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21 Tips For Organizing On A Budget!

Organizing on a budget

A perfectly organized home may be your dream come true. Mine too! There’s nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of organizing your space. But organizing on a budget throws a new wrench into the plan.

Unfortunately, organizing can be pricey fast! With entire stores of carefully curated organizing solutions, it is all too easy to go over budget quickly. Personally, I have to steer clear of the organization goodies because sometimes I just can’t help but splurge.

But the good news is that you actually don’t have to spend a ton of money to organize your space. So let’s explore the top tips for organizing on a budget.

Top 21 tips for organizing on a budget

Before we dive into the top tips for organizing on a budget in your particular space, let’s talk about one important strategy. No matter what room you are organizing, you can save big if you choose to prioritize the organization of items over a particular aesthetic.

Of course, I know how difficult it can be to say no to the ‘perfect’ look. But if you are willing to stay flexible on the look of your organization, your budget will thank you. There are also some great organization blogs that can inspire you as well!

So, with that being said, let's dive into our top tips for organizing on a budget!

Organizing on a budget: Tips for the home

Throughout your home, you’ll have different organizational needs. But here are a few tips for organizing on a budget to start your organization process:

1. Store greeting cards in a tabbed file folder

Don’t let cute greeting cards roam your office. It can be easier to keep track of these cards within a tabbed file folder.

With all of your greeting cards separated by occasion, you'll be able to send out the perfect card without going to the store. Check out this expanding file folder on Amazon for a great place to store your cards!

2. Use a tissue box to store old plastic bags

If you hang onto plastic bags for future use, a Kleenex box is a perfect place to store them. Simply stuff the plastic bags into the box and pull out one at a time.

3. Get an ottoman to store blankets

Blankets can take up lots of space. But personally, I don't think you can ever have too many blankets. You just need a good place to store them. A storage ottoman is a useful place to stash extra blankets. Out of sight, but always within reach!

4. Donate or sell what you don’t use

A sure way to feel more organized is to get rid of some of the items cluttering your home. In fact, you might even make money with this option! If you need help getting ideas for what to sell, check out our full post.

5. Get a basket for storaging remote controls

Losing the remote is never fun! But a well-placed basket helps prevent this annoying problem. Consider placing a small basket near your TV to help prevent your family from constantly losing the remote.

Organizing on a budget: Tips for the kitchen

Without organization, a kitchen can quickly feel overwhelming. So, here are some strategies to keep your kitchen organized:

6. Use drawer organizers

Drawer organizers work wonders and are fantastic for organizing on a budget. You can find draw organizers to keep all of the gadgets in your kitchen drawers in check. You can choose custom sizes to make the organization technique work for your items.

7. Optimize cabinet space with a lazy susan

Reclaim your cabinet space with a lazy susan. The rotating panel allows you to use all of the corners of your cabinet without having to dig around every time. A lazy Susan will work best in a deep cabinet. But you'll find this storage option in all sizes!

8. Utilize hooks for more storage

Add hooks under your cabinets to create more storage space. A few well-placed hooks can allow you to store mugs without using your cabinet space. It should only take a few minutes to install these hooks. But you'll save space for years to come!

9. Use a shower rod for hanging products

Not sure where to store your cleaning supplies? Install a shower rod under the sink. You can hang up bottles of cleaning products from the rod to save space. Once you have all of your cleaning product bottles hanging, you'll open up space for other items to fit comfortably under the sink.

Organizing on a budget: Tips for the bedroom

So, if you need storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget, the first place to look for space is under the bed. Here are some strategies to implement:

10. Take advantage of bed risers

Bed risers give you a bit more space to store things under your bed. Depending on the risers you choose, you might find an extra 8 to 12 inches of storage space. That's plenty of space for rarely used items.

Personally, I use bed risers in my guest bedroom to maximize our storage space.

11. Use a clear pill container to store jewelry

Instead of allowing your jewelry to become one big tangled mess, use a pill container to neatly separate your goods. With a clear container, you'll be able to easily see your jewelry options in one place without rummaging through a pile.

12. Use large Ziplocs for out-of-season clothes

Using large Ziplocs to store clothes is one of the cheapest storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget. Don’t leave all of your clothes out all season long. Instead, fill up large Ziploc bags with your seasonal items for easy rotation.

Consider storing these large bags under the bed to keep this wardrobe totally out of sight until next season! To help free up even more space you could also consider creating a capsule wardrobe so you don't have so many clothes to store.

