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12 Nice Things To Do For People Without Spending Any Money!

Nice things to do for people

Small acts of kindness make the world a better place. Are you looking for ways to brighten someone’s day? Then check out our list of nice things to do for people without spending money.

But before we dive into our list, let's discuss why doing nice things for people is important!

Why should you do nice things for people?

As human beings, we are inherently good. We are caring, and doing nice things for people is ingrained in us. But to go into more details as to why it’s good for you to do nice things, science shows that givers benefit from being generous.

Studies show that people who give back and volunteer regularly are better able to cope with stress and less likely to experience burnout at work. That’s right, giving makes you a happier person! In the elderly, being generous contributes to longevity.

12 Nice things to do for people without spending money

I think we can agree that some people are inherently more generous than others. However, we shouldn’t look at it as a character flaw because most of us are products of our upbringing, beliefs, and culture. But as much as doing nice things for people is a virtue, it’s also a behavior that we can all practice doing more of.

Sometimes, I think we also underestimate the effects of small actions so we don’t offer it. For instance, a welcoming smile. If you think back to anytime you received a nice gesture, it brightened your day, right? To help you spread joy and practice more generosity in your everyday life, here are some ideas of nice things to do for people.

1. Give a compliment

A sincere compliment goes a long way, and it’s the easiest way to spread kindness. So, don’t hold back on compliments.

You like the color of the barista’s hair in the coffee shop, say it. It will only make their day better and maybe even push them to compliment someone else too.

In our digital world, you can give a compliment by commenting something nice on a friend’s photo on social media. It’s also especially helpful for small businesses if you can take the time to leave a positive review of a product or service you received.

2. Run an errand for someone

Do you have an elderly neighbor or maybe a family with young children? You could do a nice thing and offer to run an errand for them. Ask if they need some grocery items picked up or medications to refill, something simple you can easily do on your way from work.

3. Offer to babysit for your friends and neighbors

One of the nice things to do for people without spending money is to offer the gift of time. For new parents, this can mean the world! Offer to watch the kids even for just an hour. So, they can sit down for a proper meal, catch up on chores, or tackle their budget.

4. Take a friend or a neighbor’s dog for a walk

Offer to take a neighbor or a friend’s dog for a walk, such a sweet gesture is beneficial for everyone. You will have a chance to get some fresh air and exercise.

As doctors say, walking is the best way to improve or maintain your overall health. Your friend or neighbor can have some extra free time, and the dog gets its walk. Wins all around!

5. Offer to help your friends and neighbors out with a chore

Doing nice things for people can sometimes feel awkward because you don’t know how they’ll take it. But helping out your friends and neighbors out with a chore such as mowing the lawn or shoveling snow is a good start.

6. Bring food to share with your co-workers or cook a friend a meal

Ah, food – the way to everyone’s heart. Bring food to share at work, whether it’s fresh-baked cookies, spring rolls, or samosas. Your colleagues will love you for them.

You can also offer to cook a friend a meal, just because. No special occasion or reason is needed. If you know of a new mom or someone who’s sick, they would also appreciate a home-cooked dish.

7. Offer to teach someone with something you’re good at

Sharing your skills is another way to do nice things for people without spending money. You don’t have to be an expert at it either.

For instance, your neighbor’s kid might appreciate help on their math homework. If you have more time, maybe you can teach a kid a skill they can make money on, like baking or jewelry making.

An elderly neighbor or even someone you work with may also need help with technology like setting up a Facebook account to see pictures of their family.

8. Be a listening ear

Have you ever had someone sit with you and listen to your frustrations and worries? Did you feel good after? Can you do the same to a friend, a co-worker, or a stranger?

Get them to share their thoughts and feelings without pulling your phone out, invest a few minutes, and really listen. Because sometimes, all we need is a listening ear to feel seen, cared for, and loved.

9. Offer to take pictures of people

Selfies don’t always work, especially when you’re with a group, and you’re trying to get everybody in the picture plus the background. So, while you’re out and about, why not make it a habit to offer to take a photo if you see a couple or a family trying to capture a lovely moment. 

It’s such a small thing, but it's one of the most meaningful and nice things to do for people because you’re contributing to their memories. Isn’t that awesome to think about?

10. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

Rekindle old friendships by reaching out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. You may also just want to send a “thank you” note to someone who did you a favor some time ago.

Reach out and check up on people. They will appreciate that you are thinking about them.

11. Volunteer

You don’t necessarily need a charitable organization to help out or make a difference. But there are organizations for almost every cause you can imagine, and they could use some generosity.

Start by searching for organizations close to home. There’s always a need for volunteers. Here are some ways you can help out in your community:

  • Go to a homeless shelter to cook or serve meals.
  • Participate in a park clean-up event.
  • Help out during meal times at a local nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Connect with a local organization to cook and deliver meals to people who are sick.

12. Donate your extra supplies and unwanted things

Go through your home and figure out what you can donate. You can support your local thrift shops or give to a bigger cause. But before you drop off your extra supplies and things you don’t need or want anymore, take time to research the charity to see what they accept.

For instance, your local Goodwill may not want your old blankets and worn-out towels, but animal shelters do.

And if you’re donating clothes, see if you can include a couple of socks. It is a much-needed item that doesn’t get donated a lot but that many people can use.

Try out this list of nice things to do for people and make someone's day!

There are many ways to do nice things for people without spending money. Take some inspiration from this list but know there are many forms of kindness. Don’t restrict yourself by what you can do or give. Every kind deed makes the world a better place.

So get out there and start doing nice things for people and improve their life and yours!

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