing something they love.

12. Washing cars

What's another one of the best business ideas for kids? Washing cars! Everyone loves a clean car. So, all your child must do is advertise their services locally, even with a flyer placed in local mailboxes, and the business will roll in.

13. Soap making

A soap-making business is great for crafty kids who like to keep their hands busy. In fact, kids can sell soaps at local events, craft fairs, or online on sites such as Etsy. It's also a great product to add to gift baskets. Here's a guide on how your kids can learn to make soap!

14. Magician

Do you have the next David Copperfield in your family? If so, let your child get paid for their magic by providing magic shows at birthday parties, community events, or at local nursing homes.

15. Artist

Artists of all ages can start a little business. Painting, drawing, or any other medium can be a big seller. Additionally, artists can sell their items on their parent’s social media pages, the local neighborhood Facebook page, community events, or even driveway sales. Etsy is another great place to sell art!

16. Gardening

If your child doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, offer their services in the area to weed gardens, grow new plants, and tend to gardens throughout the summer months.  Not to mention, it's a task that many people put off so your child may be able to make some good money!

The best business ideas for kids aged 12 to 18

There are even more business ideas for kids as they get older. With more maturity, the ability to handle money better, or to have their own social media pages to advertise their businesses, there is even more opportunity.

17. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the tried-and-true kid business ideas because it's easy to start and always in demand. As soon as your child is of the age required in your area, they can watch kids in the area either as a mother’s helper while a parent is home but doing other things or while parents go out.

18. Blogging

Blogging is a big business for adults, so why not let kids start early? If your child has a passion for a specific topic, they can create a blog and learn to monetize it (advertise on it) to earn profits.

Although blogging can take some time to build up it can be one of the best kid businesses that make money. Learn how to make money blogging with our how-to guide!

19. Caring for the elderly

If you have a compassionate child who can help the elderly with everyday tasks in the area they can offer elderly care. This could be as simple as offering companionship or doing daily chores for older people.

20. Cleaning houses, campers & cabins

If you live in an area populated with campers, cabins, or houses, your child can offer services to help owners get ready for the camping season. Additionally, you can have your child list out the services they will provide and advertise in the area.

21. Clothing designing

If you have a little fashionista on your hands, let them design clothing and sell it. Since you can sell clothing online, your child can market their products almost anywhere in the country as long as you are willing to go to the post office to handle the shipping.

22. Computer support

If you have a techy child, there is likely a need for their services. Whether your child solves computer problems, helps people with their devices (smartphones and tablets), or can help set up new computers, advertise their services in the area.

23. Dog walking

When you think of good business ideas for kids, dog walking usually pops up right away. It’s an easy way for dog lovers to make money and help people locally.

Whether your child watches dogs occasionally while their owners are on vacation or they do it regularly for people in the area who work and can’t be home for their pets, it’s a much-needed service.

24. Face painting

Kids can offer face painting services not only at community events but at birthday parties and other venues, as well. All they need is an artistic hand and some face paint to build a lucrative business for kids.

25. Gift baskets

If your child is old enough to drive, putting together gift baskets and delivering them can be a great way to make money.

Not only are they putting money in their pocket, but they are helping people who can’t get out either because of illness or just because they don’t have time.

And since there is always a reason for giving, such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries a gift basket business can be quite successful! So check out this post on how to start a gift basket business and get started!

26. Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is an excellent skill to have and can be one of the simplest kid businesses that make money. Not everyone loves to wrap or is good at it, so many people are willing to pay someone (especially a teenager) to do it for them.

27. Inventor

So if your child has an idea for a great product that fills a void or solves a problem, encourage them to produce it. You never know when your child will discover the next big thing! Check out this guide on how to become a young inventor.

28. Kids’ book author

Do you have a budding author on your hands? If so, it's easy to produce books today using Amazon’s self-publishing tools.

Your child can publish printed books or Kindle books and learn what it’s like to be an author. Perhaps they could even write a money book for kids!

29. Laundry service

Some kids love doing laundry, so why not get paid for it? Your child can offer washing, drying, and folding services either in the person’s house or in your own house. Just make sure you keep track of the supplies like detergent and dryer sheets.

