The 12 Best Financial Literacy Books For Women

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Financial literacy books

With so many valuable resources online, it can be easy to overlook picking up any financial literacy books. However, books allow you the time to reflect as you read.

Because they’re long-form, books are a great way to deep-dive into topics or money philosophies that align with your goals. In turn, you can leverage books to achieve financial wellness.

The personal finance books in this article are powerful options for women to arm themselves with the knowledge and perspective they need to take control of their financial situations.

Top financial literacy books for women

Here are 12 great financial literacy books for women that you should definitely check out.

For the smart and savvy woman

Clever girl finance book

Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money, and Build Real Wealth. Clever Girl Finance’s Founder Bola Sokunbi has committed her career to helping women achieve financial independence. In this book, Bola focuses on the three personal finance pillars that money-savvy women need to master.

As a self-made money expert, Bola shares examples from her own life. In addition, she also shares proven financial wellness processes. They include how women can leave debt behind, start saving, and invest in ways that build wealth for the rest of their lives.

The book aims to educate and empower women to identify their own personal needs, challenges, and relationship with money. Stories of mistakes and victories from other women’s journeys make establishing financial security feel accessible to any reader.

For the woman who wants to thrive

Get a financial life

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties. Written by long-time financial journalist Beth Kobliner, this financial literacy book is for millennials wanting to explore their financial prowess.

Today’s young adults are faced with managing their money in the age of student loan debt and a nationwide housing crisis. Get A Financial Life gives concrete, actionable tips for healthy financial habits that will in turn benefit the reader right away and into the future.

For the self-sufficient woman

Real money answers

Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man. Written by Patrice C. Washington, this book draws from her own experience with student debt and overspending. In it, she shares how women can dig themselves out of bad money habits.

Using a Q & A format, Patrice covers how to take responsibility for your finances. She covers building credit, buying a home, and negotiating higher pay. Whether readers are new to money management or need a financial reset, Patrice’s advice shows how freedom comes with financial security.

Going along with the book’s theme of independence, Patrice chose to self-publish. This, for instance, is an example of a woman taking her financial fate into her own hands.

For the don’t-want-to-be-broke millennial woman

Broke millenial

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together. This book by Erin Lowry shows that being young doesn’t have to be synonymous with being broke.

Erin writes in a relatable style that encourages action in readers and her philosophy is “Get Your Financial Life Together” (#GYFLT).

Beyond the budgeting and debt repayment basics, Erin dives into the mindset and practical instances where money choices matter. For instance, planning a life with a partner and staying in control of your money habits in social situations.

For the independent woman

On my own two feet

On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance. Co-authored by Harvard Business School graduates and investment experts Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, this book provides a roadmap for money management.

Manisha and Sharon guide their readers through all the personal finance basics. From spending and saving habits to big-purchase goals and safeguards. With the aim of relieving financial stress, this book is packed with useful money advice.

For the mindset maven woman

You Are a Badass at Making Money

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. Motivational writer Jen Sincero dedicated this book to the internal work that needs to be done to earn and grow the money you deserve. It is especially useful for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and women wanting to negotiate their worth.

This book focuses on identifying and addressing the barriers to making money that you’ve created in your own head. Written with humor and moxie, each chapter uses personal anecdotes of transformation and self-reflection exercises for you to reach your earning potential.

This book is for anyone who lives with limiting beliefs of financial scarcity and wants to feel a sense of abundance.

For the woman who likes to plan

21 day financial fast

The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom. This financial literacy book by Michelle Singletary is perfect to read if you need a clearly defined game plan to jumpstart your financial journey.

It guides you through a three-week spending hiatus (except any absolute essentials). And it gives you the time and space to address bad spending habits you’ve collected, plan for paying down debt, and prepare for the normal and unexpected expenses of the future.

Michelle recognizes that money can be a source of stress and limitations. Consequently, this 21-day “fast” promotes financial peace and freedom.

For the woman who lives with intention

Your money or your life

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence. Vicki Robin and her co-author Joe Dominguez have sold more than one million copies of this book.

It teaches you to have agency over how you feel about and deal with money over the course of a nine-step program. Vicki touches on everything from mindfulness and decluttering to side hustles, and money conversations.

Vicki focuses on intentionality in your spending and investing. She explains how to make your money work for you and the world around us. A lot of the book's content ties into her background in the sustainable living movement.

For the woman who believes in supporting other women

The Feminist Financial Handbook

The Feminist Financial Handbook: A Modern Woman's Guide to a Wealthy Life. This book by Brynne Conroy uses a feminist lens to approach personal finance.

In a society controlled by whoever can pay, Brynne argues that one way women can create a more equitable world is by building their own wealth.

Drawing from stories of women from varying races, sexual orientations, abilities, and financial situations, Brynne provides motivation and resources to achieve personal success.

For the woman who wants to be young and free

Quit Like a Millionaire

Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required. This was written by married couple Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. Both champions of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement.

This non-traditional approach advocates for retiring at any age by decreasing spending and leveraging investments. Shen uses a numbers-driven system that readers can adapt to live life on their own terms, away from the grind of day jobs and standard retirement savings.

For the healthy, wealthy, and happy woman

All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Wealth. This book by Laura Vanderkam flips the script on the idea that money can’t buy happiness.

Laura encourages readers to reflect so that they can spend and invest in alignment with their personal values and goals. She lays out the idea of using money as a tool.

This change in perspective will consequently make you happier with the decisions you make in the short-term. As well as the life you build with your money over time.

For the woman wanting to build a legacy

Clever Girl Finance Investing

Clever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money. Bola Sokunbi’s second book goes beyond the essentials of everyday money management and demystifies the world of investment.

Just as approachable as her first book, this second Clever Girl Finance book guides novice investors to take action toward long-term financial gain.

Bola also gives examples of the difference between making money and building wealth. In addition, she includes pitfalls to avoid and knowledge to leverage in order to become a successful investor.

Even on a modest salary, readers should feel confident in their ability to grow a nest egg for the future after reading this book.

Start Reading

Women generally get paid less than men and live longer, and so as a result, female money management is unique. Ultimately, it's on us to make the extra effort to succeed. These financial literacy books might not be typical lounge-by-the-side-of-the-pool reads, however, you won’t regret getting informed.

Getting informed is the first step to taking charge of your journey toward financial literacy. As you work on achieving your financial wellness, be sure to check out the Clever Girl Finance book club!

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