13. Put up a pegboard

Utilizing pegboards is another one of our favorite storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget. A pegboard with customizable hooks can turn any wall into extra storage space. Depending on your storage needs, you can even hang small baskets from a pegboard to maximize your space.

14. Maximize space with over-the-door hangers

You can maximize a small space with over-the-door hangers. A few extra hooks can go a long way with jackets, hats, and more.

Personally, I like to put these types of hangers over closet doors. It provides a bit more storage space without causing a cluttered look in your room.

Organizing on a budget: Tips for the playroom

Toys can be tricky to organize on a budget because the various shapes, sizes, colors, and uses make it challenging to categorize appropriately. But there are some strategies to put into action when organizing toys.

15. Store toys in a shoe organizer

So, one simple and cheap way to store toys is with a clear shoe organizer. You can hang it on the back of the playroom door. A clear shoe organizer can store small toys in an easy-to-see spot. Many toys are the perfect size for these organizers.

16. Use a pop-up laundry hamper

You can use a collapsible hamper to store larger toys, such as stuffed animals. When the toys are no longer in use, you can repurpose the basket for regular laundry usage.

17. Use old jars to store different craft items

If your child loves to craft, then jars of pencils and crayons can be an easy organization win. You can even decorate the jars to create a more personalized look. So you can make it a fun activity and have a place to store craft items!

18. Use wall planters to store small toys

Depending on where you hang the planters, it can be easy for your kid to access. But this strategy keeps toys off of the floor in a contained area. That's perfect for any playroom!

To keep from having too many toys consider buying your child a non-toy gift instead!

Organizing on a budget: Tips for planners and scheduling

Scheduling out your activities can help to prevent stress. But some planners can get pricey. Here are some affordable ways to schedule.

19. Use your phone to make to-do lists each day

Since you probably always have your phone with you, you can use the notes feature or find an app to make your to-do list on it. Tackle your to-do list one step at a time. It can be a smart move to make your to-do list the night before so you know what you have to work on as soon as you start your day.

20. Make a DIY planner

A DIY planner can help you stay on track. Although it can take more time to make a planner, it will meet your exact needs. So check out this post on how to make your own planner to tackle your schedule!

21. Put up a dry erase calendar to plan meals

Meal planning can save time and money. A simple calendar whiteboard can help every in the family stay on schedule. I use one in my kitchen to help us stick to our meal schedule.

Where to look for the supplies when organizing on a budget

When you are trying to get organized on a budget, tips are helpful. But in the end, you’ll have to decide what works best for you and your home.

Personally, my best advice is to work on clearing out space before you drop any money on organization tools. If you want to ruthlessly declutter your closet, check out this guide.

But when you are ready, here are some places to start looking for your supplies so you can start organizing on a budget:


Amazon has surprisingly good prices on lots of tools to help you get your home organized on a budget. In some cases, the products have great reviews. In other cases, you might not want to take a chance on a product with bad reviews in other cases.

So, you'll need to do a bit of digging before ordering a product. But it can be worth the effort! It doesn’t hurt to poke around Amazon to see what fits your needs -- and your budget.

Dollar store

The dollar store is full of goodies. And the perfect place to shop when organizing on a budget! Although some of the items are not that durable, others will serve their purpose for years to come.

Availability at the dollar store can be hit or miss. But it is worth checking out your local options to see what works for you.

Recycled options

As you start to organize your home, look around to see if you can recycle what you already have on hand. For example, you may have plenty of jars to provide storage in your craft room. Or you might find that an unused tension rod is a perfect fit for the storage needs under your kitchen sink.


Craigslist is a treasure trove of free and affordable finds. And it could be your secret weapon when organizing on a budget. Before you dive into the freebie section, keep an open mind.

You may be able to take a less than beautiful piece and turn it into something that works for your home.

Free groups

Facebook has several freebie groups, including the Buy Nothing Project groups. You can look for items within the groups that could serve your storage needs. But you can also ask other members to see if they have what you need lying around the house.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are my favorite place to go shopping. You never know what you are going to find. But if you look carefully, you may find the perfect storage solutions sitting in your local thrift store.

So why not take the time to browse for items that fit your budget today?

Organizing on a budget is possible!

Organizing any space can be a big undertaking. It will take some time and effort to organize the spaces in your home. After all, you want to make your home feel organized in a sustainable way. You'll likely spend some time mapping out a strategy before you jump in.

But the process can be worth it when you see the finished product. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stick to your budget while you tackle this major commitment! Check out our favorite minimalist books to get inspiration to minimize and get organized!

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