30. Lawn care

Lawn care is one of the top business ideas for kids because it's in demand and easy to start.

Teenagers are great candidates for mowing lawns, picking weeds, and maintaining landscaping for people in the area. Plus, if your child drives, they can even expand the service area beyond the local neighborhood.

31. Leaf removal

Homeowners with many trees often gladly pay people to rake the leaves and even remove them from their gutters and spouts.

In fact, it only takes a rake and energy to build a successful kids’ business removing leaves. So if you're searching for good business ideas for kids with low start-up costs, then this is it.

32. Lifeguard

If your teen is already a certified lifeguard, they can offer services at private parties where there isn’t a lifeguard present. Additionally, they can set their own rates and terms of their services.

33. Making costumes

Crafty teens can make homemade costumes for Halloween, school plays, or other community events. So spread the word via social media about your child’s talent and watch the orders come in fast.

34. Meal planning and shopping

Budding chefs can get started by planning meals for the elderly or even busy people. If they want to scale up, they can also offer services to shop for the ingredients and separate them by meal to make it easier for the recipient.

35. Neighborhood helper

Some good business ideas for kids are simple odd jobs. So let your child advertise themselves as a neighborhood helper, offering services like mowing lawns, washing cars, pulling weeds, managing gardens, or general clean up.

36. Organizing events and garage sales

So if your child loves organizing, let them start a business organizing events or garage sales. It can be a great leeway into a professional career as they get older, and it looks great on their college applications.

They could get started by selling things they declutter (with your approval).

37. Pet grooming

Pets need all kinds of care that sometimes owners don’t have time for but will pay a willing teen to do! Your teen can offer pet bathing, nail cutting, and brushing services to pet owners in the area. It's also a great business for kids that love animals!

38. Pet sitting

Pet sitting can be great for teens who love furry friends. They can offer weekend services when people travel, before or after school care for pet parents that work, or even in-home pet sitting with your permission.

39. Podcasting

Teens may need a little help getting started as a podcaster, but podcasting is a great source of income if you have a child who loves to talk and is knowledgeable/passionate about a topic. You just need to help your child learn to get advertisements on the podcast to make money.

40. Reselling items online

If your child has a knack for finding amazing deals, they can flip them online. Sneakers, clothing, and even household items are great for buying and flipping.

This is one of the business ideas for kids that works best if they drive because they will be able to find great deals around town.

41. Seasonal decorating

If your child is passionate about the holidays and decorating, let them offer services to people in the area who don’t have the time or energy to do it. They can offer Christmas decorating services or even decorate for each season.

42. Snow removal

Snow removal is one of the kids' business ideas that anyone can do. All you need is a shovel and the ability to move snow. In fact, it’s a great way to help the elderly or busy people in your area too.

43. Teaching dance

If your teen is a dancer, they can teach kids in the area. This is a great way to introduce little kids to dance or to help middle school kids learn the techniques needed to make their high school dance team.

44. Teaching music

Instrument lessons can be expensive, but your teen can offer more affordable services. Piano, flute, and percussion instrument lessons are all popular choices. Your teen can even teach drums or singing and start a great business for kids.

45. Tutoring

Tutoring is a highly needed service in most areas. Whether your child tutors elementary school kids to help them succeed or high school level students who need more targeted help, tutors can charge a high rate and make good money.

46. Voice artist

Businesses often need kid voices for their voice-overs. So if your child has a strong voice and is confident, this can be a great way to make money and have fun.

47. YouTube influencer

We all know adult YouTube influencers, but kids can do it too! Why not start them young? If your teen has a large following, they can make money advertising for businesses on their channel. So check out our post on how much YouTubers make and how to make money at it for your kids!

Set them up for the future with these business ideas for kids!

Letting your child start now with kid business ideas is a great way to set them up for the future. Your child will learn responsibility, how to manage money, and how to put themselves out there and try something new! This kind of self-development will help them throughout their lives.

Don't forget that it's also important that you teach your kids how to budget all the money they'll be making!

Also, tune in to the Clever Girl Finance YouTube channel, and the Clever Girls Know podcast for more great tips on making money, building wealth, and becoming financially successful!

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